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Oldsmobile Silhouette



  • coz1coz1 Posts: 9
    Michael, I was the one who ask about the mirrors and for the mirrors on our van, waxing didn't help! Could you tell me the brand of wax you used, also, if it was a cleaner/wax? I used Mothers cleaner/wax, worked great on the paint, but not on the mirrors. Thanks.
  • I used something called Formula 2001. Nothing special, just something on sale at Kmart.

    Mikey (in search of yet another blue light special)
  • I test drove my first minivan today. The Premiere.
    I noticed Edmunds lists the Entertainment as a TV/Video system. It is actually only a VIDEO TV. Since I have never had a TV in a car this something to be coveted. The salesman said TV's don't work that I am better off with just the Video. Any thougths?

    Also, will get me a 2001 Premiere for $30,570. They show invoice price of $30,698 and MSRP of 33,855.

    Options added would be priced as follows:
    Tow Package $87
    Chrome Wheels $607
    Radio w/6 disc CD changer/player $258
    Gold Tone $131
    Engine Block heater $31

    So is the Carsdirect price what I should shoot for at the Dealership???

  • We paid 31,248. We bought the premiere with the tow package and gold tone. We also had to pay the adversting fee of 331.00. Minus the 1000 rebate we came to 30,248. We love the video system and can't wait to take our trip to Florida this summer. You won't pick up many or any tv stations while driving I don't think. Is the carsdirect price including the rebate?

    I also posted earlier that we had to take the van back already for the check engine light. The pin connector at evap was loose. They resecured pin. We have been getting lots of compliments on the van.
  • I went for it today. I had tried one, liked it, thought about it and turned back around and bought it! So far I would have to say that this is the most 'car like' mini-van I have ever driven. It rides great.
    After reading about the small problems that have been popping up on other's vans, I will keep a close eye on it and hopefully it won't give me any problems on my 3000 mile 'Thanksgiving' trek.
    Les s.
  • My wife and I have been thinking about getting a minivan for the last six months or so. With two newly adopted children, our '98 Chevy Malibu, felt a little cramped.

    We rented a Chevy Astro while were were on vacation in Florida last summer. She loved it. Lots of room, good acceleration, etc. But the wheel well intruded into the place where my left foot would like to rest. After that we did not consider getting a minvan. We wanted to put off a new vehicle purchase as long as possible. My '94 Chevy pickup truck has a lot of miles on it (132K) but is in great shape.

    Then something happened to change would minds. Just last week, GM/Oldsmobile offeded 0% financing on year 2000 Silo's for up to 60 months. No rebates or anything. It would be like saving for a vehicle only we can drive it now.

    We wanted the premere edition, but those were scarce, and the price tipped the scales anyway. So we got a GLS, indigo color (how conservative can you get in a color), gold package (which offsets the indigo color), upgraded sound system, and trailer towing package. Paid $100 over factory invoice. The van had been sitting on the lot for a while, but that's why Oldsmobile was trying so hard to get rid of them. We got a five year loan at 0% and applied $650 from my GM card rebate account. Also got the GM Protection Plan for $25 over wholesale. The only thing is that it breaks my rule against buying a vehicle at the end of the model year. On the other hand, so what? What a sweet deal!

    BTW, we did not consider Chryslers because of severe reliablilty problems that I experienced with Dodge Caravans.

    So far, we are very pleased with it.
  • Congratulations...we bought ours several weeks ago and have gotten lots of compliments on it. The only problem we are having is a check engine light that likes to stay on. The service department has been great so far in trying to find why it keeps coming on. The kids love it. We traded in a Astro and even though I do notice a difference in space it still drives a lot better.
  • rlang2rlang2 Posts: 2
    Picked up my 2000 premiere on Monday night. What a great ride. Got the sand color with gold package. How can you beat 0% financing? Paid $100 over invoice. Getting lots of compliments. Any thing I need to watch out for with this van?
    So far, we love it.
  • Just bought a 98 Silo. GLS with 40 thousand miles. Was a leased van. Check all service records before purchased and everything looked real good. Looked and research other vans but this one looked, drove,and priced great for my price range. Is there any problems I should look out for? Also received another 3yrs/36 miles bumper to bumper warranty on it. Any info. would be appreciated.
  • I don't know if these two problems are related or not. I notice, as did #142, that the headlights, interior lights, etc. occasionally develop a flicker. The last time this happened it was on a 3 hour night trip and it about drove me nuts. It never did develop into a serious problem, but I kept thinking I was losing my alternator. Another problem is the compressor in the back. It seems to come on every time I start the car. Of course the owner's manual is useless, they don't even identify which fuse to pull so I can stop the noise. I wonder if the two are related, ie. that the power draw of the compressor is making the headlights flicker (probably not). Is the compressor good for anything except beach balls and flat tires? Mine will be worn out before next summer.
  • cavcamcavcam Posts: 1
    I leased a 98 Silo. I have had many problems. Three recalls, Bad lights, broken tach, broken gas gauge, and grinding brakes. Service department took care of everything but the brakes. Now GM is saying it is a wear item and will not cover the problem. After many attempts, the local service manager stated that I should have had the brakes adjusted every 3,000 miles with each oil change. That is not in the service manual. Has anyone else incurred this problem with brakes on their silo. Please let me know. GM stated there is no tech service bulletin.
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    I too have recently noticed the occasional headlight flicker. My best guess is that it is related to the voltage regulator shifting modes. After reading the various posts regarding intermittent headlight/compass display flicker, I feel it is probably normal for this vehicle. As for the compressor, your van has automatic load leveling. The compressor will kick in when you turn the ignition to "On" to ensure the the van is level. It should only stay on for a few seconds and is normal.
  • I have posted before about our new olds silo. I really love this van. No problems except for a check engine light that keeps coming on and the service department can't or will not figure out why. The code I get from calling Onstar is p0440 which is an emissions problem. They have had the car 6 days out of the 21 that I have owned it..I've called customer service and they said they would look into it.
  • Hello gang,

    I have been reading the posts here for the last
    few weeks and have been very impressed.
    As a Silo owner, I knew the day would come when I
    would have the need to post. So here I am !!

    Mine is a 2000 Silo "GLS" (loaded, except for the
    Ent. Sys)purchased in May 2000. VERY pleased so
    far. Roughly 9400 miles to date. I have had two
    unexpected trips the dealer.
    First one for liftgate adjustment because there
    was a thudding noise every time I hit a bump from the real right side. Problem still exists, however
    minimized since I stuffed rags in the jack
    compartment and had the rear right bench seat
    replaced because the leather had a rip (warranty covered not to mention dealer came to
    the house to replace it).
    Second problem occurred around the same time.
    Rear right tire had a flat. Dealer sent someone to have the tire picked up. Turns out I had a nail.
    Tire plugged and back on the vehicle.

    From day one I have NOT been pleased with these
    Generals. I have noticed in the "2001" models (GLS
    and Premiere), GM is using Goodyear's.
    Admittedly, not the best, however, much improved
    from the current brand.
    Question which I want to throw out to the floor
    is: Do you think we (2000 owners) have a way of
    getting GM to replace the Generals for Goodyear's.If so, at what cost?

    Thanks in Advance,

    P.S. We went on a cross-country journey...
    details to follow soon.
  • Took delivery of car with 113 miles on 10/14. Tuesday 10/17 with 285 miles had to have towed to dealer. Wire harness melted.
    Dealer installed wiring harness, computer and still can not get car to run.
    As of November 7 they still have car (22 days at the dealer for repair, 3 in my house). They are going to try to put in another wire harness.
    I have requested the dealer take the car back. He says he can not since its been titled. Called 1-800- olds number a number of times and requested they take it back. They refuse saying thats what warranty is for. Dealer spoke to his rep and says they refuse to take it back.
    Under state law 30 days in shop in first 12 months or 18,000 miles is a lemon.
    What a great van!!!
  • My van has been in the shop 5 times in the last 6 weeks. The engine makes a noise, kinda like spark knocking. Very loud sometimes, also seems to bog down when making this noise. The first time I took it in the dealer had a small black cap sitting on my paper work, said they found it in my engine compartment........OK?? They have adjusted the washer line...didn't work.....They have all heard the noise.. I'm worried about long term damage. Can't wait to get rid of this one!!!!!!!
  • I am sorry to here that many people are having
    problems with this van. We bought the van 6 months ago. I was a lease vehicle with 19,000 on it. So far, no problems. The engine is a good performer. Power is always there when I need it. And it still gets good MPG.
    The four doors makes it very convenient for my wife and I to strap our three and one year old into the car seats. We usually leave the very back seats folded up for tons of cargo space.

    We have had 2 Chrysler minivans in the past. We bought them because they were cheap in comparison.
    Both had the 3.0L v6. Both of them used. Just o.k. acceleration. The tranny was going out in the first one. The second one, started to make a terrible lifter noise when started up. Most people could here us coming, before they saw us.
    Traded both of them in.

    My other car is a 94 Cavalier with 150,000 miles on it. Still going strong. I bought another GM product because of the luck that I have had with my Cavalier.
  • Picked up my 2000 Premiere on Nov 10 after being towed Oct 17 with 285 miles on it. They replaced wire harness 2 times and new computer. Cost in excess of $2400 which was covered by the warranty. Service engine soon light came on driving home.
    Took car back in on Tuesday Nov 13 with 363 miles.
    I have had this great car in the SHOP FOR REPAIRS 25 DAYS in my first 30 days of ownership.
  • fdrfdr Posts: 1
    I just got a used 98 Silo, and need to get the squeaks and groans coming from the left side door fixed. Does anyone know what to do to fix this problem. It makes me think the frame is twisting everytime you pull into a driveway, but it may just be a misaligned door. Other than that, the only problem is the steering wheel trim not tight enough.
  • Today my 2000 Silo with 18000 miles was towed back to Oldsmobile - would not start then one by one the inside lights, radio went out until nothing worked. On the way back to dealer I looked back at the van while on the hook and the head lights came on. At the dealer the inside lights, radio, doors began working until I tried to start the van then everything aborted again. Sounds like my van has a wiring problem similar to the Still a Lemon post. I'll let you know how things turn out.
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