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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    Depends on highway vs. local driving. I've gone 6500 to 14,500 for the first two oil changes. I'll go again at 22-23K miles or so and then again in the 30-31K range. 15K to 30K is too big a spread.
  • scoti1scoti1 Posts: 676
    The Lexus models covered by the sludge policy were the 97-02 RX 300 and ES 300. I don't recall hearing of any problems with the LS. My point is, if anything happens while under warranty, Lexus/Toyota may not cover it if you can't prove you maintained your car according to the recommended intervals. If something happens to your engine, even if the extended oil drain intervals are not the culprit, you could have your warranty voided.

    By the way, the strange thing with many of the sludged engines is that it occurred at very low miles. Some as low as the 15,000 - 20,000 mile range. Wouldn't you think that you could go that far in a brand new car with no oil changes and not get sludge? I would expect it to increase wear on the engine, but not cause the engine to go to sludge at such low miles.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    had something to do with the 3.0L V6 and Toyota said they changed something in the design of the casting of the engine block to alleviate the problem.

    As I understand it at the end of the day not abiding by the recommended maintenance schedules had nothing to do with the sludging problem.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    not abiding by the recommended maintenance schedules had nothing to do with the sludging problem

    True, since I followed this on the Avalon forum but we never had a problem with our '98 Avalon. It did happen on low mileage cars as well as higher mileage ones. The ES300 is an Avalon twin.

    I agree that if the proper maintenance schedule in the owner's manual is not followed, Toyota wouild be free to refuse any related warranty work. I think any car manufacturer can fall back on that policy.

    We'll follow the guidelines at least until the warranty runs out. We own our LS, and plan to own it for a long time. Who knows what problems could surface 'down the road.' We have an inve$tment in this car.
  • ljflx : gas fill early cut off is inherent in all 2001 - 2005 ls 430's . no legit explanation . only fix is simply the gas fill nozzel must be inserted in gas fill opening upside down and held on place so it doesn't pop out .
    this inconvenience is evident on my 2001 , 2002 , 2003 , 2004 . and 2005 . like the jaguars that had the gas filler entrance on TOP of the fender
    beside the trunk opening and rear window glass .
    mitchell rowe
  • famwald : total agreement . sludge problem on the v 6 was unrelated to maintenence intervals.
    prescription ( rx ) in owners book on oil change intervals is more than sufficient .
    MUST USE 5W-30W OIL ( printed on filler cap )
    mitchell rowe
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I have had the same problem with the 20004 & 2005 at various gas stations. I usually pull the nozzle back about an inch so that it is not fully inserted and that solves the problem for me. Don't know what the California systems would do as they evacuate the fumes while refueling.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    In NJ - you don't pump your own gas so you're at the mercy of the attendant. The LS probably has no problems in California for the very reason you say. That's what it's low emmissions is built for. I'd also bet that certain stations in NJ comply with California code. That's why I have the problem on certain staions and never have it on others that have adopted the stricter code.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    I have had an 01 LS430 and then an 04 LS430 since November 2000 and have never had this problem of the pump cutting off prematurely, either in California or in OR, WA, NV, AZ, or NM (at least I haven't noticed it).
  • I also have not had the gas problem (01 ultra) and I have driven in all those states except NM.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    While we're on this topic, our new '05 LS has no protective "flap" over the area where the gas pump nozzle is inserted when filling up.
    I can't remember when I did not have a car that had an open pathway right to the gas tank.

    Insects could fly in, dust or rain could get in, anything could fly in when the gas pump nozzle is not actually in the car.

    Are all LSs made this way?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    That would all tend to bear out the explanation of the service guy. If the staion fails to turn on his low emission switch than the car which meets next gen emission standards will cause the gas hose to pop back and cut off the flow - because of the fumes. I can pull the car right on to stations that I know it will happen at and others where I know it won't. In the stations where it will happen the only remedy is to turn the gas hose completely around. The folks out west are clearly never having an issue because compliance is nearly 100% out there as many states follow California governing rules, which are much stricter and far better enforced than here on the east coast.
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    I am considering purchasing or leasing a ls and wanted to be sure the new redesign will not occur in fall of 05 as the 06 model. Is this the general consensus of this list that the redesign will occur in fall of 06 as a 2007 ls?
  • helmarhelmar Posts: 15
    The LS redesign will be the 2007 year, due out in late 2006.

    I have an '03 LS430 will be trading it in as soon as they have an AWD version of the LS430, which may not be right away..

    Aside from the usual reasons to stay with the Lexus, the one feature I really like that isn't offered on many other cars is the Laser Cruise control.

    I use that and the Navigation system all the time. I sure wish they'd switch it from Laser to Radar though so it doesn't shut down in inclement weather.

  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    BTW, the '05 LS Ultra with Pre-Collision System option package includes a Radar-based Cruise Control system (adds another $2,250 list to the price of the regular Ultra).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • kraftkraft Posts: 29
    :P Scotii, you made a false statement in your post: "By the way, the strange thing with many of the sludged engines is that it occurred at very low miles. Some as low as the 15,000 - 20,000 mile range." There weren't that many in actual fact.
    Are you able to say how "Many" actually happened? If you are an honest person, you don't know how "Many",. No one does and you can't link to any proof of a statement like that, so you shouldn't be saying things that can't be backed up.
    Wwest also made a statement: "not abiding by the recommended maintenance schedules had nothing to do with the sludging problem." In my opinion what did have a lot to do with the sludge problem was statements like yours which have no truth to them at all. :confuse:
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    There WERE cases on Edmunds of cars sludging very early. These cars had the engine in question. But no other Toyota cars were sludgiing. And no other manufacturer has cars at that time that were showing sludge. It obviously WAS a problem enough for Toyota to notice and several other larger automotive sites also.

    It wasn't a "get Toyota" thing since the GS's I6, LS's V8, or even the Toyota's I4 were effected. Only the Camry/ES300/RX V6 and Camry I4. It's not like it was a random attack on Toyota.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We are here to talk about the LS, not other members. Thanks for your understanding.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    that the sludge issue is not relevant to the LS, so that's not something we need to re-open here. Thanks.
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