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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • I have had my car for two months now, and I am delighted with it. I haven't had a problem and am enjoying all the Ultra features. I may actually keep this car a couple years. :)

  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    When I got my Ultra, the rule was it comes with 16" wheels, but for $100 extra you get the 17" wheels which are supposed to give you better handling, at the cost of being a little less quiet.

  • pcolamanpcolaman Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone, my wife and I just purchased our first Lexus LS400. It is a 1998 model with 42,500 miles. The vehicle looks and drives like it just came off the factory floor!

    The four year warranty period has expired for this vehicle so my question is should we go to the expense of purchasing an extended warranty? If so, can anyone suggest a vendor for this service? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  • tdi90hptdi90hp Posts: 20
    Best place for a warranty is your dealer. warranties are a personnal decision in general powertrains are very strong but one electronic gremlin could pay for whole warranty so your call. Remember that the dealer builds in up to 1000 dollars profit in some warranties so they are definitely negotiable and if your dealer wont budge call other dealers. Does not matter which dealer you buy it from.
    I have a question now. To ALL older LS owners.
    Please need a reply to whatI think is a very important issue. All older LS's seem to clack a lot a idle. Obviously from a valvetrain that may need adjustment Anyone I have heard with over 60k tends to clack. Has anyone had the valves adjusted, shims replaced or anything like that, is it necessary??? Am I worrying for nothing. My 92 has 180,000kms on it and does not burn a drop of oil but wondering about the "clacking"....
    Please anyone with experience on this get back asap. Thanks. Love my 92. sandstone with Trac and Nakamichi.Claude
  • the LS is going to have a MAJOR facelift this fall! The car will be almost redesigned. What are you guys hearing?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Someone on the GS board started that thread and had data about many Lexus models. He certainly seemed knowledgable. Perhaps if the person checks this board he can give us more data. I've not read anything anywhere about this. If true wouldn't Lexus be publicizing this at the auto shows rather than just serving up the GX470.
  • I have a '98 LS400 that I purchased about a year ago. This is our second Lexus (still have the '93 GS300). Outstanding automobiles. My concern is the Navigation System on the LS400. As that touch-screen system operates some key functions, I would be interested in hearing personal opinions and experiences regarding its reliability and service history. With the vehicle still under warranty this is not a pressing issue but as end-of-warranty approaches I apply increasing importance to that as a vehicle trade-in justification. However, at this point, that would be the only justification. Otherwise, the car has been flawless. Thanks.
  • blehrlichblehrlich Posts: 92
    After recent journeys through an MB S500 and Audi A6 4.2, I'm about to rejoin the Lexus club with a Midnight Pine LS 430 (ML/Nav pkg.). The MB was a beautifully riding car, with a great. responsive engine, but the interior quality was incredibly poor, especially the various plastic materials around the front seats. I went through three seat frames, with the dealer finally telling me that I was just "too large" (at 6'3", 240 lbs., I'm not small, but that's ridiculous).
    The Audi, with quattro, was great to drive, especially in bad weather, but my kidneys are sore from the ride, and the electrical gremlins, road noise, and the need for more rear seat room (I don't like the A8), helped my decision.
    I look forward to more postings about my experiences, and it's nice to not have to be a lurker.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Doing the facelift in 2003 would break with past practice. The original 1990 car was freshened in 1993 (i.e., year four). The 1995 ls was freshened in 1998, also year four. If they freshened the 2001 car in 2003, it would be only year three.

    Personally I would welcome them doing it in 2003 as I hope to buy a new ls around next january. If anyone has heard anything substantive and hopefully credible on this subject, please post it.
  • blehrlichblehrlich Posts: 92
    My dealer/friend said nothing for this year...concentration is on new upcoming GS and GX SUV.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Welcome aboard. Good luck with the car. You've had a hell of a ride in the lux group, with an about face here, plus you bought my color. It looks great in midnight pine and most people think its black and then are surprised to see the gleem of the very dark pine color. What option package did you go with? Enjoy!
  • benzamsbenzams Posts: 10
    I just traded in my 1999 S500 for a 2002 LS430 ulta-luxury, and i am wondering how come lexus refuses to use the steptronic transmission like on the new S-class, BMW, or Acura? Also, any advice on the car, like problems would be greatly appreciated! But, the car drives like a beauty, and I love it! THe sound is great, GPS is easy, and i love the rear-seat control unit!!!!!
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 261
    My LS is a year old tomorrow, and no problems yet. One thing many people do is have the default settings for the door locks changed. You can have all doors (instead of just the driver) unlock with the first click of the remote or when put in park. You can also change the auto relock from 30 to 60 seconds. Lastly the doors can be made to lock at 12mph instead of when the car is put in gear.

    I guess the only recurring complaint is the continuing lack of an integrated phone. The first LS's had SPRINT phones that were pulled out after a few months.
  • blehrlichblehrlich Posts: 92
    I went with the ML/Nav/Lexus Link package. I didn't really need the Nav, but couldn't live without the ML (I have one at home).
  • blehrlichblehrlich Posts: 92
    I know it's probably been asked before, but....
    I have the screen transition set so I can keep the audio or climate settings displayed (without switching back to nav.). When the car is restarted, the disclaimer screen comes on again anyway, with a small strip showing the radio station I last used. If i then push the "audio" button, the full audio screen comes back.

    Is there any way to avoid the disclaimer screen if you're not using the nav., or do you have to push some type of button every time you start the car?

    Sorry for the long question, but the sales people have no idea.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    that I have found is open the nav DVD door.

    nuisance since in my RX that's in the "trunk", but luckily I have little use for a useless nav..
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    Push the Option button. Then Display. Then Turn Off. Bingo!

    I don't know if this works on all models (it apparently doesn't work on wwest's); it certainly does on the LS430 UL.

  • benzamsbenzams Posts: 10
    does anyone here know how to turn off the parking assist option on the ulta luxury/custom luxury package? It is really annoying sometimes? And, can you set it at what distance you want to to operate at??? thanks
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    So you traded a 99 S-500 for a 2002 LS430 ultra, which has a few things you don't understand or like, and at the same time bought an MB S-430 whose doors and trunk are stuck and can't be opened or closed requiring the entire car to be taken apart. Plus you recorded the precise time you purchased the S-430. And according to the calendar it's April 1st today! Hmmm.
  • benzamsbenzams Posts: 10
    i went to laguna niguel mercedes benz on sunday; service department is closed, so they rented me a e-class rental. they found that it had an electrical pump problem, so the locking/power door closers are fine and so is the trunk. the technician at 1 800 FOR MERCEDES thought it was a damaged fuse. i picked up the car today, but thanks for inquiring. as for my wife's lexus, its millenium silver on ecru, and was purchased at Jim Falk Lexus, in los angeles. by the way a happy april's fool day to you, sir!
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