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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    Ya a lot of the options in the US are standard though there are a thing or two that is standard in the US but optional here. Anyhow. I have asked 2 sales people already. One didn't know what I was talking the other one sort of knows. Still both depended on a sheet of package that listed all the options and prices but it couldn't save his life.
  • vishnu11vishnu11 Posts: 59
    Anybody have any experience negotiating price with Herb Chambers BMW in Boston? What's the experience you have had? And how much over invoice did you pay?

  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31

    Those prices sound good to me. Here in NY, your lucky if they give you $1,000 off.
  • hnnguyenhnnguyen Posts: 5
    How long do the performance tires last compare to std tires?

    Please advise on how to "properly" setup the stock DSP sound system for the 5-series. I noticed there is a lack of bass when using BMW preset options.

    Thanks. Hnn
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    The sport tires probably get about half the life of a standard all weather tire on average. This could mean 18-20K miles on the sport tires.

    The DSP EQ settings should create more of a "V" setting - lower freq's boosted high, midrange flat and higher freq's set higher. Also the echo and room size should be set low.
  • jarbitaljarbital Posts: 3
    Thanks 5speed5 for the reply.

    The dealer checked the car out and found the charging system to be ok.

    They said that there is a slight draw for the computer that occurs when the car is idle so these cars need to be put on a trickle charger if they sit longer then a week. In fact, BMW just came out with an on-board charger (sounds like shore power for a boat) that allows the owner to plug the car in to 110V when the car sits.

    I've also read this in repair manuals and the owners manual. Must be real.

    The dealer said in happens to all BMWs, even high end stuff. Hard to believe.

    I'm still going to search for a current draw, that may be making the situation worse.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    It is hard to believe that expensive cars like BMW and Mercedes can have so much problems. Maybe the question should be who's cars have the most problems?
  • vasgarvasgar Posts: 7
    I have frequently had a smiliar thought.I love the 530I and will probably purchase one this summer: 2002 year model. However, I have driven an Acura since 1988: three Legends (coupes) and one 3.2TL. All vehicles were virtually trouble free. When had them serviced I receive a loner (free) and a complementary wash. I purchased the vehicles at two separate dealerships, both of which treated me as a valued and "appreciated" customer. Having said that, I have to acknowledge that the sales person I have been talking with in Virginia Beach has also acted in a professional manner.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    I received a bit of a windfall and was contemplating getting the BMW phone installed in my 530i. Does anyone have it? And if so, can you give me your opinion of it? Thanks.
  • sec1sec1 Posts: 16
    Those quotes seem to be very similar to the ones I got.

    Personally, just ordered a 530I (orient blue w/ gray leather interior) w/ premium pkg,cld wthr pckg, xenon lights,premium HI-FI stereo, & cd in dash and got $2700 off MSRP! Very,very happy with the deal I got.

    Went to 2 dealers and they both offered $1500 over invoice. Went with the dealer who offered to add pinstripes (personally like the look after i saw a couple with pinstripes. They don't stand out,but adds a nice touch and makes your car a bit different than others), plus it doesnt hurt that the dealer is only a 5 min drive from home.

    Now, I just wish that August 10th will get here sooner.

    Good luck Gleen
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    Where did you find a deal like that in CT? Best I could find in CT was $2,300 over invoice. I ended up ordering in NY.
  • monwenmonwen Posts: 14
    I have the cpt8000 which I got with my car on delivery. I use Verizon and in many cases, the sound quality on the handset is as good as a land line phone. However, the speakerphone is just that ... a speakerphone. It is integrated with the stereo system & you can scroll dial with the steering wheel controls or actually dial a number from the soft button on the radio panel. I recommend it over having your local cellular carrier drill holes and then not have the other conveniences.
  • sec1sec1 Posts: 16
    Went to Mauro Motors in North Haven, CT first. I believe that since I'm located in Hartford County, they would've been stealing a buyer from New Country Motors in Hartford so they gave me a great deal that turns out to be $1500 over invoice. Needless to say, New Country Motors matched their offer. I would recommend both dealers if anyone is looking in CT. It was a hard decision, because personally I liked Mauro Motors a little more, but New Country is way more convenient.
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    I went to Mauro first also. $2300 over invoice and I didn't even negotiate. As soon as I said Euro delivery the discount disapeared and was replaced by the $2760 BWM Euro discount. Fairfield County, where I live, was worse. 2% off of MSRP for US delivery and no discount, other than the $2760, for Euro delivery.

    I ended up with $1450 over invoice plus the $2760 BWM Euro discount at a NY dealer. I would have gone with Mauro if they would have recognized the fact that their invoice is reduced by $2760 for Euro delivery.

    Anyway, mid-October and I pick up a 2002 in Munich.
  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    Not sure if anybody has experiences like this: picked up a new Sports-premium 528i sedan (steptronic) last Sept.- thinking it would be my daily car since my wife already got her VW new beetle just a year before. Well, did not expect her to love the bimmer so much that it has become her daily car and I only get to drive it during weekends and holidays!
    2 things I learned from this - ONE - BMW is really a fun and exciting car to drive; and TWO - we are planning to replace "her" beetle with a bimmer in the near future!!
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    I know this has been asked countless of times and really can't be answered but I think a lot of us may want to know more about it. Perhaps one key difference may just strike us enough. Are there any forseable diff in resale value. I know the new V8 is coming out but not in Canada next year or something.
  • chesdin2chesdin2 Posts: 19
    Just picked up a Euro delivery 530i myself and sounds like you got a great price. It's amazing what dealers try to pull on ED pricing with no acknowledgement that invoice is lower by about the same as MSRP!

    Anyhow, in case you aren't already familiar with Euro delivery, I can tell you it's a GREAT experience. The only drawback is that for the first 1K miles you're supposed to stay under 4500 rpm and 100 m.p.h. (Hard to do!).

    Anyway, in the event you're planning to DROP OFF the car in Munich, they have a "not publicized" service where you can drop the car off on a weekend for an additional $75. They come get you at your hotel, and bring you to the airport. (Be sure to net out the $60 cab fare to the airport when considering if it's worth the money!)

    Contact Pawel Byglewski or Gerd Behrends at E.F. Harms (BMW's shipping company) in Munich, e-mail Very nice guys and very helpful. They can also e-mail you a detailed map of how to get to their office, though it was not hard to find.

    It was no issue for us to drop off on a Friday, since we stayed the last two days in Munich. However, this option gives you more flexibility if you catch a Sunday flight home like we did.

    We scoped the drop-off area to see what kinds of cars people had ordered through ED. Couple of 540's, two 330's, and an M5. All with manual transmissions. No surprises there!

    Have fun...!
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    Thanks for the drop off info. Do you think they do that in Paris or London - my likely drop off points?

    I can understand your feelings about the 100 mph drawback. But, then you'd have to face the 128 mph limiter next :).

    Did you run across any accessories that are better to purchase in Germany than in the US?
    I only have 4 months to wait to pick mine up.
  • taylorttaylort Posts: 31
    I just got my new 530ia Thursday (sport/Premium Pkg). I love the car. It response to the slightest touch. I let my wife drive it Thursday after I got home and she was going around a curve and let out a loud OOOOOHHHHH. I looked over quickly and she said the steering respond to just a slight movement. It is jet black with beige interior. It is a beautiful car with the sports package.

    I had about a 45 mile drive home and I did notice that you can feel to road while driving. This has it's positives and negatives. You can feel almost all the bumps in the road. The only other negatives are the cup holders and the center console.

    One question: The manual recommend 91 octane fuel. I was told that you can use a lower grade (89) and it will not harm the car but fuel economy may suffer. Anyone has an thoughts?
  • chesdin2chesdin2 Posts: 19
    I looked thru my ED stuff and found that you can drop off in both London and Paris:

    E.H. Harms UK
    Heathrow Business Centre
    Technicolor Building
    Bath Road
    West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 0DB
    Phone: 44 181-5648753

    E.H. Harms GmbH
    Parking Foch "Shell"
    Avenue Foch
    75116 Paris
    Phone: 331-45002843

    I'd just e-mail or call them and see if they can arrange for weekend drop-off. A related word of caution: There are a LOT of holidays in Europe. It would be worth checking with your intended location to make sure they're open the day you want to drop you car off.

    You can probably find an e-mail address for any city of the 20 or so cities by going to the EF Harms Web site.

    Regarding accessories, I'm not sure I understand your question but I didn't really see anything to pick up. They supposedly have a BMW "boutique" there but I don't recall seeing it. We awaited delivery (only 30-45 minutes or so) in a little cafeteria they have set up (free lunch!).

    I have to admit that I did bend the break-in rules at 900 miles right before I turned my car in: doing the 4500 RPM limit in 5th gear, which resulted in 116 m.p.h. Even at that speed, you got the sense that the car wasn't straining very much. I'll bet you'd bounce right into that 128 m.p.h. speed limiter...!
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