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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    My wife saw some pics of the 08 5 series and she FINALLY likes the interior!!!!

    Now if they offer a diesel with Barbera red...

  • erickpl,

    Were these the pictures on the BMW USA web site, or something else?

  • I am contemplating buying a 1995 530i with an auto trans that has 121000 miles and what I consider all the bells and whistles. The only BMWs I've owned were a 71 2002 and a 74 3.0cs. I haven't kept up on BMW issues concerning the newer cars. Can anyone enlighten me on any issues with the mid 90s 530i's and the 95 model year in particular? Thanks in advance for helping the new guy on the block
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    The '95 530i has a 3.0 litre V-8 engine (unlike the inline-6 from the later 530i models).

    The mid-90s V-8s had a lot of problems with internal components (Nikasil cylinder liners?). Also, the auto trannys from that period were problematic.

    I wouldn't touch this car, unless it was a one-owner with extensive service records. If all the repairs and fixes have been done, it could be a nice car. Otherwise, it could be a money pit.

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  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    They were in the current issue of the BMW magazine. Saw it at Border's books this past weekend.

    But here is a shot I found... the doors are different, and it is using the shift lever from the new X5.


  • Thanks very much for the information kyfdx. I spoke to someone today that said the same thing about the trannys and to steer clear of the V8s. I've always liked the in-line sixes. Seems like an E28 in good shape might be the best way to go if one wants to have a Bimmer on a budget. Thanks again.
  • "Bimmer" issue number 57, April, 2006, has a 1975-88 5 Series Buyers Guide article.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    They did offer a 6-cylinder that year.. the 525i.. Only 168 hp, if I remember correctly... Pretty nice rig, if you can find one with a stick..

    Or.. look a little earlier in the '90s, and pick up a 535i with a stick... That is the big inline six.

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  • Thanks 530ir1150r, ordered that issue.
  • Thanks kyfdx, Doesn't look like I'll get that article suggested by 530ir1150r from Bimmer mag real soon so what do you think of the earlier '90s automatics? If they are the same as the one in the '95 I'd better strongly consider going back to a stick. Thanks again
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    I think any BMW automatic, up until the E39 might be trouble prone.. But, the E28 versions didn't have the bad reputation of the E34s...

    Depending on the mileage, any early E34 will probably have already had the tranny rebuilt, by now... That wouldn't worry me nearly as much as one that was supposedly "trouble free", until now..

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  • 528i = $44,300 MSRP with Auto Trans reflecting a price decrease of $475 over 525i
    528xi =$46,500 MSRP with Auto Trans reflecting a price decrease of $475 over 525xi
    535i = $49,400 MSRP with Auto Trans reflecting a price increase of $625 over 530xi
    535xi= $51,600 MSRP with Auto Trans reflecting a price increase of $625 over 530xi

    I think this just made the job of choosing a 5 series easier.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    What about cars with manual transmissions?
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    I recall reading that this time 'round it's one price for both MT and auto. Could be wrong but I believe it was a BMW press release. Should be on their website if so. I'm too busy (lazy?) to look it up. ;-)
  • achonkoachonko Posts: 51
    That is true both the MT and AT will cost the same. BMW has figured that MT percentage sales is quite minuscule, and MT drivers are mostly enthusiast, and wouldn't mind paying the extra $1900 for the N54 engine.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    What, no 550i? :)

    I'd sure love to see a 535d or something similiar.

  • achonkoachonko Posts: 51
    There is a 550i. The reason why I did not post it was because there is no price increase to the base model.
    There is a price increase with the 550i sports package from $2800 to $4600, an increase of $1800. This is due to the inclusion of the M-aero kit and 19" tires with some other goodies.
    Expect the next 550i price increase with the new bi-turbo 4.4 litre V8 N64 engine. This is due in 2009 as a F10 MY2010 model.
    There will be a 535d, and a 635d. There is also a rumour of a 635i in the works.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Hrm, I would think the 6 series a bit portly to find much benefit in 635i format, even with the TT. Now the diesel version... *drool*

  • I am a BMW enthusiast without much technical knowledge. I presently drive a 1997 BMW 540i with an automatic transmission (prefer automatic for work). I plan to purchase a new 5 series when then 2008 models come out.

    Thus, I have three questions:

    1. What is the difference (performance, 0-60 acceleration, torque, gas mileage) between the present 550i engine and the new engine due in 2009 as an F10 2010 model?

    2. What do you think will be the difference (performance, 0-60 acceleration, torque, gas mileage) between the 2008 535i and the 2008 550i?

    3. I drive with a heavy foot, as does my wife. My wife's Volvo XC-90 SUV (where we bought the 5 cylinder model instead of the V-8 in order to get better gas mileage and be ecologically friendly) gets only about 12-13 mpg for the 5 cylinder model due to our lead feet (as opposed to 18-24 as advertised). My mechanic has told me that this is due to the way we drive - quick acceleration making the engine less efficient. The V-8 gets about 18-20 mpg. Given all this information (I know, TMI), will the gas mileage difference between the 535i and 550I be that significant? Will the 535i get WORSE gas mileage than the 550I for those of us who like to accelerate quickly?

    Thanks for any input you or anyone else can give me.
  • achonkoachonko Posts: 51
    You can be rest assured the performance of the F01 550i over the E60 550i will be quite noticeable.

    1. F10 550i acceleration times, I can't say but the performance will be much better than the current 550i. Note that the F10 550i will offer better performance than the S6 and E550.
    The HP and Torque may be limited to about 420. The engine is capable of 500 HP and Torque. An indication of the potential of the N64B44O1 engine is the Alpina B7 engine which is a supercharge 4.4 litre V8 of the 545i/645i/745i.

    2. With respect to the 535i, expect the same gas mileage as the 335i, maybe 1mpg less. I expect the real world 0-60 times to be close to the 335i, although the official time would say otherwise so expect the 535i to be pretty close to the 550i but not faster than the 550i.

    3. The 535i will give you better mileage than the 550i. Expect 18-29 mpg range. I know of friends that are getting above 30 mpg on the highway with their 335i and 24.5mpg combined driving.
    The F10 N64B44O1 engine (4.4 litre biturbo V8) will also offer better fuel economy than the N62B48 engine.
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