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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • hoehnjchoehnjc Posts: 41

    I'll give you my thoughts about performance etc. I believe you are talking fractions of a second which will vary by driver to begin with. I believe you drive the cars at max performance very little amount of time. I was originally sold on a Lexus GS300 until my friend educated me in on ALL the extras that BMW 5 series offers. I was never an Audi fan but that is not to say that it is a good/bad vehicle. Just simply never researched it. When I considered all the extra safety features offered by the BMW such as; auto battery disconnect, unlock door feature, turn on interior lights and flashers when encountered a serious frontal crash, heated drivers lock, windshield washer jets and fluid holder, head protection system. I also liked the way many of the important controls are on the steering wheel. My favorite option was the xenon lights that many luxury vehicles now offer. Unfortunately Lexus only offers it with their premium sound or Nav packages. Not as a single option. Again, no idea what Audi offers. I guess the bottom line (for me) is comfort, safety, and performance. I believe the 528 was plenty fast for my use. I am receiving a 530 which I know will only be better. I enjoy high performance but would not buy a car of this caliber simply based on a 6.6 sec vs. 6.8 sec 0-60 test.
  • mfeldmanmfeldman Posts: 140
    Thanks for your thoughts. I do believe the 5 is a very safe car. In terms of performance, with the auto tranny, its morelike 7.5 0-60. Can I tell the differece of a second -- probably not. Though when I test drove the 5, it seemed a little sluggish until it got reved up. The Audi feels powerful, but seems to lack the 5's intangibles. I wish I could get your deal on a 530.
  • Ira: You might check the 5-series board on; a recent post on the 528i suggests that that engine is set to operate more efficiently after the break-in period - 1200 miles. I don't know whether that's true, but it might explain your mileage problem.

    Advice. I've solicited advice recently on this board regarding the relative merits and pricing of the 528i and 330i. (I have a 330i on order). I wonder if any of you have thoughts on the 530i versus 330i. Specifically:

    1. How long will I have to wait if I order a 530i now? I'm in the SF Bay Area, and I suspect my dealer has a large allotment of 530is, though they may all be spoken for.

    2. How much of a beating will I take on the 530i price as compared to the 330i? The 330i I have on order is about $40k with premium package, automatic, fold-down rear seat and CD. On the 530i I'd need just the automatic, fold-down seat and, possibly, leather (depending on availability of satisfactory interior color options in leatherette); no moonroof, lumbar, etc. I could absorb a $5k increase, but probably not much more.

    3. Lastly, any thoughts on how the dealer will react to the cancellation of my 330i order and how that reaction might play into timing on receipt of the 530i? Will they want to force the 330i sale, or will they try to accommodate me for fear of losing me for any sale? (In CA the agreement to buy is not binding on the buyer.) I'd expect to get the 530i from the same dealer, so they'd still get the benefit of a sale to me. Since the 330i they'd be "stuck" with is highly desirable, I don't think there's much of a cost to them there - maybe even a benefit, since they likely can do better than what I've agreed to pay, which is $500 less than MSRP.

    Thank you all for your thoughts.
  • sbilginsbilgin Posts: 1

    I have a quick question regarding a European '00 520i. I am not the owner of it, my father is, I own a '99 328i (and am happy with it!). The problem my father is having, and obviously I cannot help him with that, is the clock on the radio not coming up when the ignition turned on until he pushes a button or something. I am not sure whether this is a bug or a feature since I can't confirm it. The European and the US models should be very similar in terms of this feature. Could any of you tell me whether there is some part broken, or there is a mode in the 5 series, when set the clock does not come on until a button is pressed.
    If this is not a feature, what do you think is broken? Apparently the mechanics in his home town have no clue, and offering to change the whole panel.

    I apreciate the responses in advance.

  • I'd seriously think about getting the leather. You probably won't find one without leather and will have to order. And because it is an odd configuration, the dealer may want a large, non-refundable deposit, and you may find it difficult to sell the car.

    If you go to the dealer and say, "I changed my mind, I want to spend $5000 more", they're not going to drag you into the back room and work you over with a tire iron.
  • nkolenkole Posts: 18
    I have a 97 520i and a 99 530d, neither have the clock problem you describe with your fathers 520.

  • Considering the purchase of a '00 540i manual. Dealer is suggesting that I can get a good dealer on this vehicle vs. waiting for the allocation of production slots on the '01's. He did not know whne the 540 '01s would be in production. Anyone heard anything on the 540 '01 production schedule? Also, thoughts about the merits of purchasing a end of model year '00 vs. waiting for new '01s? PS--I'm in the Columbus, OH area.

  • Considering the purchase of a '00 540i manual. Dealer is suggesting that I can get a good dealer on this vehicle vs. waiting for the allocation of production slots on the '01's. He did not know whne the 540 '01s would be in production. Anyone heard anything on the 540 '01 production schedule? Also, thoughts about the merits of purchasing a end of model year '00 vs. waiting for new '01s? PS--I'm in the Columbus, OH area.

  • Recently had a terrible car accident and my volvo 960 saved the life of my daughter and I- we walked away. Once in the ambulance to go to the hospital for checking out, the EMT asked, "So you are buying another volvo right? The volvo is why you are alive." would have been great commercial material, no kidding. But now I don't want to drive the same car because of the experience. (they chose to repair it because of still high resale value) I am interested in buying either a Saab 9.5, recently rated safest car by, volvo s80, or s70 limited, audi a6, or BMW 530 (or 528 if I can get a decent deal, but there seem to be few to be had. All of these cars feel pretty solid to me, very responsive, which is part of survival on the roads today I believe, and psychologically give me the feeling that I might survive a 50mph crash again were it to occur. I like all wheel drive, its a great idea in the north where road conditions are poor in winter. How is the BMW 528 handling in snow, is it ok? or in rain for that matter? Any advice from anyone? I definately want a sedan, no wagon needed.
  • dbush2dbush2 Posts: 1
    I have an 80 mile round trip commute, 80% highway, some stop and go, based on how the traffic is, and I average 20-22 mpg. It's hard to drive slow, as to keep up with traffic in Chicago means 75 mph. '97 540i 6-speed.
  • It is my understanding that the steptronic was not available in the 528i until MY2000. 1999 would have been the earliest, but I do not believe it was in that MY.
  • I am looking at the purchase of a '97 540i with basically all of the options. My question is the car has 57000 miles, is in excellent condition, and from test drives appears to be sound. What risks are known about the mechanical systems of this car, its general durability, and overall performance in the higher milage part of its life? Looking for advice here. Appreciate any input.
  • mtl3mtl3 Posts: 22
    You might want to look at They have an extensive posting, FAQ's, archives, etc. by make and model.
  • mpk214mpk214 Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase a 528i. I have the vin numbner. How would I go about finding out the warranty history or any other history on the vehicle... thanks
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87

    Try carfax, which may offer one search free:
  • hoehnjchoehnjc Posts: 41

    You may also try contacting BMW 800 number. They may help if you have the vin number. Just an idea. The local BMW dealer in the area where you are considering purchasing it form may also have some records from the vehicle if they serviced it in the past. Food for thought.
  • I recently acquired a 94 525i in very good condition. Today the automatic door locks started to act up. When you first lock the door (from the inside or outside) all the locks enable for about a second or two then they unlock. When locked a second time, they remain locked. Any ideas here?? This has never happened before today.
    Thanks for the inputs!
  • starbmwstarbmw Posts: 3
    It is finally official. The new look 5 series at (not I think the car looks great although I would have preferred the cut out treatment that the headlights get on the 3 and 7 series. Does anyone know why they chose not to update to that look like they did when they updated the 7 series?
  • mfeldmanmfeldman Posts: 140
    are you sure about the web site ? I can't get in.
  • starbmwstarbmw Posts: 3
    Yes it is just click on english on the first screen. There will be a big 5 on the next screen. Click on it and you will be there.
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