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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • pap5pap5 Posts: 144
    67healy -- You're welcome, and congratulations! Enjoy your 5er.

    diver110 -- After two years of driving my 530i SP on crummy D.C. streets, there has been absolutely no damage to the 17" rims. Granted, most of my time (including work commute) is spent in the burbs, but there are plenty of opportunities for rough roads in N VA too. Just keep your eyes open and watch your speed on really bad roads. Even if you do bend a rim, so what? You can swap it for the spare and send it out to be straightened. Small price to pay for the increased enjoyment and control of driving an SP-equipped 5 series.

    Re 530ia vs. 540ia discussion -- All other things being equal, my slant is that the more torque you can put through a torque converter, the better the driving experience. This favors the 540ia. My experience with the 530ia is that low-end response through the Steptronic is not ideal (however, at higher rpm, it sings!). Also, kickdowns take forever - best mode is to keep it in Sport, then tap the lever for a demand downshift. All the foregoing can be avoided by sticking to the manual, but in my case, the wife factor prevailed.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Replacing the final stage resistor is very easy; no more than one hour, tops-and that's if you are all thumbs. Use your CCA discount, pick it up from some place like the BMW Store, Circle BMW, or Pacific BMW-and do it yourself. It's cake.
  • Thanks to JB and Div1- when I called to make an appt. for the service and explained the fan prob the first thing he said was that it was the resistor. The car is still under warranty,so at least I don't have to worry about that.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    I have been driving a 02 530ia for almost 2 years. Great car that has been reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. However I did regret not ordering the Sport Pkg and manual (vs. the steptronic). I had hoped to use the ED program for my next 5-series but after seeing the pictures of the E60; I decided that this was not going to be. But there is a silver lining in the otherwise dark picture. I found one 03 530i with Sport Pkg on a dealers lot. With the aid of the current incentives, I will be taking delivery on Friday, my brand new Black Sapphire/Sand 530i with the Sport Pkg, Xenons, Premium, DSP Sound & Cold Weather Pkg.

    I am curious to know if anybody has used a protective coating for the SP (style 42) rims.

    Chris M

    PS: Shipo, not sure if you are still active on the board but there will be a 2nd black sapphire sport in the southern NH area. Hope you don’t mind the company.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    What changes have been made to the 530 between the '01 and '03 model years?

    I am still stuck in my lease on my Saab and there are some amazing incentives on the few remaining 5 series. I spotted a 530iA with Sport, Premium, Winter and Xenons....AND IT IS IN THE COLOR I WANT..... But, i'll wait 'till next spring and get a used one.

    What improvement, if any, is experienced with Dinan S upgrade? Does it yield a considerable increase in 0-60 time?
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    It's getting very close to your travel date, the weather has still been very good . Be sure to bring heavy sweaters for the night time, it can get pretty cool. Otherwise, have a great trip. Long trips up the coast can be spectacular and the bimmer just thrives and and it makes travelling more fun. Have a great time !
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    May I ask what you are getting for the trade-in and the price of the new one? I am thinking about doing the same thing except my 02 530 is less than two years old.
  • sharrissharris Posts: 32
    Anyone have any experience with German Auto Body in Santa Clara? I'm considering going there for some body work on my front bumper. Any references/comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • sdg380sdg380 Posts: 109
    Other changes may have been made, but I believe '02 was the first year they FINALLY put a CD player in the DASH (could be the first German car ever!) Now if they could only put in some decent cup holders...
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    My current car is a 02 530ia w/ Premium, Xenons, Cold, DSP & the Heated Wheel. At the time of the appraisal, I had 25k miles on the odometer. The dealership gave me $34k for a trade-in price. To be more accurate I had the car for 20 months.

    Chris M
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    Thanks. What about the new car, were you able to get like a few grands under invoice?
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Thanks for the info... Just saw the salesguy at the bank tonight....he told me to give him a call and would try to work a deal on an '03 for me. I'm not sure...don't want to end up with a $800/mo payment. Does any one know what kind of deals BMW is making?
  • Congrats on the upgrade...I wish I was able to do that. But I'm perfectly fine with my '02.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    Your weather report sounds like heaven to me as I swelter in this 100+ heat in L.A.! We are very much looking forward to driving the 530 along the coast and soaking up the view. It just had its interval 1 service last week so it is all tuned up and roaring to go! Thanks for the good wishes. I know the Bay area will not disappoint! (Unlike my very unpleasant test drive experience at a Toyota dealership today for a run-around-town car. Let's just say I was amongst a wolf, but managed to get home safely!)
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    Aside from the $4k discount, they only deducted another $1500 from the list price. Not the best discount considering the new model is coming. But they stated, due to limited availability, aggressive negotiating was not an option. However the tune would have been different if I wanted either a 525i or a 530i w/o Sport & manual. I didn’t want to believe them but after calling other dealerships, I found out that they had a valid point. There are automatics a plenty (525i, 530i & 540i) but only 1 530i with the Sport Pkg. My plan is to keep the car beyond my typical 3-year cycle.

    Bmwdriver02, even without the Sport Pkg and manual, the 530i is still a great car. I originally wanted the manual but my wife voted otherwise. Since she has only driven twice (in the last 18 months), I decided to make a change before the new one was gone. Again my decision to upgrade now was based on the feeling that I will like the new model. Can I say that for certain? No. But so far the pictures have not impressed me.

    Chris M
  • I like you also have the Sport Package, along with the Xenons, Premium Package and the Steptronic transmission. I had a hard time deciding whether to get the Sport Package or not to but I decided that if the snow is really bad I could use my wife's Accord or get a ride from my brother-in-law's CR-V. That way, I don't have to get new tires :)
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    Congratulations! I think you got a great deal, a total of $5.5k off the sticker. I didn't realize that SP is a popular option and I am glad that my 530 has it. Thank you for the info and I think I should stay put since the availability of SP is rare.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 133
    Last year I had the option of using my wife's car (a 01 Saab 9-5 wagon), however this luxury will not be available to me this year. Even though I had the non-sport version, I did switch to dedicated winter tires, being Blizzak’s WS-50, and had no problems getting around in the snow and/or ice. I am contemplating picking up a 2nd car, perhaps a 95-97 Maxima SE, for bad weather driving. Just not sure I want another car to maintain. Otherwise I will need to buy a set of winter tires & rims.

    Chris M
  • I live in So CA in Los Angeles. Any suggestion where I should go to buy a 03' BMW? I tried Assael BMW at Duarte, but they don't want to go under invoice. They offered $500 over invoice. Also, their attitude is so BADDDDDDDD!!
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    The good news for you is that there are plenty of BMW dealers in So Cal. I had bad experiences at a couple (who shall remain nameless) before landing at Center BMW in Sherman Oaks. Go to their website and talk to their internet sales manager.

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