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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263

    50745 miles, 52.5 MPH, 26.4 MPG.

    Again, this from day 1, but if they disconnect the battery on the boat over, it is from a little over 1900 miles.

    Also, if someone thinks I am lying, I will pay their airfare here if they will pay me $1.00/mile both ways to wherever if I am not lying.
  • cmybimmergocmybimmergo Posts: 265
    We could fill a hot air ballon with all the hot air flying around. (Some drive bimmers, just not E39 530i 5 spds, and the rest make a living working on them. You would think they might have some idea what they are talking about...but as we all have found out here, you would be wrong.)

    I have not given up on this; perseverance (stubborness?) is my middle name. Today it goes to the franchise dealer.

    Something did occur to me recently, though, so I'm going to ask. I have been driving 5 spds for something like 25 years (yikes...I don't feel that old!). But they all have been Toyota or Lexus. Is there something different about the shift points on the bimmer that would translate to reduced mileage because I'm in the wrong gear for the speed I'm driving? I tend to shift to 5th at 45-50 mph (2500-3200 rpm), and sometimes when I'm cruising at 40 (two lane roads with slow traffic and lots of speed traps) I stay in 5th.
  • sdg380sdg380 Posts: 109
    Just a few comments if I might on various topics.

    CMYBIMMERGO, I don't question the mileage numbers others post, since an E39 530 is capable of good highway mileage (not too heavy, and decent drag coefficient), and everyone drives differently, but the average numbers recently posted by Edmunds (our host) on their long term E39 (21.1 mpg) are more consistent with my own experience, which is somewhat spirited, mostly around town driving. I do not think your car is underperforming. March '05 report:

    TANGODELTA, I'd only remind you that options can really bulk up the price of a car, with precious few of those extra $$ seen at resale. So I'd suggest choosing the options you feel like YOU will enjoy, for the money, during your years of ownership. I think the stock seats are great, but if you like the comfort seats, just figure that will be money out of pocket during your ownership. Likewise upgraded sound system. Leather seats are probably an exception, not only do they wear well (102k miles on my E34 and they held up great), but their absence could somewhat inhibit resale for cars of this cost level. I'm on record here saying that SMG is a novelty (with some reliability issues to boot) that I think you can live without, if you want to shift yourself, buy a stick (but prepare to get hammered at resale since not many people can drive stick), if you have to share with a non-stick driver, opt for a conventional auto, everyone can enjoy it and this will be a non-issue at resale.(lots of discussion of SMG on Seats with fans? Probably a nice feature if you live in a warm climate, and might see a little back at resale in that same market, but we've all been getting by pretty well with just a/c all these years

    MABOD, Shipo is correct that only a turbo/super-charged engine can help compensate for the lower density of air at high altitude. Valvetronic (control of engine output by varying valve lift, rather than by restricting air intake with butterfly throttles) enhances power/mileage by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with restriction of air flow, but will not affect air density, and thus be subject to power loss at high altitude.
  • big_jimbig_jim Posts: 27
    But I ordered my 2006 530i today. Overall the process went very well, and I left with my production number in hand.

    is it here yet???????
  • big_jimbig_jim Posts: 27
    Out of curiousity, did you opt for snow tires and new rims or just the snow tires? I am just looking for some recommendations. I think I am sold on new rims for the snow tires, but am a little confused on what size to buy. I ordered my 530i with sport package today, and want to take care of getting the snow tires before it is too late. Also, did you get a different size rim like so many others here recommend?

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I just checked TireRack and they have a very nice winter wheel and tire package for your 530i SP for $1,208 (plus shipping and taxes). Said package can be had for a little less money with less capable tires and less attractive wheels, but $1,208 ain't too shabby. The package consists of four 17 x 8 Borbet Type E Silver Wheels with a machined lip, priced at $149 each, and four 225/50 R17 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 tires, priced at $153 each.

    Generally speaking, the smaller the wheel size and the narrower the tire width the better it is for snow conditions (and the above is as small as it gets for your car). I have run 225 width tires on my 530i for the last three winters and even though two of the winters featured well over 100 inches of snow, my car simply plowed through it. Well, that's not quite true, one day last month the wind and snow conspired in such a way that the entire length of my 160 foot driveway was covered in a 3 foot deep drift while the rest of my front yard was down to the icy crust over yet another foot of snow. :-/

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
  • big_jimbig_jim Posts: 27
    That helps immensely. Frankly I was expecting that these rims and tires would set me back much more. It's always easier when someone tells me what to do :)

    I live in MN, and we have had two straight unseasonably snow free winters here in the Twin Cities. Now that I will not be driving an AWD SUV for the first time in 10 years, it's bound to be an ugly winter. And there's probably no need to wait...even though I don't need them for seven months, the 3 year warranty will still cover me for three winters if I order them now.

    Thanks again!!!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Glad to be of service. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    I noticed another major car magazine had a comparison test of cars in the 5-series class, this time cars costing $55K. The 530i came in 6th out of 8. Number one was the M45.

    What is happening to our beloved 5-series? It was always number 1.

    Other than the reasons the article stated (including relative weak engine performance, style and i-drive), I think it is a combination of these factors:

    1. Price - the E60 is not as price competitive as that of the E39, pushing the 530 into competition with cars with V8 engines
    2. Competition - no question the competition has made considerable improvement over the last few years

    P.S. since my first $50 fill-up last week, gas prices have gone up another 10 - 15 cents. Some stations around here are now at or over $3 a gallon for 91 octane. Next month I will be in Germany. After a few potential $100+ fill-ups, I know I will be happy with $50 fill-ups again when I return.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    1) The folks at the car magazine LOVE to slam iDrive, however, the folks here who already have it don't seem to mind it too much. In fact, unless I'm missing something, most actually seem to like it. Disconnect with the reviewers #1.

    2) They most likely (I haven't seen the review) compared a 2006 M45 with a 2005 530i, and that just ain't fair as the 2006 530i has the new 255 HP mill. Even still, the V8 in the M has something like an 80 HP cushion to offset BMWs (most likely) conservative 255 HP rating. I find myself wondering how a 2006 530i 6-Speed manual (or SMG) would do against the M45. The performance would probably be somewhat closer at the very least. Disconnect with the reviewers #2.

    3) My bet is that the new 2006 530i will easily be able to return WAY better gas mileage than the M45 (half again as much? Nah, too much to ask. ;-) ). However, in this era of increasing fuel costs, that is probably a factor that was somewhat overlooked in the review.

    Still and all, the new M was good enough to cause our fellow TownHaller MarkCincinnati (a perennial Audi driver) to order his first non-Audi in something like decades, so it must be pretty darn good. Ain't competition a wonderful thing? ;-)

    Best Regards,

    Have fun in Germany. What kind of ride have you secured?
  • prophetprophet Posts: 72
    After driving 05 530i, 06 GS300, and 06 M35, I bought the M35. MY 03 BMW looks much better than the 05 with its eyebrows, butt hump, and unintuitive idrive. Would have bought the Sports pkg but hate runflats. BMW better start getting it togather or they'll lose more customers like they lost me.
  • jlbljlbl Posts: 1,333
    As said before in these forums, I like the new BMW look and, yes, the i-Drive of my 04 5-Series. (Apart from the astonishing driving experience, which is primarily why I bought this car.) On the contrary, I do not like the styling of most of the former BMWs. Then I am here to level the balance: while some goes out, others come in.
  • SDG380 - Thanks for the advice!
    As promised more questions that I hope may be answered.

    Just how do you break in a car? I've been following the board here and there but no one sure way. I was taught that you should never let the RPM exceed 5, at least until the first 500 miles. Then again it was a Mercury Sable I was responsible for.

    Does Sport Pkg have a harder ride / feel to it over the non Sport Pkg option?

    Does iDrive's Voice recognition, recognize more than one voice, i.e. my wife or daughter?

    I was also told by a BMW Rep that BMW and its German engineers believe that rear wheel drive is the best performance/driving wheel. Besides the obvious, which is to offer customers more driving options. Why introduce all wheel drive?
    Next, Does it still handle like a BMW?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    like I somehow did, check this out: First Drive: 2006 BMW 530xi
  • cassidymcassidym Posts: 108
    I got new rims and tires from Tire Rack. Was very pleased with their service and had good luck with the snows this winter. We didn't get a lot of the white stuff here in Northern Viginia but we got enough for me to check out the car with snow tires on and I was very pleased with how well it handled. Compared to my old 325eS, my 545 was much better...very sure footed.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Here are my answers after 2 weeks of owning 2005 545 ia Sport.

    1. Break in. Read The Fine Manual. First 1,200 miles kelp RPM < 4,500, speed < 100 mph, no hard braking first 300 miles.

    2. Sport package ride with 18 wheels and run-flats is very hard, much harder than E39.

    3. iDrive only follows my instructions ignoring my girl-friend completely

    4. AWD. To get through the white stuff in the winter maybe?

    5. Yes, it is still the UDM
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    After being thoroughly disappointed with the power in the '05 525i and 325i I test drove about 3 weeks ago, I test drove both the '05 530i and the '06 GS300 today (in that order). I'm in love with 5-series, but I had more fun test driving the GS. I'm moving from an SUV to a sedan so the extra leg room in the GS is a big plus for me. You can also feel the extra torque and horsepower. And the bells and whistles that come standard on the GS outnumber those that comes standard on the 530. But honestly if i had to choose I think I'd still go with the 530.

    Basically I'm typing here for the first time to see if I'm being unreasonable. With all that the 530 comes with I don't need any packages or accessories. The only extra I need - the only extra I want - is the automatic transmission, although I know that it's almost impossible to find a 530 that doesn't at the very least have the premium package. The fact that I'm going to be stuck paying 1.7K extra for stuff I really don't want leaves a really salty taste in my mouth as it is. Nonetheless, invoice on such a car (530i + auto + premium package) is 45K, which is 5K more than I'd get the GS for. And I'm willing to pay an extra 5K for the Bimmer, but not a penny more.

    I'd like to lease a vehicle at the beginning of May and I'm going to come with $4-5K on the total drive off and expect to still be stuck with a $500-600 payment on a 3yr/12K lease.

    So my question is, am I being unresonable expecting to find a dealer willing to deal? This will be my first car actually.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A few points:

    - Dealers will deal. You just might need to shop around to find one.
    - You need to compare what the monthly lease prices are going to be and not the MSRP of the car. Often a more expensive BMW will have a lower monthly lease price than another car with a lower MSRP.
    - If you wait for a 2006 530i you will find that it packs another 30 ponies under the hood.
    - If you order a car from with exactly the equipment that you want the factory today, it will be a 2006 model.

    Best Regards,
  • cmybimmergocmybimmergo Posts: 265
    "We all know that your car isn't puttin' out like it should, and for my part at least, I'm urging you to continue to search for the cause."

    I've run into a brick wall. I haven't picked up my car yet, but I spoke to the tech and a BMW rep at the dealer yesterday. The rep kept spouting generic gibberish--mileage depends on your driving habits, how much weight you're hauling around, options on the car, season, blah blah blah--all of which are true, but none of which apply to my situation (except for driving habits, and I DON'T drive like a maniac or in stop and go traffic). He blew off the tire wear and vibration at 80 mph (Z-rated tires wear out fast, and they might be improperly balanced). He said as long as the engine light is not on, there is no problem. When he mentioned shifting habits, I tried to pin him down, but I got a complete nonanswer. He suggested that I use the OBC to calculate my mileage because it's more accurate. (Maybe, but I cannot imagine the difference will amount to 4-5 mpg, which is what we're talking about here.)

    The tech at least was willing to speculate that there might be a problem in the making, but until the light comes on, there isn't anything he can do.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, something just ain't kosher. At the very least, I'd ask the technician to "Flash" your OBC with the latest code from Germany, and at the same time reset it (assuming that the Flash doesn't already reset it). That way the computer can re-learn your driving habits. Still and all, with your un-even tire wear, I'm unconvinced that there isn't a problem that is as yet undiscovered.

    Best Regards,
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