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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    I still get 01 loaners and there is a world of difference there for sure. But I had read the 02 ES was now more quiet and the ride very smooth and invoked an LS430 feel. So this is surprising. A 6 cylinder will never give you the feel of an 8 so that, size and the ultra lux touch of the LS will always be a major difference regardless. The loaner may have been a bad car. I've never encountered a rattle in a Lexus yet including older ES and RX loaners with 25k plus in miles.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Maybe it was a Camry that the dealer had re-badged.
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    I use all kind of home-burnt CD in my 02 LS without any problem, but I don't use sticky label. Instead I use marker to mark directly on the CD.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    We have noticed that some marker pens penetrate through to the music (data, in our case)content side.
  • Tuesday, the LS that I "ordered" five weeks ago finally came in. It was a Platinum Custom Luxury with Ecru leather and grey wood. But I didn't like the interior and my wife didn't like the exterior color (Platinum is a new color for Lexus thie year and is a light robin's egg blue), so we turned it down. But the dealer had just acquired a used Ultra Luxury (less than two months old with 4K miles on it). The original owner had just come into an inheritance and ordered the "Ultimate Car" with all sorts of add-ons. It's got the extra fancy chrome wheels (not the ordinary $1800 chromes, but the really spiffy $3500 ones); DVD player with viewing screens on the back of the front seat headrests; extra wood trim in the interior; and the gold trim package. It's black with the upgraded black leather and nearly red wood. It also has Euro suspension with 16" Dunlop SP Sport 5000 All-Season tires. Original stricker price was nearly $78,000. She took it on one trip and decided she didn't want a Sedan. She tried to swap it for an LX470 (none of those around) and eventually traded it for a Cadilac SUV. I traded in my old GMC van ($5500) and got it for $60,000 difference. Haven't figured out most of the gadgetry yet so I'll have to spend the weekend plowing through almost three inches of User Manuals and "Quick" Reference Guides.
  • c5goldc5gold Posts: 4
    I picked up an LS430 UL a week ago. The car is really quite good. At about 200 miles, a creaking sound has appeared. If I didn't know better, it sounds like the left front ball joint needs lube.
    Sounds like it's coming from the left side of the instrument panel whenever you start the car in motion. Is the steering column noise I've read about or something else ?? Into the dealer it goes tomorrow......the person making the appointment said I wouldn't need a loaner as the fix would take less than 2 hours....either he's
    clairvoyent or this is a VERY common problem. Any info out there ?
    Thanks in advance.
  • dzhangodzhango Posts: 9
    C5 gold/Sorry 1

    I was off the net for a bit and just came across Sorry 1's note from last month, as well as C5 Gold's more recent posting.

    The creaking sound C5 Gold is having may be one involving the back end, which required service on my vehicle shortly after I purchased it. The noise in fact could also be a bad wheelbearing. I also had a problem with a front wheel bearing, which required three trips to the dealer to fix.

    Sorry 1, I have had my steering wheel groan in for service on three occasions. The third visit seemed to resolve the steering wheel groan. However, after the third time in (i.e. after the fix), the steering wheel then began to "move" in the direction of 2:00. I would hold onto the wheel as I drove. As I turned the wheel, it would move up and over in the direction of the 2:00 position. That was fixed during my latest trip to the dealer. (NOTE: The problem with this vehicle is the vehicle, not the dealer.)

    For prospective buyers, I note that I have had my vehicle in for service on nine occasions. I have had two bad tail lights in less than a year; the bearing noise problem; the crunching back end; and the groaning / moving steering wheel. I also developed a noise with my driver's side window, when the window was being taken up or down. I had it adjusted twice. The dealer then took the initiative, phoned me, and had me bring it in a third time. Whatever he did on that visit seems to have fixed the window noise.

    I have made a point of "clumping" problems, as of late. In other words, I take the vehicle in only after a few problems require fixing. The last really bothersome matter was when I pushed the ECT button; the button literally went through the dashboard. A portion of the bracket apparently had broken. This posed no safety hazard and was no big deal, but it certainly was irksome, particularly with a $60K vehicle.

    Sorry1, your point regarding your expectations with an expensive vehicle is well-taken, at least by me. (When I first noted some of the problems I was having with my vehicle on this board, about a year ago, ljflx went so far as to question whether my submission was a phony.)

    Two other things bother me about this vehicle. The thermometer is consistently three to four degrees higher than it should be. Two service departments advise that plus or minus five degrees is acceptable. This is a little thing; I know how to subtract three or four degrees from the displayed value on the vehicle's thermometer. But I would expect more from a $3 thermometer from Walgreen's.

    What really irritates me is Lexus's attitude. I have a lemon. Lexus's attitude is that the purchaser of a $60K vehicle which is a stinker is entitled to more than that to which the purchaser of a $15K vehicle is entitled, i.e. the bare legal minimum. For $60K, the purchaser of a vehicle which is a lemon should receive better treatment.

    I have no doubt that by and large Lexus makes a reliable vehicle. My 1998 Toyota Avalon, which my sons now have the pleasure of driving, required exactly one service visit, that for a bad thermostat. That was at about the 25,000 mile mark.

    This vehicle, which I purchased in March, 2001, has been nothing but a headache. Compounding the headache is Lexus's blase' attitude in making the customer pay for its mistakes. I expect that most people in business who purchased the LS 430 provide far more responsiveness to their customers/patients/clients.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The outside temperature reads on the high side because the sensor is located behind the front bumper and just in front of the A/C condensor and engine radiator, 190 degrees F that.

    Radiant heating from the radiator will affect the sensor reading, moreso if the vehicle is stopped or moving slowly. On my 92 LS I moved mine into the right front fender well to solve the problem.
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    We bought our cars at the same time, and other than recurring visits for the groan (which has me doing a slow burn), I haven't had a single problem. I agree that you seem to have a lemon. The experiences you describe (things falling off etc) are exactly the same things that forced me to sell our Volvo V70 T5 back to the dealer and buy our RX. I was furious, the dealer couldn't care less, and that lead to even greater aggrevation. Ultimately, I spoke to the owner of the dealer, who was sympathetic and bough the car back from me for retail value (a very good deal, I think). To whom have you complained and what were you asking for? I would just keep going higher in the chain of command at the dealership until I got what I wanted (within reason).

    wwest, you never cease to amaze me. Can you come stay with us for a week? There are a dozen aggrevating things around my house that need your touch.
  • When I took delivery of my LS earlier this week, I had a chance to talk to the regional Lexus rep about things to expect in the future for the LS. He said that there would not be any major changes in the LS430 until the 2005 or 2006 model years; until then, just some minor engineering improvements that you would expect each year. He is also not expecting a major price bump in the next two years. He did say that they are considering a fourth trim package in addition to the current Base Lexus/Custom Lux/Ultra Lux lineup. There are several popular options that they would like to put together in a package priced between the Base and Custom Lux. He also said that the Lexus Link is very popular and we will see it as standard equipment in most trim packages throughout all Lexus models. I asked if there would be a power increase soon for the LS, particularly a V-12. He said there will not be a major power boost until the 2005/2006 model and even then it would still be a V-8. He said there is some talk about a "Super Lexus" that would have a V-12, but that would be an entirely new model above the LS. That one wouldn't be offered until sometime after 2006 and would be in the $100K-$120K price range. (There is a top-of-the-line Toyota (I believe it's the "Century") currently sold only in Japan that fits that discription which they may make available to the American market, but I don't have any details.) The next new gadget is Night Vision (a wide-angle FLIR that projects an HUD on your windshield.) Lexus thinks its primary use is picking out deer beside the road beyond the range of your headlights. As such it will initially only be offered on their "off/back-road" utility vehicles, the GX/LX. (I'd like to shake the hand of the man who takes a $70,000 luxury SUV into the woods,...and after dark, at that.) What I would like to use the thing for is to try to spot kids on bicycles and joggers on the shoulder of the road in my neighborhood an hour after sunset.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    I just brought my 02LS custom lux in for the 5K mile service and had them adjust the steering column for the "groan" syndrome. It seems to happen only when it get hot. For now, it appears to have been fixed.
    Sorry to hear about dzhango's bad experience. Sounds like you've got a lemon. I guess it could happen to any of us...luck of the draw. But for others who are reading this post, my car (knock wood) has been a dream.
    To: Stlouisslim -- thanks for the update. Very interesting reading. I was reading a review about Caddy's night vision technology. Seems that it only works well in the best of conditions. If it's rainy out (when you might need it most) the system doesn't work well. Hopefully Lexus will take the technology to the next level.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    What you say dovetails with what my sales guy had said except that he indicated that there would be a more significant revision in 2004/5 time frame and a total revamp in 2006/7. He also said they were toying around with increasing the HP on the LS in 2003 and the v-12 was being kicked around as an add on to the LS possibly in 2003 as well. He also had said Lexus was thinking about a super sedan to counter the Maybach in the middle of the decade and they would use the v-12 on the LS as a study to see if that would fly. Plus he said Lexus intended to go more and more upscale but introduce new models in the current price range to maintain market share. Hence the GX470 flows in and the LX470 will be taken to a $70k+ truck. By the way I think the V-12 in Japan is the Celsior and it's the Emperor's transportation. So the basis for such a super sedan already exists.

    Nightvision - I'd love it. Where I live deer are constantly on the side of the road ready to dart across and it's quite dark as the town has an ordinance against street lighting. You don't need to drive into the woods to enconter the deer. I haven't gone a winter yet without seeing a car ruined by a deer hit. As for lux trucks in bad terrain areas I can never forget a guy with a TLC traversing the lot next to me when the house was being built. He jumped a curb, went over construction waste and fairly big and quite uneven hills of dirt with incredible ease several times as he circled the house.
  • pcbrspcbrs Posts: 56
    Actually, the Celsior is the LS430 in Japan. The Century, is a top of the line, limousine with all the extra features. Unfortunately, it's very boxy, and not very visually pleasing. They'll need to fix that, if they're going to try to compete with the Maybach.

  • woppenhewoppenhe Posts: 61
    Check engine light came on this AM. 2001 LS 430. Anyone have any experience with this. Apparently a Sensor/Cam issue.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    My mother had it happen to her in the Camry. The Camry book scares the daylights out of you by telling you to stop driving at once and bring your car in. But the Toyota dealer said its extremely rare for it to be anything more than the sensor which was the case with her car. He never had a case where it was anything but that.
  • woppenhewoppenhe Posts: 61
    That is very reassuring. How long did it take to get it fixed, including getting the parts.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    less than an hour.
  • I have a 96 LS 400 with 95,000 miles. It is certified to 100,000 miles (about 2 months given the miles I put on it) over the last 7,000 miles I have noticed a problem with my power steering.

    After I have been traveling at high speeds, and when I exit a highway my power steering seems to lock up. I can turn the wheel with two hands, however there is no power and instead it feels like maunual steering. Very often once I come to a complete stop the steering seems to break free and I once again have power steering.

    I have brought it McGrath Lexus in the Chicago area, and they say they can't find or duplicate the problem. Needless to say I am concerned because I only have a short time before the warranty runs out.

    Anybody have any similar problems or possible solutions? All assistance is appreciated.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Does anyone know of a place where can I find all the cbest options that I can ask my dealer to set for the LS? I took the car in ths past week asking them to set the door to lock when I shift to Reverse or Drive and unlock the door when I shift to park. But they claim that there is no cbest option for doing either one of them???
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    You have to read the manual to find all the options. I don't know of any shortcuts. Unless there is a big difference between the '01 and '02 dealers can set the door locks to work in the following ways:
    1 click of unlock button on key unlocks drivers door (default) or all doors.
    Putting car in park unlocks drivers door (default) or all doors
    All doors lock when car is put in gear(default) or at 12 mph
    Door relock setting 30 sec (default) or 1 min.

    I've had all these but the 12mph changed in my car.
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