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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Anyone familiar with how Lexus is handling the renewal process of Lexus link? I renewed before Christmas but haven't been billed as yet.

    Agent 0986 - we had an inch of that white stuff in Monmouth county and the all season tires handled it just fine. Salt did not hurt my car last winter and I doubt it will hurt yours. Just watch it though when you're on the highway in motion and the salter is putting it down. That's when its bouncing around like small stones.
  • whybuy1whybuy1 Posts: 43
    I drove my LS430 on the snow in the Sierra Nevada for the first time. I used cable chains. It drove like a RWD car, i.e. with a lot more sliding around than a FWD car. I was happy to find that the skid sensor was about as sensitive as my own senses. I don't know about which is better after you lose control, but the way I drive, FWD is hands-down better on snow. I rent a Caddy DeVille when I go spend Christmas withy the in-laws in the Midwest. I don't even need chains and I let Hertz worry about the salt. None of this is rocket science.
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    My wife and I had our eyes on this package when LS was first announced. We don't care much about the Ultra Luxury for it is more suited to those with a chauffeur. According to the dealer, none of the CLS was shiped to the US in the first year. We had the dealer searched around the Country for a dealer trade and none was found. Then one day last August when we dropped by a dealer, we saw one LS with one of our color preferences. When we made a closer look, it turned out to be the exact package that we had been shopping around for, except without chrome wheels. The dealer told us then that it was the first came in just the day before with that package for 2002 year model. We also wanted to check the new blue color available for 2002 but the dealer said there were none scheduled for next two shipments. So we bought it right on the spot and added the chrome wheels to it. It is worth the year wait for it. Since then we have been back to the dealers a couple times for services and saw a couple LS available with the same CLS package. I suppose that it will spread around the country too.
  • I'll be shopping for my first Lexus and was wondering if anyone had any input (positive or negative) on Chicago Area Lexus dealers. Thanks in advance for any information.
  • Does anyone use the rear-air or cool box in their Ultra? These both seem superfluous to me. Why don't the front seats have the massage feature?

    BTW, I might buy one tomorrow--finally.
  • It is not what you would hope for. Will basicly only hold cans. Too bad about the non vibrating front seats. All the other features are great. Tony
  • Coolrich 59, I purchased my LS 430 at Rockford last March and got a great price. At the time, my local dealers (NW suburbs) were still selling at sticker. Rockford discounted the price by $3,500.00.

    I have had an inordinately large number of problems with this vehicle, which I have discussed earlier on this board. Lexus's reply has been that they will provide Lemon protection only to the extent that they are obliged to by law, i.e. Lexus's policy is that it will provide no more Lemon protection for this $60,000 vehicle than would be provided if one were to purchase a much less expensive Dodge Neon.

    I live in Arlington Heights and have had the vehicle serviced locally. The problems with this car have been Lexus-related rather than dealer-related. Arlington Lexus has provided friendly, professional service for a car which has been nothing but a series of annoyances.

    I have had to take the car back more than once for similar problems, e.g. bad bearings, burned-out taillights, steering wheel groaning. Most recently I was told that a part required for the steering wheel groan was not in when I took the vehicle in for servicing. I am now obliged to take yet another trip to the dealership when that part arrives.

    Given my repeated problems with this vehicle and the need for multiple trips for servicing, in retrospect, I would have purchased a Mercedes Benz, simply because I live very close to a Mercedes dealership which is on the way to my train station. However, if you are interested in purchasing a Lexus, I would check to see whether the prospective dealer has a policy whereby the dealer will pick up the vehicle at your home and provide a loaner. That would have been a lot more convenient than the pain in the neck that driving this vehicle in for servicing, repeatedly, has turned into.

    Good luck.
  • I am looking forward to many trouble-free miles.

    Scott in Florida
  • I am sure you will enjoy the car. This is the best one lexus has made, and I sure enjoy mine. Tony
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Stay away from Lexus of Highland Park at all costs.

    My family has purchased three cars from them over the years. Then, last year, I decided I wanted to trade my 1995 ES 300 for the all-new 2002 model. The owner, Ray Nusinow, got involved in the deal and offered me a nice discount. When October rolled around and the car was officially available, my salesman special ordered me a car (I wanted the adjustable suspension and traction control which required an order). Much to my shock, five weeks later Ray Nusinow backed out and said I could only get the car if I paid list price. The guy was playing games just to get me to order the car. And he outright lied and claims he never offered a discount. Yeah, right. I made the whole thing up.

    To make a long story short, I wound up getting in touch with some top Lexus people due to an owner's focus group I attended last year. My order was transferred to another dealer.

    Ray Nusinow is a criminal as far as I'm concerned, out only to add dollars to his own pocket. For those in the area, he used to own Ray Oldsmobile.
  • Shocking how dirty the air is. I have worked a system out. Got a large very soft brush. After a rain, brush off excess water. Dry with a cotton towel. Then really dry with second towel. I found out a chammos(sp) is too much wringing out. Tony
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    Hey I was looking at the car intros at the Tokyo Motor Show and saw the Lexus LS430 GT. 380 Supercharged engine, agressive suspension and a body kit. Think the difference between the standard S-class and the AMG models...This is cool. Anyone know if it is coming to the US?
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    Here's a link to an article that appeared in UK's Auto Express magazine.

  • I use the rear seat coolbox all the time. I keep a couple bottles of something refreshing (like club soda and/or Frappuccino) in there, and when I get tired on a long trip, or just around town, I have a cool break. It certainly isn't worth the total cost of the entire rear seat package (I gather that's around 4K), but as long as I have it I enjoy it, and I must say I would miss it if it suddenly disappeared.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    For anyone who hasn't flown since 9/11 beware your credit card like wallet emergency key. It can cause you to be the subject of quite a search once you pass through the metal detector with it.
  • The S mb has a much better headrest design. I hope Lexus copies it soon. On my recent trip, I had a chance to observe bmw. They looked as though they were driven pretty hard, and their front wheels were all covered with black break shoe dust, unusally so. The mark levenson(sp) is cristal clear. I who am no expert can really tell the difference, with my own ears. The seat of lexus does not quite tip as much as the 400. My demo cd is poor music IMO. Make sure they give you a cd with the type of music you like. I got 26.5 mpg with average of seventy one mph. Does anyone have a thought on a radar detector that is battery operated?? I was lucky this time, but a year ago I got a 2 pointer, and think it is time to get a detector. Tony
  • for the LASER GAME, WWEST. I am on the road a lot and although most rental car companies don't have an LS430 for rent, I now play that game with the cruise control. Driving by wire makes traveling long distances a lot more interesting. Now, if they could just add a BRAKE button to the steering wheel...
  • jaibeejaibee Posts: 8
    We've just about decided to take the plunge and get the LS430. I would like to hear some opinions on whether to get the Nav/Lev option or not. The dealer said that the difference between the standard radio and the Levinson is not that great to the average "ear". I want the navigation system but would like to hear from those who have it? Thanks
  • Since having a Nav system in my LS430 for that past 14 months, I have gone from "gee, this is really neat" to "what would I do without it". Having the Nav system has become second nature. Recently, I was on a vacation and rented a car without a Nav system. I found myself constantly looking at the dash for the screen that was not there. Not only is the Nav system great for giving step-by-step directions to a location, it comes is really handy when you are stuck in traffic on a street and want to see if the surrounding streets can take you around the problem. I can honestly say that since I now own a car with a navigation system I will never purchase own without it again. Yes, it was fun to play with at the beginning and everyone who got into the car had to have a demonstration. But now, it is a indispensable tool that I can really say makes driving faster, safer, and far less frustrating when you are looking for an address that you have never been to. So, if you are going to spend ~$60-70K for a car, spring for the UltraLux or CustomLux with the nav system. You will not regret the decision.
  • pcbrspcbrs Posts: 56

    I had a chance to drive the new LS430 my dad and I got for my mom, while I was visiting my parents in Hawaii for winter break. A fantastic car that makes you want to take the long way home, which I did on several occassions. =D It's such a great car, with a balance of power and sophisticated restraint. The exterior is also growing on me.

    Anyway, the difference between the Lev and the standard audio to me seems like the difference between listening to a CD and FM radio. Both are suitable for non-discriminating listeners, but to those who love music, the Lev is hands down a necessity. I don't think I'm that picky, but I can notice the difference quite clearly, and I checked out both in the showroom. Get the Levinson.

    Since we live in Hawaii, we don't really need Nav, so opted to get Lev without Nav. The dealer offered it as a $1000 option. Well worth it, and I personally prefer the higher location of the central air vents in the no Nav cars.

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