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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think that's an insane workaround though in a car that costs that much. Maybe in a rental...that would be acceptable. #1 when I choose a car, is how does it "fit" my large, American [non-permissible content removed].
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,257
    Maybe this news was already posted by someone else, but I don't think so. About a week ago I received a letter from the Vice President of Lexus Customer Service Group. In short, the letter was apologizing for any incovenience caused by the fact that the transmission & fuel pump had to be replaced on my 2004 LS430. But the thing that astounded me was that along with the letter of apology, Lexus included 2 $100 BP-Amaco cards to use in purchasing gas, food, etc. I am sure that all of you that had the transmission & fuel pump replaced will get this gift as well. This is another example of why Lexus is NUMBER 1 with me. By the way, I didn't think it was an inconvenience at all. My dealer picked up my car at work early in the morning and delivered it back by 1:00 PM just as they promised. I did not need a loaner, but they would have gladly given me one.
  • Thank you for responding. Your solution is a good one, I guess I am attached to my 2001 LS 430 Ultra and am waiting for the AWD model [2006]. My LS has served me well, though I have some minor complaints [mostly on the dealer end]. I am leery of the 2004 model because of the transmission and fuel pump problems and it appears that 2004 has been an aberrant year for the LS 430.However on my next service visit to lexus I will discuss your option. Again, thank you for your response.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Best of luck. Don't hesitate on a late model 2004 or a 2005 for that matter as the updated LS is just plain fabulous. You'll love the keyless system and the ride, handling and supreme luxury appointments of the car are better then ever.

    Steve - thanks for the detailed response.
  • I noticed you have a 2001 ls 430. I am considering buying one from my brother in-law and had a couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1. What is the recommneded oil change intervals?
    2. How does it handle in the snow?
    3. Do you know where I could get a manual?
    4. Do you use 93 octane?
    5. Did you add the 7/70K warranty and if so what did they charge you?

  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Other than auto locking functions, are there other CBEST adjustments that have proven useful? I am going in for the 1000 miler tomorrow. Thanks
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    I changed the trunk opening to just one button push and the door unlock to open all four doors at once with a button push for me.

    There is a complete listing of the functions somewhere here on this board I believe or I know it's on the other Lexus board if you want to search for them.
  • LS 430 is a great car with a magnificent smooth ride and great torque. It is also a very safe vehicle. I have 45,000 miles on mine and it rides as if it were new.

    1- 7500 miles
    2 -terrible
    3- there are on line sites for manuals or buy Hemmings which has manual sellers, or even try Lexus.
    4- yes
    5- no
  • I also received the $200 BP credit. They certinally know how to do it right!
  • apparently some jerk, smashed in my front passenger window last night, by the looks of it, most likely with a baseball bat. it was a mess inside, glass everywhere stuck between everything. my cup holder wont work cause glass is stuck inside. i got a police report but id rather deal with this myself than going through insurance. i got 2 estimates. one from a lexus dealer, and from some third party auto shop.
    the dealer, for the window, tinting of the window, and replace the black side panel on the door(which was also bent in) = $850
    the other shop i went for same stuff: $750 for lexus glass, $650 for generic glass.
    i went for the $650. he told me it would be virtually impossible to tell the difference, there just wouldnt be a lexus sticker. will i notice any difference, noise,anything between the two? the panel will be coming from lexus. also would the alarm have sounded? this happened in a rather crowded parking lot. also what can i do to rid the interior of the glass, not the big pieces the little crystal sized specs that are everywhere? thanks for any help
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I can't add much to help, only to say "I feel your pain". As for the insurance, I believe vandalism/glass breakage is covered under your "comprehensive" portion of your insurance. When my daughter had near $3000 hail damage, the insurance company paid the tab and it did not count against the policy to cause a rate change, might be worth checking out. However, if you have $500 deductible comprehensive it might not be worth the effort? As for the glass, I'm not sure when Lexus started treating the driver and passenger windows with "silicon" to help the rain sheet off. My only thoughts on the glass clean up would be to contact the glass installer and see if they have any tricks up their sleeve. Good Luck.
  • In case anyone is interested, the 2004 NAV update is available to order at
    I just ordered it (approx $300) and will be available to ship around Oct 10. There is no information about the specific changes are, however there is a listing of all the cities in the US that the NAV disc includes and whether the city has full or partial coverage.
  • What year do you currently have? I am curious to see if the new disk is much better. Let me know if there is much improvement as I was toying with the same idea.

  • My car was picked up in Jan 02. Won't know how the update is until late Oct. Stay tuned.
  • Do you know if this is also an update to the 04 LS? I understand they changed the Nav drive unit so the same CD might not be compatible with both the pre-04 and the 04 cars.

    I'd sure like to see a correction to all the errors on the 04 Nav disk.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I had generic (hecho en Mexico) glass installed on my last Navigator once. It was noticeably different, and not just from the missing logo point of view. It actually wasn't formed exactly right, and didn't fit right in one corner. It stuck up beyond the frame, and although it never leaked or made noise, it just looked wrong every time I looked at it from the driver's side. I wouldn't do it again. Clearly, there is a difference. If you're going to keep the car any length of time, I'd pay the extra hundred.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Seems that Lexus-Toyota has made a firm decision to go with XM as their integrated carrier for the NAV-ML system...meaning Sirius will not get an "integrated" option with them... NAV has computer parts specific to XM. Sirius cannot be made with a direct connection.

    Cost is still around $600+ with my dealership; it should come down further service rep says Lexus would like to hook up a lot more of these (and get a kickback from XM). They know the install price is ridiculously high.
  • If anyone has a moment to comment - I am thinking about buying a used LS400 -- whatver I can get for about 7k or so. It'll be a second car, so I can afford to put a little $ into it, but not too much. Are there any major differences in the first few years? From what I have read on these things, they seem to be built like tanks. Any thing to watch out for? Any costly maintenace issues I should be checking for? If I get some snow tires, is this thing gonna do OK in the winter? I am in the Mpls area.

    Thanks for in advance folks
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
      You'll be making an excellent investment. If you're going to spend around 7K I'd try to get a 92 or 93. The 93 was updated with dual airbags and wider wheels. There were about 50 modifications. Some would say the '92 was the most reliable. So far my '92 LS has been the most reliable car I've ever owned, even better than my 2 yr old LS430.
      A few things to look out for on these older cars:
    1) Power Steering Pump: Lexus loves to say that you don't need to change the fluid.(At least that's what they told me!) But it begins to leak and can take out the alternator with it! About $700 to replace.

    2) Leaking LCD screens..It's common especially on the A/C controls. It's more of a cosmetic thing, and about $325 to replace. There is a company called Mikando (sp?) that can do this for you.

    3) Main electrochromatic display..The needles tend to flicker and burn out on the older cars. The dealer will want to replace the whole unit for $1100, but you can get this fixed. There is an outfit in Georgia that will fix it for $300.

    4) Various Suspension parts including lower bushings ($175) and front/rear shocks ($325 for each set). Note that you don't have to replace these things unless you're really fussy like me. A single noise or rattle drives me nuts.

    In all I've spent something like $3,100 over 12 years. I'd say it is more than worth it. As for Snow tires buy yourself a Bridgestone Blizzak rim/tire from Tire Rack. I live in Boston and have had no problems in the winter with this car..I've had good results with normal Michelin MXV4's too, but hills are a problem.

    Hope this helps,
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    My Lexus dealer will install (direct connect to NAV-ML) the factory XM Radio in my 2004 LS for $546 plus tax; this seems much more reasonable.
    Have to have it. I was quoted $1000 by two other dealers, so XM is definitely a negotiable item.
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