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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • I am with Shipo- find another dealer. If he can't sell a new model 5 with a manual when it first comes out, he shouldn't be in the auto sales business. He is trying to take advantage of you. Don't let him.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    I know it is too late for a Euro Delivery 530i since the factory closes in August and reopens in September to produce the E60,but was the 1.9 APR and or 4000 dollar incentive available for Munich pick up? 34785-4000=30785 base price?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I had the same question. According to my dealer, the $4,000 incentive was never available for ED. It did not come out until after they stopped production and/or were not taking any new build orders. I'm not sure about the 1.9% financing.


    A "non-refundable" deposit of any amount cannot be legally binding unless it is a valid "two-party contract". Since the dealer cannot guarantee you an outside delivery date or even the price of the vehicle, there is no way the deposit would be deemed non-refundable in court. However, on the practical side, I agree with Shipo and would find another dealer. The fact that this one would even ask for a $2,500 non-refundable deposit not only shows ignorance of the law, but disregard for integrity and customer relations. I wouldn't give them my business.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I haven't followed the current incentives too much as I am not currently in the market for a car. ;-) That said, habitat1 has always proven to be a great source of information, and it seems that he has already answered at least part of your question.

    Regarding scheduling an ED for a 530i in E39 trim, I am not sure if the factory has stopped producing the E39 yet (something in the back of my head says that E39 production was stopped in June so BMW could start the re-tooling process). If it is still in production for the remainder of this month, there might still be a chance of you getting a car ready for an August or September ED trip. What you would have to do would be to find a dealer that has a car in the pipeline and not yet built, and then have them arrange to swap that car with the ED pool. Given the timing, even if the E39 is still being produced, my guess is that the chances of setting this up are very small, but it might be worth a try.

    Best Regards,
  • enjoyed your extensive post on my question regarding differences b/w 325 vs. 525
    i won't be autocrossing even if i were to buy 325 but i feel as though i need to drive 3-series before i move up to 5-series... maybe it's a stupid reason but i don't want to be in my 40's or 50's and wanting to drive 3-series in retrospect... but then again, there seem to be so many good deals on 5 series(2003 that is) that it is really tempting...
    well, guess i need to sleep on it and make the decision. : )


  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    Don't worry about tomorrow yet. Get what you want to drive today, today. Wait until tomorrow to decide what you want to drive tomorrow. :)
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Posts: 140
    Great quote...who said that Yoda? or was it Yogi Ya know like..."No one goes to that restaurant anymore because it is too crowded"

    to 330iii: I can't remember if Shipo already said this but from I have read the 5er's are also more reliable (see Consumer Reports... fro what it's worth. I am in the same boat as you now, except I am in my late 40's already. When I 30, I had a BMW 528e. I was looking at the 3er's mainly on price issue and they seemed like they would be more fun to drive. I have not driven a 530iA yet, but I can't imagine it will be a let down. I still am concerned about the reliability after warranty as well as the trips to dealer even for the stuff that is covered. Closer dealer will be 20 minutes away, where as my Toyota dealer (which I only visit to get an oil change and a free donut) is 2 miles away from my office! My wife thinks I am absolutely out of mind ("What's your point honey?") getting rid of a reliable 2001 Camry at half the payments of the BMW, with a daily commute of 5 miles with a top speed of 40 mph (vrrooooom).
    Is there any other confused old farts out there, or is this a bunch of young wild & crazy guys who still hair to blow in the wind?
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    Yes, there are some old farts out here, but not confused (I think). I'm 55 and in March '03 traded my Chrysler 300M for a 530iA. Best car thing I ever did. I loved the Chrysler; I'm in lust with the BMW. I know about the 40 mph commute too, but this weekend I'm headed to the hills for some fun.

     I can't help you with the 5 vs. 3 question, as I'm almost too tall for the 5 and the 3 is out of the question. Nevertheless, if you can swing the BMW price, lose the Camry (yawn).
  • driller2driller2 Posts: 7
    I guess I'm almost an old fart at 48, but I just bought my first BMW , a 530ia with sport package. I test drove one last year and fell in love with the handling. The car is a pleasure to drive. It was a no brainer given the incentives. I'm glad I got one before production ended. Go for the 530, you won't be disappointed.
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    I did more research on the $4000 and low financing. At one time you can have either $4000 or 1.9% financing but not both, but I am not sure if either one is still offered to consumers. I hope that they will offer both altogether in the future so I can trade in my 02 for 03.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Don't hold your breath. There are no more 2003's being made (according to three dealers I contacted) and the inventory is dwindling fast, thanks to the $4,000 incentive.
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Well, I'm 55 like warthog. In April, I leased a 530i, 5 spd, SP. I liked the 3 series too, but have a 2 year old and a 6 year old. That extra room helps.

    Remember, handling NEVER goes out of style.

  • rajbasrajbas Posts: 2

    I have been offerd the following deal on 525 standard with leatherette interior.. No special packages on top of it.

    Manual Trans : 32800
    Auto Trans : 34010

    Is this a good deal? Also, the financing is about 5.49 APR..

    Thanks in advance.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm not immediately familiar with 525i pricing, but check for yourself the deal vs. invoice. With the $3,500 (I believe) incentive on the 525i, a good target price would be $2,000 - $2,500 under invoice. A neighbor of mine is considering a 540i at $3,000 under invoice (based upon $4,000 incentive) through VOB BMW in Maryland.

    I think any 5-series at $2,000+ under invoice is a great deal. On the financing, you can also do a home equity loan and get about 5.5% that is tax deductable interest (net rate equivalent of 3.5% +/-).
  • aqbaqb Posts: 12
    Hoopsref, warthog, joatmon

    As the big 6-0 approaches, I've wondered if the next car will be the last one, and do I want it to be a Subaru? Not!

    Wifey says CR loves the BMW; then, when we heard of the rebate she says "Go for the 540" Gotta love that girl!

    Bought a loaded 540 for $3K under invoice and couldn't be happier.

     Rajbas, I agree with Habitat 1. Also, look into local credit unions. 3.49% deal still offered in my town.
  • cheezhedcheezhed Posts: 44
    I may have not gotten the best deal. Only one similarly equiped one is left. Mine is a titanian silver/gray 2003 540ia with Nav., SP, 6 cd, power rear shade and tinted windows and cost $54,500 plus fees. Nevertheless, it's my first BMW, a great drive and I feel it's a classic. Thanks to Shipo and all the enthusiasts and hope all of you fellow BMW-iles enjoy your ride and safely.
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    You are telling me that these cars go real fast like candies? Do you live in the DC area? If not, you should check with the dealers around here if you are looking for one. I live a few minutes from Fairfax BMW in Virginia and drive by their car lot everyday, and it is full of BMW cars. I better look closer based on your statement. Let me know if you want me to check it out for you.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    Recently on a newscast I heard that theft of xenon headlights is becoming rampant. Evidently, they hack up the whole front end to dislodge them, leaving costly repairs in the wake. Sure enough, it happened today to a Maxima owner in the garage where I park my car at work--his front end was a mess. At first I felt fortunate to have driven the Outback today instead of the 530. However, there were several other Beemers with xenons in the lot that went untouched. There could be many reasons for the thieve's choice but I'm wondering if this going to be a stone in our shoe. That Maxima looked like Mason in the movie Hannibal.
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    Theives steal what sells. There's a large aftermarket for Xenon upgrades for Japanese sedans. Most BMW owners who want Xenon lights order them from the factory that way, I would think.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    It stopped in June for certain. However, according to the BMW CAR magazine from the UK, the touring will still be produced until the E60 touring comes along. I am not sure if that will apply to the US models as well, or how credible that information actually is.
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