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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    Your write, know knead two bee sew intents :-)
  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    Hi there - have a 2000 528i sports premium, 42000 miles already. Factory warranty only goes to 4 yr/50M miles. So far nothing major happened except for a cracked radiator which was replaced under warranty. Is it worth it to get an extended warranty from BMW dealer to avoid possible hefty $ mishap? And how much do they usually go for? Thanks.
  • mtjohnmtjohn Posts: 34
    This is my first post but I have been checking in daily to this forum since I bought my CPO '01 530ia in May (SP,PP,Xenon,PS,sunshades,basically everything but CWP). Bought it at SF BMW with only 9,300 mi. for $38K--a great deal for this area where everything seems to sell at a premium. My previous car was a '96 Volvo 850 which serviced me well, I suppose. Although I agree with the passion those have for the manual tranny, I am very happy with the auto w/step since much of my driving is on congested Bay Area freeways and steep SF hills (I am in broadcast sales). I live on the side of Mount Tamalpais which offers a fantastic range of banked curves leading out to Stinson Beach and on up coastal Hwy. 1.
    I can't believe that I would ever be this passionate about a car but the 530 has provided my with an unbelievable amount of fun over the last couple of months (almost 4K mi already). For what it offers--smooth & balanced inline 6 engine, superb handling, elegant styling--I think the BMW 530i is a fantastic deal. I really didn't realize how great BMWs were until after I bought mine and really drove it for awhile.
    Thanks to all those (shipo, reiz & others)for your posts on this forum--I think that I have read them all.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    jccssc... You wrote, "have a 2000 528i, 42000 miles already. Factory warranty only goes to 4 yr/50M miles. Is it worth it to get an extended warranty from BMW dealer?"

    If you keep possession of your car past either 50K or 48 months, the original bumper-to-bumper warranty will expire. Your original 3/36 maintenance agreement also expired. You could pay to extend this maintenance agreement for 1/12 (the '03s come with 4/50 free maintenance) but there is no additional warranty you can buy from BMW on your car.

    You could sell your car and buy another BMW from the BMW dealer. If you bought a CPO unit, that would come with a 2/50 CPO warranty that starts once the original b-to-b warranty expires. I've seen CPO units with as few as 3-9K miles. But you CANNOT automatically CPO the car you bought new (unless you sell it to dealer and buy it back from him as a CPO car).
  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    Belated congratulations mtjohn, I know exactly what you mean. I bought my 03 530i in March and loved it from the first day but I'm really beginning to understand just how brilliant this car is. Rock solid on the highway, beautifully balanced in the twisties, classic styling and nicely screwed together - the perfect sedan.

    I posted this extract from The Times newspaper on the "re-design" thread but it discusses the 530i far more eloquently than I can (excuse the English phraseology):

    "The 3-series is still a standard setter and the normal M3 is extraordinarily good. But the best of the lot is the 5-series.

    I drove a 530i last week and, even though it's been with us for seven years, I still think it's the best executive car of them all. Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar can all offer us more modern alternatives but none can quite match the absolute rightness of the Five.

    It looks good whether it's parked on the block paving outside a Barratt executive home or on the gravel drive of a Georgian vicarage. It suits the underground car park of a Docklands development in London and blends perfectly with the rustic charm of a rural barn.

    This ability to adapt like a chameleon is seen on the road, too. Whether it's on a motorway, a sweeping Welsh A-road or on the way to the pub in Worth Matravers it doesn't just cope, it shines."
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Had Schedule II plus some more maintenance work done today on my CPO '98 540i6. She has 77,400 miles. I've put on the last 25,000 miles. Cost me $1,050.53 (of which $426.53 in parts). [Saved $110.43 due to BMW CCA membership. Thankfully I use the car for business and can deduct this on my income taxes.] But the price didn't seem too bad for all the work done: oil/filter change, coolant change, brake fluid change, transmission fluid change, differential fluid change, lubricate locks/latches, grease wheel centering hubs, replace a/c belt, replace air filter, replace micro-airfilter, replace fuel filter, replace spark plugs, clean fuel injectors, plus diagnostic readout and all the purported inspecting.

    So in first 25K miles I've spent the above plus $160.40 for a maintenance total of only $1,210.93. Plus another $900.58 for new set of ContiSportContract 2 tires (incl. 4-wheel align, mount & balance). And CPO co-pays/non-warranty repairs for another $151.17. Grand total only $2,262.68. Tires account for nearly 40 percent. And this total should last me for another 10K+ miles. That seems reasonable for about 35,000 miles of extremely pleasureable driving!
  • mtjohnmtjohn Posts: 34
    Thanks, Karmikan.
    I actually saw your post from the "Times" in the "re-design" forum. Really struck a chord. Thank you for sharing it. I feel a bit strange writing about an "inanimate" object such as a "car" but so few things these days seem to even approach "absoulute rightness". I am one who believes that BMW reached a truly classic design with the E39 (nothing good to say regarding E60) No worries on the English phraseology--my wife's a Brit from Marlborough (near Swindon)walking distance to Avebury. That part of the UK is wonderful.
  • diver110diver110 Posts: 67
    Riez is correct, BMW itself does not sell the extended warranty. However, apparently many BMW dealers sell an extended warranty overed by a private company, Car Care Connection. It ain't cheap, I think adding 4 years on to the existing warranty or 100,000 is over $2,000. On the other hand, if something exotic happens you don't have to sweat it and something covered by the warranty is likely to break in that time. The warranty is also transferable. The only major components not covered by the better packages seem to be the water pump and the computer elements. I am thinking about getting the warranty myself. I am similarly situated to jccssc and am thinking about getting the warranty. My four years are up in October. Just bought my 2000 540iT and it has around 28,000 miles.
  • diver110diver110 Posts: 67
    Mtjohn, I too went from a Volvo 850 (1995) to a BMW (540iT in my case). I actually kept my Volvo for Baltimore winters. It feels like a truck in comparison to the Beemer. I used to be in to higher performance cars, ratcheted up to a Porsche that ended up being a major headache, and got out of them for many years. I had stayed away from BMWs because I found them underpowered and heard they were terrible in snow. I never drove a 540 though until the one I bought. It flies. I wish I had learned about them earlier. I love the car.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    diver110... Do a lot of research on both the company issuing the policy and the policy details. The policy isn't worth much unless the company is reputable and has the financial resources to meet its liabilities. And often with these policies, the devil is in the details. Is there a deductible? Exactly what is covered? Exactly what is not covered? Where can you take the car for service? Do you get BMW replacement parts? How is the bill paid? Do you pay in full or do they pay the repair shop directly? What happens if you have a claim while travelling?

    I haven't seen many 3rd party warranties from reputable companies that have been around a long time that are worth the price. Lots of companies have folded. Lots of policyholders have been burned.
  • diver110diver110 Posts: 67
    Thanks for the feedback riez. The warranty is sold by the BMW dealership closest to me and they told me it is honored by BMW dealerships nationwide. They pay up front.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    diver110... Trust but verify! Study it carefully. You should check out the company underwriting the insurance. Look 'em up on AM Best, Value Line, etc. You might also check BBB. (I don't trust 3rd party warranty companies. Heard too many horror stories.)
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    I'd like to say (as probably the only female poster on this board...I can say this because I have followed this board for 2 1/2 years on a near daily basis) that driving a stick is more of a "passion for driving" thing. The drive is as pleasurable if not more so at times than the destination. This is the reason I own a 530 manual and have owned manuals in all my cars. I live in L.A. and believe me the traffic here is often painful. But for those moments like pushing the 5er near or at red line while in 2nd gear on a twisting on ramp or curve...pure euphoria!

    dabimmer: Heading your way August 17. Can't wait to sample the roads along the coast!
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    Enjoyed your post as usual, I agree that driving a stick is a " driver thing " not a "guy thing ." Hope the weather holds up for you, we have had glorious days for about two weeks now, very unusual this time of year. Enjoy your trip and your stay in the Bay Area. Alas, my bimmer has the auto tranny but my memory still serves to remember pushing hard into a curve, pure enjoyment ! I love driving the 530i. Have driven other cars but they just don't satisfy.
  • In Canada do they use different gas then the u.s.? In a few weeks we will be taking a road trip in a 530i and want to make sure nothing bad happens to it on the ride back home. Or am I just better off renting?
  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    I'm pretty sure that all you have to do is get "Premium" gas and you should be fine. I've driven all over the US with no problems in a Canadian-spec car and the same should be true for you in Canada. Aren't the BMWs that come over to the same N American spec aside from the speedo calibrations?

    A couple of million US visitors a year drive over the border with no problem. Don't worry and enjoy your trip.
  • timtrantimtran Posts: 29
    Does anybody know if this incentive is still valid? The salespeople do not seem to openly reveal it... Thank you.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Posts: 140
    YES it is still valid. I have heard until Sept 3rd, but the dealer said he was not sure they would have it in Aug or not. I just bought a 530 on Saturday and had been dealing with them by letting them know I knew about the incentive. The bigger problem will be the supply of the car with the options you want as time goes on. I'm in the Boston area if you need help getting a deal. Email me. Good luck.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Posts: 140
    Did anyone purchase the dealer warranty for the this (@ $300)? I'd like your input.
  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    One more thing bmwdriver02, I'd suggest that you stick with name brand gas when you're in Canada. Go with Esso (Exxon), Sunoco, Shell and stay away from the smaller chains. Many of them are probably fine but I've heard a couple of stories.

    No bad personal experiences with the small guys but I play safe and stick with the name brands.
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