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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    I was surprised too. The only thing I can add is that the width of the S500 is larger, so bigger luggage can be transferred easier. The BMW trunk is deeper. Overall, I think you are right as to the cubic inches space among the big three.

    Or perhaps the JD Powers folks were comparing the LS430 with the American luxos. We all know that the Town Car can even make Tony Soprano happy with its trunk capacity !
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    First, go to a Lexus dealer and find what maintenance has been done, regularly scheduled, etc.

    I only use Mobil 1 and I always buy my filters, oil, engine air, at Lexus. Each fall I test the anti-freeze to be sure it's still up to snuff.

    I probably change the engine air filter more often than the factory recommends. And that's definitely true of the pollen filter (home depot), 8,000 miles seems typical for it.

    I don't have VSC that can be turned off, does anyone? Dealer might be the best source for that question.

    The one on my C4 can, but not the RX.
  • My understanding is the LS430 trunk is 20 cubic feet...That is pretty big (I admit I did think it was smaller when I first saw it)

    It easily holds two sets of golf clubs with pull carts...What more does an old guy need.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    The towncar is set up as a limo so it needs that huge trunk. But our friend Tony Soprano would use the trunk storage for different purposes of course. I am amazed at how I never get a cadillac limo anymore when I am going to the airport or on those infrequent weekend hotel stays my wife and I sometimes do in Manhattan. I once had an S-class take me home from JFK. Best limo I was ever in. But nothing can displace the charm of the London taxis.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    If you enjoy London, I am sure you will love Hong Kong. The Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental are some that has airport pick ups with vintage Rolls.
  • Of course it's so subjective when colors come into play... I'm about to order an LS430. I decided on black based on the brochure color chips. Went to a dealer to see a black one in person. Something just didn't look right. I have always liked silver but those didn't look particularly great either. I went back to a dealer this weekend and figured out the black issue as well as the silver. The black, while imo a gorgeous color (and really not that hard to maintain if you stay on top of it) sort of 'emphasizes' the boxy look of the LS430 (compared to the MBZ S430). The reason the Mercury Metallic silver looked so bland was that (1)the alloy wheels it sported were also gray/silver and so they just 'blended in' with the body color. (2) the car also had been sitting in a back lot and had a thick coat of dust on it. Then I happened to walk by the detailing garage and saw a Mercury Metallic inside. It absolutely sparkled and the color looked gorgeously translucent. What really set off the looks of the car was the wheels. Although they were standard size (no reduced mileage issues), they sported the chrome rims, which contrasted nicely with the body, lending it a luxurious and sporty look. Thats my choice and I am very comfy with it.
  • Has anyone bought a 2004 with XM radio? Was it factory installed or dealer? How much did it cost? (I bought an ES 330 and was told it would be available later) - thx
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Is the mercury metallic really any different than the millenium silver (which I have) on the 2003 and earlier models. If so what is different about it?

    Paul - I love London but have never been to Hong Kong. I'll have to get there before too much longer. My favorite hotels to date are the Ritz Carlton in Naples (Fla) and the Peninsula in Beverly Hills. Dining at the Ritz in Naples in the Grand Dining room or the Grill room is a great experience. In the latter I had, quite possibly the finest individual steak I've ever had (Peter Lugers of course is alwasy steak for many). I also love the Palace on Madison near St Patricks when I go into NYC and just about any hotel that overlooks Central park.
  • I wouldn't stake much money on my expertise in colors. While the chips look alike to me, my in-person experience reflected a much deeper 'transluscence' or 'depth' in the Mercury Metallic. Sort of a liquid metallic appearance if you get out of direct sunlight. Thats imo only.
  • When I returned from a business trip, I found the new issue of Car and Driver over the weekend and it had a comparison of the 2004 Lexus LS, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes S430, BMW 745i, VW Phaeton and Audi 8L. The great news is that the LS430 came in 1st place!

    The authors noted that the LS just does so many things well that it just overwhelms you. The amazing thing is that the completely redesigned BMW 745i only came in 3rd and the S430 was last place. The Jaguar was 2nd with the Audi and VW ahead of the Mercedes.

    Unfortunately, Lexus did not give them a LS430 with the optional Euro-tuned Sport suspension with its 18” wheels and more aggressive rubber or the score would have been even more tilted (a fact noted by the author with a suggestion that buyers go for the Euro Sport suspension). It got some lower scoring in certain performance areas where the optional suspension would make a positive difference.

    I will post the link once Car and Driver puts the new issue on their Web site. Obviously, they must hold off a little bit for the new issues of the magazine to be read by subscribers. Of course, each of these trade magazines has their prejudices but in the past Car and Driver has seemed to go out of their way to be hard on the Lexus LS.

    Any way, three cheers for the new LS.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    I haven't gotten my C&D, but based on history, the editors there seems to always rate BMW cars near the top, and Benz near the bottom. Ranking LS430 at the top is strange, as they did trash the car as recently as 2 years ago in a comparo with the very same cars jamesfletcher2 mentioned. Frankly, the 2004 version isn't all that different from the 2001 version. Sure, it goes faster with the 6 speed from 6.3 to 5.9 seconds, and the chassis has been made more rigid, but it's really the same design, same leather seats, same suede linings over our heads.

    So for C&D to rate the LS430 now at the top is nice for all of us LS430'philes, but raises the question as to how objective the editors were. Looking at the number of Lexus ads these days lead us to wonder.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Nav update: I didn't find it particularly difficutlt to do, nor did I find the screws hard to replace (I did use a magnetic screwdriver out of habit, but it all fit together well). I did find the same as someone else said, an interesting mix of very new info (both POI's and roads) and some still missing. THere are also some new icons, but not a total new look. (I haven't seen the newer cars, so I don't know how the new navs look anyway - but the look isn't that important to me- it's the info update I wanted and got - especially the 5 million POI's vs. about 750,000). Someone else said it was recommended to wait as a new update was imminent - that is not what I was told. This update was the new one, only available as of October 1, 2003 and shows ver. 2003. (if a new one does show up, i won't be pleased)

    Colors - I still love my Black Cherry but am honored that Lexus has named a new color after me. (hehe)

    VSC - in my 2001 Ultra - there is a VSC button that can be used to turn the VSC "off". This is only useful (as far as I know) in case of trying to start moving from a hill in snow or slippery conditions. The VSC will sense the spinning wheels and keep you from moving at all. Turning it "off" temporarily can get you going up the hill - then you turn it back on to save your slipping butt as normal. It does activate a light in the instrument cluster to warn you if it is OFF. (This button and the "height adjust" button are probably the two least used in my car ever - how about yours? quick poll??)

    Think that's everything.
  • I have started to use the height control, but certainly can`t tell or see and difference. My motto is use it or loose it Tony ps after ten or fiftten thousand miles the car is not nearly as nice as when tires were new. Amazing what a new set of tires can do.
  • Called Lexus cutomer service about the next update. The next (2004) update is not due to be released until the FALL 2004. That's a year away. Some dealers are apparently having a wait time to receive the latest 03 v.1.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    After over 100k miles my 92 LS needed about a half pint of power steering fluid. And I guess I must finally break down and replace the anti-freeze as it's looking more murky than red.
  • Current NAV update is Sept 2003, released Sept 30th, 2003 or thereabouts. Just got mine upgraded.

    While at the dealership, I asked about replacing the timing belt. My service personnel told me they do not recommend changing until 120K mile service or even 150K mile, but certainly only few get changed at 90K miles. Just an FYI for anyone wondering about this.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Yep. That is more in line with what I was told (and acted on). The most current update was the one just released on Oct 1, 2003. It was the one with 5 million POI's and the cost went up from $250 to $288 (self-install). I ordered mine on Sept. 25th or so and got it UPS on Oct 3rd I believe. Good service and easy install. I figured it was finally time to update (from the ver. 2000 that came with my 2001 LS) and I wasn't about to pay the local dealers $500 bucks - which amounted to the same $288 plus about $212 more for the 10 minute install. Good hourly wage ($1200/hour) if you can get it.
  • Bluesrar1
    May I ask where is the dealer that said 120K to 150K. On Long Island N.Y. it is 90K on all the dealer recomended lists. Also what are his recomendations for the 45K and 60K service.
  • I have more or less decided to buy my wife an RX330. In the process of research I decided I should buy a LS430 for myself; it only seemed fair. My budget, at the moment is limited to $83K before taxes, title, etc. My questions and choices are these, a) can I by an RX330 and L430 for $83K or do I a) expand my budget, if so to what? b) cut the options on the RX, or c) "dis" the RX and buy her a used Honda Pilot for $27K.

    I'm also interested in Internet dealer suggestionsin AZ and in states contiguous to AZ. Also, Houston TX will work for me.

    Lastly, is there any difference in emission standards between CA and the rest of the world?
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Dealer advises the "Toyota" XM radio receiver is not available yet in this area. The "after market" would not be compatible with the Lexus "Nav/Audio" interface. I'm sure the "Toyota" receiver will be more costly than the "after market" but I prefer the "real thing".
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