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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, it's not like ED is about a subject OTHER than cars after all!

    There is an ED thread in the 3-Series Owners Club. Seems like maybe that thread should be linked to all BMW Owners Club boards. I will make that suggestion and see if we can work that out.

    It would make sense to have this conversation there - that way six months or a year from now when someone is looking for info on ED, they will have a logical place to look it up. It would be difficult at that point to find it here.

    So I'll see what I can do about getting the 3-Series ED discussion linked across all BMW Owners boards. I'll get back to you.

    Meanwhile, anyone not interested in ED should probably exercise their Edmunds-given-right to just SKIP it! No comment is required, honest! :-)
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    More along lines of lease versus buy discussions? Or sales experiences? How one goes about buying the vehicle. But ED itself isn't really about the car, how it performs, etc.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    And it is perfectly okay to talk about the buying experience here, riez. That is a very large part of what Edmunds and the Town Hall is all about.

    I'm not sure what exactly your concern is, but let's don't hijack this topic - email me if you want to pursue this.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,093
    While it does suck that you had to pay for a new clutch at 14,000 miles, $750 isn't the end of the world.

    I'd definitely put a formal complaint letter in writing (not via phone or email) to document all the steps taken and how you are very dissatisfied...Blah, blah, blah...

    Shipo & Riez: Definitely more interesting and longer lasting than last week's Tyson fight. You both make very strong (and convincing) arguments for your preferred way of buying BMWs either via ED or CPO. I say we call it a draw.

    Shipo has shown us a beneficial example of living in New Jersey:)

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • george94george94 Posts: 75
    although I am not an official owner of 5-series (my 530 is still stuck in production in Germany) I have to speak up. I read all the comments and as probably anyone else I also considered ED program. However, at the end, (Shipo sorry :-( I clearly see the benefits of going thru ED) I decided to go via my local dealer. As a matter of fact I already committed to buy the car from a dealership 30 miles away from my house but after reading stories about loaner cars I decided to cancel it and pursue the closest one. Since they were able to match the price it was an easy decision for me. I went with the dealer 10 miles away from my house... I see the financial benefits going over and picking your car up but it was hard for me to justify the trip ONLY to pick up the car. And foreign travel is not the same as it used to be some time ago. You have some certain risks associated now w/ traveling..As someone said, there is no right or wrong. It comes truly down to what your preference is.

    Meanwhile, my production date is 03/07 and I can't wait until I get in my car...
  • sel3sel3 Posts: 33
    Just finished installing the XPEL clear bra system on my new 525. A very time consuming process. The hood and the bottom of the front bumper were the most difficult parts. I am impressed with the headlight and fog light covers, they are nearly invisible.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    Meant no offense.

    Hope you took none.

    Given time and sufficient additional unpleasant experiences with my present vehicle, I'll follow your ED example. Having been to Germany three times over the past couple of years on business, it'll be a very pleasant add-on to otherwise-scheduled travel.

    Hope you're enjoying New England. It's definitely my favourite part of North America.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    No worries. ;-)

    I was actually hoping to reprise my ED trip from last year again this April as my wife and I will once again find ourselves in Paris. We are planning on replacing our venerable Caravan this spring and I was trying to talk her into a 525iT 5-Speed, PP, CWP, Xenon Audio, Heated Steering Wheel and Premium Audio, however, she has decided that a new Town & Country (with the full DVD A/V system) is the better fit for her needs as well as those of our children. :-(

    Oh well, at least I will have something to drive if ever I break another leg (third time is a charm?). By the way, I have been out of my cast for just over a week now, and I am hoping to start driving my 530i by next weekend. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Last weekend, if I remember correctly, the 5-Series discussion was one of the busiest in the TownHall, and now, ZIP! To add insult to injury (to me at least), my posts regarding ED are probably one of the contributing factors to this lack of activity. For that, I apologize. If anyone took offence at my remarks, please understand that I always try to inject humor, good nature and camaraderie into what I write, and that my words were in no way meant to be taken as a personal affront.

    First and foremost, I am a car nut, then, to put a finer point on it, I am very fond of the BMW marque, and the E39 5-Series in particular. That said, I am also a vocal advocate of the European Delivery program that BMW offers. The reasons for such advocacy are numerous, and a partial list, in no particular order, include the experience of driving these fine machines upon the roadways that they were designed to be driven on, as a cost savings measure should one find oneself over in Europe for what ever reason and need a rental car, or just as a way to save a few bucks on the car of one's dreams.

    Given that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the ED experience, I have done as suggested, and found the "3-Series Owners: European Delivery" (Pat, if you have your "Ears On", would it make sense to change the title of that topic to "BMW Owners: European Delivery"?), and added it to my "Subscription List". In that way, we will have a place to discuss ED for only those folks who are considering taking advantage of this wonderful program.

    Once again, please accept my most sincere apology if my words have offended.

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286 are one of the bright spots here, so please continue to post!

    I am trying to convince my wife to take over my LS so that I can get a 540i6 or even an M5!

    I love BMWs, ED or no ED.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    I do not think any of your posts have been offensive, rather, they are informative (and entertaining).
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    I have been car shopping and I'm strongly considering an 03 E320 MB with the Sport Package. Yesterday I stopped at the local BMW dealer and looked at a preowned 2002 540i with sport pkg, 17", auto, step up stereo, etc. Car is like new @8k miles, a BMW executive car. The original MSRP was 59k and the used book price is 49 to 50k. Here is the deal, the color is "slate green" with sand interior. Not ugly, just weird but that's where the comprimise comes in, I can buy the car for probably as little as 44k! Nice car, bad color. A new 530i with the same options has an msrp of 49k. Any opinions on what you would recommend? Don't trash me on the MB!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    VCheng & CarNaught,

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. ;-)


    First off, I think that the new W211 E-Class is a wonderful looking car, inside and out. That said, it seems that much if its new "High Tech" engineering is, at best, still a little "Half Baked". The first question you need to ask yourself is, "How important is the feel of the car to me?" If you answer, "Not too important", then the E320 is probably a very good choice.

    On the other hand, if you want to feel connected with what the car is doing and the road that you are driving over, then of the two, the 5-Series is probably the better choice. Then the question becomes, "Used 540iA or new 530iA?" From my perspective, if you can actually get the Slate Green 540iA for 44K, I would go for it, color and all, that is a pretty darned good deal. If in the end, it turns out that you will need to pay closer to TMV, then you need to determine whether the power of the 540iA is worth more than the color of a 530iA built to your specs.

    Of course if it was me, a 44K 540iA is nowhere near enough enticement to buy a car with an automatic transmission, so the decision would be easy. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    Thanks for the feedback. This car would be my daily driver and of course handling is very important to me. My weekend car is a Boxster S with a six speed so I like to row my own too, but not every day. In NY weekends mean 6 months a year. The power, delivery and handling on the 540i is awsome and that's what really has my attention on this one. I wouldn't spend the 59k to 60k for a new one based on economical reasons. I have to decide this week because I think the dealer takes the car to auction by the end of the week to dump it. Something to dream about tonight....
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I understand NY traffic, my wife and I just moved from the NYC area last summer up here to New Hampshire. Through the 10 years in NY, the 13 previous years in Chicago, and a couple of years before that in Los Angeles, I drove a stick shift. Now I am laid up with a broken leg, my wife is driving my 530i and I am stuck with the family MiniVan. :-( I would Gladly trade driving a slushbox Caravan up here with this leg for the opportunity of driving a stick in NY traffic with a good leg any day. Hopefully, I can start driving my car again in a week or so. ;-)

    Regarding your daily driver, go for the 540i, great machine. One thing to keep in mind, I had the tan interior in my previous BMW (1999 328i), and it is something of a pain to keep clean in the winter, that and scuff marks on door sills and seat edges are difficult to remove.

    Best Regards,
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    Thanks and get better soon! I'll let you know my decision
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My neighbor just traded his E55 for a 2003 E500, but had also considered a 540iA sport. The price that the BMW dealer went down to here (Atlanta area) for a perfect condition 11k miles car with navigation and all the goodies was $44.9k. If the one you are looking at does not have navigation, I think $44k is a realistic price.

    My friend went for the E500 for two reasons - First, the Mercedes dealer gave him a much better deal on trading the E55 (they had a prospective buyer lined up in advance). Second, he is 6"4", his wife is 5'8" and they have three teenage kids all pushing 6'. The 5-series would have been a tight fit. I assume you have checked this out to your satisfaction.

    Good luck on your decision. If you decide to go with a new 530iA, check up above for the latest on the never ending ED vs. US debate. As a Mercedes and Porsche owner (I've had both as well), you could lend some legitimacy to the claim that the BMW program / discounts are by far and away, the best in the industry.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
    This discussion in BMW Owners has been edited and to include all future BMW owners (3-series, 5-series, etc.) seeking purchase through European delivery.

    BMW Owners: European Delivery

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks Karen!

    Shipo and others - may I suggest you either copy or link your recent ED posts into the discussion Karen links in her message?

    That way, as I mentioned earlier, somone looking for information on ED sometime in the future will be able to find all that great information in one place.

  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Go for the 540ia if you can live with the colors. I agree with what shipo said about the BMW beige interior; it is hard to keep clean, especially the carpets. I'd consider the clear plastic mats. Although I'm happy with the E-class MB, the 540i without meaning to use the cliche, is the ultimate driver with the SP.
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