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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    Do you have a spouse or child with a unusual sense of humor? I remember years ago when I helped my brother pick up his first TV with remote control. The guy at the TV store let me borrow a second remote for the same TV. I put the second remote in my pocket. When my brother turned on the TV, I turned it off. Then when he tried to change channels, so did I. It was great fun for a while, but I had to come clean just before he was ready to put his foot through the picture tube. That's what brothers are for - right?
  • msealsmseals Posts: 257
    I have had a similar situation. Do you ever put your keys in your pocket with other stuff or other keys attached to a key change. I found that one of my other keys was pressing against the unlock button and caused all the doors to unlock. I heard the audible signal from the house and realized that I had just unlocked the car. It happened when I sat down. It is possible that if you have keys or cell phone or anything else in your pockets at the time your key is in there, it could press against the key long enough to activate the comfort feature and roll the windows down and open the moonroof.
  • We have a kalahari beige 2002 530i. It does not show dirt and even the wheels do not look as bad from the brake pad dust as they do with other colors. The best part is the hint of exclusivity.

    The car was delivered in Munich. When we entered the garage area our car was to the left and angled towards the open area of the garage. Every other car there was some shade of silver and parked perpendicular to the walls. The experience was like a waiter lifting the cover off a dinner tray. I'm sure they move cars around, but others were taking delivery at the same time. People were also walking around and looking at our car and not the others. I also heard someone say they did not know BMW had that color.

    The lady who went over our vehicle said she has been there when every car in the garage was silver and she had to press the key to find the car she was presenting.

    Otherwise the sand floor carpets show dirt very easily, but I bought dark brown floor mats before the car was delivered here. The brown matches the stripe in the seat belts and complements the rest of the interior. We now have 3 sets of floor mats, the brown we are using, the European sand mats and a bagged set delivered with the car.

    I love the color, I love the car, but you really should get silver or black.
  • buy silver or black? Do you want to remain that exclusive that you don't want to share a nice color with others? :-)

    on a serious note, why?

  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    I would like to check out the Beige with a black interior - that sounds sharp!!

    My wife drives a New Honday Odyssey - Silver - so I need another color!!

    The Khalahari Beige car I came across also had the light interior - I want a black interior!
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    Here is the best look at the next car. A friend saw one at a petrol station in Austria and told me these are right on. I think I'd run out and buy the current model if I were looking.
  • The silver or black comment was intended to be a little facetious.

    I have seen a black interior with kalahari beige, actually the dealer had two side by side, one black interior, one sand. The darker interior gave the car a somewhat orchid caste and the sand tends to push more to a gold.
  • jhox85jhox85 Posts: 35
    Are you talking about actually grabbing the plastic cover on the clown nose and turning it? Which direction and how much to turn?
  • Sorry, didn't get the sarcasm. I was beginning to think that you were regretting your choice of colors exterior/interior. I was a bit puzzled since I saw the kalahari beige on sand and I thought it was quite attractive and as a plus it was a very different color which in my personal opinion is a big plus. I didn't think that a kalahari beige/black would exist. I don't think I would like that combination especially in So. Cal. where the black interior would get quite hot.
  • counterclockwise, towards passenger seat.
  • pap5pap5 Posts: 144
    Just read your harrowing account -- sounds painful and inconvenient. Glad to hear you're back on your feet (one of them anyway) and you'll be regaling us once more. Good luck on a complete recovery.

    Many years ago, I had a very minor-league version of the same thing happen to me. I fractured and severely sprained my right ankle while playing basketball. Embarassing to say, it was a non-contact injury -- my klutzy self tried to cut, but my foot remained firmly planted. A month in a cast followed by a few weeks heavily taped, all the while on crutches. Once the cast came off, I found I could loosely pull a sneaker sans laces onto my foot, throw the crutches behind the seats of my Triumph, and launch myself semi-smoothly down the road. If I had needed to panic stop, I told myself I would brake with my left foot and not worry about declutching and killing the engine. Fortunately, I never had to test whether my feet would obey my conscious mind or my reflexes.

    Again, great to have you back.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Thanks for the thoughts. ;-)

    Playing basketball was actually how I broke my first leg (the left one, 28 years ago), so I know from whence you speak. ;-)

    I am already lobbying my Orthopedic Sturgeon to put me in a removable walking cast/boot arrangement on 20-Feb so that I can start Physical Therapy as soon as possible thereafter. Unfortunately, there is rumor around here (here being the company that I am working with on my Mouse project) that we will need to go back to the factory in Taipei the very next week. Grrrr, well, I’ll get to the PT sooner or later.

    Best Regards,
  • mseals: I think you are right: I have other keys on my key ring and it seems likely that I've activated the comfort feature by accident when sitting down to put on my shoes (with keys in pants pocket of course). Thanks for suggesting a plausible explanation.

    bmw323is: No, no children here, no devilish siblings such as yourself ;-) and my girlfriend wouldn't do such a thing (she's afraid to breathe on the car!). I had started to suspect our cat that lives in the garage. He is a very smart cat, but not THAT smart...Thanks for the story about your bro and his TV; pretty funny!
  • I am about to buy 530, 5spd. In the past I would keep my cars for about 5 - 7 years. Does anyone know how these cars hold up over more years?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    As I don't own a 530i I'd suggest a couple of things. Do some research and base your conclusion on the research. Consumer Reports has consistently top-rated the reliability of the 530i. Consult other magazines that may have a long-term 5 series project. Search JD Powers.

    Given the fact the BMW manufacters many, many cars, would suspect a few things.

    1. there are some absolutely rock-solid vehicles,
    2. there a bunch of lemons
    3. the majority are in the middle ground.

    It's my opinion, however comforting or disquieting having people tell their anecdotal stories about their 530i - given the vast number of 5 series out there, won't be enough information for you to draw a conclusion about whether your 530i will be a winner or loser.

    If it were me I would put the reliability of the 530i up against any top Japanese manufacturer.

    Good luck in your decision and keep the forum posted.
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    Sometime ago I went down to the garage to take my wife's Honda Civic out and the doors were locked and I never lock the car when in the garage. I was at a loss to explain it, when it happened again soon thereafter, I decided to investigate. I discovered that the key in my pocket activated the lock signal when I bent over to sit down. I then left the key on a hanger for several days away from the pocket and,lo and behold NO More Locked Door !! Imagine my surprise when I went down to get in the bimmer and like you, all my windows were down and the roof open, what was going on here?? I surmised that the key in pocket was the culprit and hung it up as well and NO such surprises again. Shortly after that incident, the key again in pocket the alarm went off in the garage. Then door lock was activated just previously in the pocket and then in quick succession the trunk was activated open thus signalling the motion sensor, too bizarre !
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    I won't trespass long on your forum. I own a E320 4Matic and lurk here to stay abreast of BMW happenings.

    1) I would like to express my concerns about your accident and wishes for a speedy recovery. It may not have been entirely your fault which is something to consider. They have a feduciary responsibility to maintain safe ingress/egress...especicially considering the business they're in.

    2) your comments regarding snow tires are right on. As a life long resident of New England and current resident of NH, I have plenty of experience with this topic. If you live in a region of the country that actually experiences winter (I'm not talking NC where 2 inches paralyze the state), you need snows. Period. Anybody that feels that Traction Control and All seasons will suffice (either RWD OR FWD) is sorely mistaken. Wife and I both drive AWD vehicles so that we can always make it home. Both my 4matic and her Subaru Legacy are shod in snows from the end of October to beginning of March. My neighbor drives a Seville STS (FWD and Traction control). He doesn't use snows. Every snow storm over 4 inches his car is parked at the bottom of his driveway as he can't even get up to his garage.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Thanks for the thoughts. ;-)

    Prior to experiencing the difference using the Arctic-Alpins, I was clearly one of those who figured that good All-Season rubber was most likely good enough for most places, after all, I grew up in Michigan, and the stuff we used to drive around on probably had less traction than the Pilot-Primacys that came on my 530i. That said, now that I have taken the plunge, I am totally sold on the “Winter tire thing.”

    I don’t know if “Trespassing” is the right word for it. ;-) I remember your posts both here and in the E-Class discussion as well, and they have always been constructive and respectful. To me at least, a true “Trespasser” is equivalent to a “Troll”, and that you are decidedly not. ;-)

    I remember last summer, while my move to NH was still in the works, that you cautioned me on the quality of some of the dealerships around here. Fortunately, so far at least, the service department at Tully BMW over in Nashua has been exemplary. Last fall, my wife “Curbed” my 530i by pulling far enough into a parking space at her office to push the front bumper over the curb stone. She then compounded the problem by backing out and partially removing the front bumper, ouch! When I took my car in, they scheduled me for the repair (which turned out to be fairly painless at about $300), and then they asked if I had anything else that needed doing. I told them that my previous dealership back in NJ had upgraded the engine control software, and the throttle response changed just enough to make driving a stick shift tricky, as in not stalling it when accelerating from a dead stop. On the spot, they took my car in, upgraded the software with the (then) latest code (two days old at the time) and sent me on my way.

    Interesting side note, I took a quick test drive with the technician both before and after the software upgrade to see if we could sense any difference (it was like night and day), and he commented that my car “Felt awfully fast for a 530i.”

    I said, “Could it feel faster to you because mine is a 5-Speed?”

    His response was, “I drive LOTS of 5-Series cars every day, both manual and automatic, and this one feels like it is in 540 territory. By the way, you had better slow down; the police like to stake out this curve we are approaching.”

    The only possible thing I could say to that was, “Cool!” ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • hnnhnn Posts: 34
    Shipo, what is the version of software for the engine control software that you mentioned above?

    Will the dealer charge me for this upgrade?

    btw- just have my 530i oil change after a year. No indicator light turned on yet.

    Thanks. Hnn
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, I don't think they told me which version. They just said that they had received it just a couple of days prior to my visit, and in it went. If I had to guess (I cannot remember the actual date of my visit), the date of the code was late September 2002 or sometime in October 2002.

    Will the dealer charge you? I suspect that this is a warranty issue, as I was not charged when they upgraded my code.

    Best Regards,
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