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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • Hi. You might want to check some of the internet proxy bidding services that will place your bid automatically seconds before an auction ends. Three I know of are AuctionSniper, Bidnapper, Phantombidder. Do an internet search using something like "bidding services" and you'll get a lot of results. They charge a very small fee for the service. And most give a free trial period. They also cap the fee they charge so it's not unreasonable for a car. Maybe as much as $50, but I think more likely $25 or less.

    I have used all three of these and they are very handy. You don't even have to be around when the auction ends because it's all automated. It allows you to keep from getting into a bidding war and running up the price. You just go the the proxy site and set up your max bid. They bid it automatically just before the auction ends, usually something like 8,7,6,5 seconds. However, they do not give an absolute guarantee they'll be the last bid placed. Occasionally, at times when Ebay's traffic is really high, your bid may not make it in before the auction ends. But, they allow you to choose how many seconds before the auction ends so you can compensate for heavy trading times. They say Sunday afternoons and evenings are the busiest.

    I haven't used them for to buy a car, but I would. I'm pretty sure they all handle car purchases.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Even though this was my first time bidding, I knew I was going to be outbid.
    I was going back and forth reloading the page to check and see if someone else had bid.
    I did this constantly for the last hour of the bid.
    Everytime I did it, the page had been loaded 3-4 more times. Which means 2 or 3 people were watching the bid.
    This was all happening at 11pm EST.
    So there were some serious bidders there.
    I am looking forward to owning a LS400.
    I want one bad.
  • Yeah, that's usually the way it is right at the end. If you find one you want go check those bidding services. They probably will be your best shot at making sure you win. If it's not a peak time that the auction ends (it usually isn't with cars) they can put in the bid 4 or 5 seconds before the end. They call it "sniping" (notice the names) because it's almost impossible for anyone to get a bid in after yours. You may already know all that. I have won quite a few bids with those services and saved money, because the bid doesn't get run up.

    That is a nice LS400. Oh, I guess I should tell you, I actually bought my GS300 off of Ebay. It's in exceptional condition. You can contact the seller "directly" through Ebay and the seller can close the auction early if he or she is willing to accept your offer. That's what I did. We agreed on the price and he ended the auction about 30 minutes early. That could be an even better way than using a bidding service. My dad and I bid on a '96 Infiniti G20 with only 10,000 miles. It belonged to a doctor's wife who rarely drove. It was in showroom condition. But, I was bidding manually (on dial-up. have dsl now!) and we were out bid at the last minute. If I had known about and used a proxy bidding service we probably would have won.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Anyone see Clements (Lexus US head) comments at the opening of the Canadian factory about Lexus supply and production. He said Lexus would be able to sell 300k vehicles in 2004 if it had the capacity to produce that many. Most cars and suv's are on a five day supply - the lowest ever. When I was at my dealership this week the lot was about 25% filled (including the cars driven by sales people) and I was told just about all incoming LS430's for the first month are already spoken for. There were no leftover 2003 LS430's or LX470's around. I didn't inquire about other models.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I didn't see the Clements quote but I remember Lexus saying in the past that they will throttle back on production rather than resort to incentives to move vehicles...which can explain low days supply without necessarily implying high demand. Overall sales are down YTD for each and every sedan they sell, whereas in SUVs the RX and of course GX are up, and the LX down a bit. While where they are in the lifecycle of each vehicle has something to do with it, I think they are probably disappointed with their overall performance in sedans this year. The figures are on autosite under 'market report'.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    The IS and GS sales are weak. They need new models and I don't know why they are taking so long to bring out the new GS. 2006 is way too long a stretch for the current model. They will sell 25-30k LS cars this year pretty easily. Demand seems to be nearly as strong as it was in 2001. The ES is always a big seller. Clements pretty much said they are tapped out on production so they may be managing inventory (5 sales days is too low in my book) but they also have a method to shift production into what is moving well.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Wish GM would throttle back on production.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Lost another '90 Lexus on ebay.
    This one only had 77K miles.
    About perfect.

    Threw a $7508 bid in the last few minutes. Another guy responded with a $7999.99 bid and then threw a $8100 bid at it for good measure.
    Still didn't meet the seller's reserve. He would be foolish not to take $8100 for that car.
  • bapperbapper Posts: 1


  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    The LS430 is not a snow mobile. If mom needs one, please go with the RX330 or any of the other 4 wheel drive Lexus.
  • bluestar1bluestar1 Posts: 112
    not nice to write in caps (shouting)!

    LS is a RWD car and not the most ideal on snow. With proper snow tires/chains, it should be fine. If you need a snow-capable vehicle, get a AWD or 4x4 SUV/truck.

    Good luck with your mum's car search.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I live in CT and even with an awd RX300 I have sometimes slipped around a bit. I have also seen fwd cars including an E320 have trouble on a hill leading up to a traffic light...he had to stop for the light and then when he got a green he couldn't go up...had to make a u...the hill isn't even that steep. My advice is get awd and if you're especially concerned then if it has more sedan-oriented tires, like the RX, then replace with something like the Michelin CrossTerrain SUV tires (which I put on my LX).
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
      Both my LS430 and LS400 are fine in the New England weather. Granted, I don't drive the 430 with the summer tires, but simply investing in a set of 4 snow tires ought to take care of that. I honestly think this notion of Luxury cars performing poorly in the snow is a myth.

    After all, how did you think people in the 1950's and 60's drove in the snow? Having lived in NE for over 20 years, I feel that getting an 4WD vehicle just for the winter weather is pure nonsense. I don't even have Snow's on the LS400, just Michelin MXV4 tires. It does skid somewhat on unplowed roads, but I have never been stranded. (I live in a Hilly area). Don't let the weather detract you from buying a great car.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When FWD didn't exist and we all (those of us that HAD to get around) carried snowchains and knew how to install them?

    It isn't just the snow that will be a problem, it's the idiots with 4WD that in the process of proving the vehicle's ability forget that the driver is the primary portion of the equation.

    If we could get everyone to drive sensibly, and well, in adverse roadbed conditions then I wouldn't hesitate taking an LS430 out.


    If you can stay in, DO.

    If you are caught OUT, go home.

    If you have rear bias 4WD, have snowchains on board.
  • mheni1mheni1 Posts: 41
    On 9/30 Lexus dealer performed service bulletin repair to correct steering column groan noise on on my 01 LS 430. 27k miles on car. This am 10/1 heard unidentified noise 5 minutes after leaving my garage. Sounded like a fan. Seemed to come from under gear shift lever. Lever resistant to move from reverse to park. Lever had slight shimmy. Returned to dealer with noise continuing. Dealer road tested with no noise. I road tested with Lexus tech with no noise. Advised to return to dealer if noise returns.
    Any ideas on what the problem may be? Will appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    I had a harrowing experience with my 1990 LS doing a 360 degree spin on a highway in light snow while I was doing 45 mph. It was amazing no one hit me and I recovered control of the vehicle. I went out and bought Bridgestone Blizzaks and used them for years. Even in the flat midwest, I would strongly encourage others to buy snows for this vehicle. Since I never bought a second set of wheels I had to do a change over/balance twice a year but my tire place threw that in when I paid a some b.s. $80 tire protection fee at time of purchase. Boy they lost money on that deal after 5 years and 10 sets of tire changes!
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    My mother (89 years old) has a white/ivory 90 LS 400. The car has about 14,500 miles on it. The car spends most of its life inside a locked garage in Los Angeles Ca. This car looks like new. Even the floor mats have never had a foot on them. Put rubber mats over the Lexus mats before driving it home. The passenger seat probably has been sat in for only maybe about 200 to 300 miles. I am not sure if anyone has ever rode in the rear seat. The car still smells new inside. Still has the factory Goodyear tires. No door dings or dents. What is this car worth? It is serial #516. No, there has never been any smoking in the car. The seats and carpet look new. I need a true value of this car. It is not for sale unless I decide to get her a new one. Skip
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Sorry I can't answer your question, but I wonder if this car may be worth keeping. Not too many Japanese cars have entered the "classic" realm, but I would think your example has a good chance at it, if it hasn't already. This model marked the first serious challenge to the Germans in the luxury car segment, and forever changed the competitive landscape, so I have to believe this has serious implications for the long-term value of '90 models that are in pristine condition. I know that there are many huge fans of the original LS400, and I doubt that there are many better examples than your mother's to be found anywhere. I would be very hesitant to sell it right now, unless you know for sure you would be getting top dollar (which probably explains why you are asking here - you already know what I just said).

    Good luck.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    you are of course aware that not having done another 360 in the intervening years might just be due to pure dumb luck rather than the Blizzaks??

    That slippery lightly snow covered bridge deck is still out there somewhere awaiting your unwary arrival.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you repost your message in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion, the folks there will be glad to help you assess the car.

    Good luck.
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