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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The listings at represent only about 20% of the c-best options actually available.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    Thanks Willard. That is my concern. That expanded list was what I was hoping to get a link to. I was given the list when I bought an RX 330 about two weeks ago and it was obvious that it did not contain all the possible personalized settings. When I bought my LS two years ago the dealership didn't even mention CBEST settings. Found out about them a few months later on this site. Swiftm--thanks for your help. Don't know why Lexus only gives you a partial list to select from.
  • jjhavardjjhavard Posts: 3
    I have a '96 LS400 with 200,000 very happy miles. I'll replace it this fall with a used LS and wonder if anyone has a direct comparison on gas mileage between an LS400 and an LS430? Does the 430 produce lower gas mileage?
  • I have an 01 LS 430....On the freeway I get 25 to 26 MPG if I keep it under 70

    In mixed driving I get about 22

    In town Probably about 19-20 but I don't drive a lot in town so I am not really sure. Most of my driving is Mixed.
  • flkeyflkey Posts: 11
    Have '03 LS430, after 16,000mis, the very accurate digital mpg shows 22.0 mpg.
    I check every tank fill-up, best 29mpg, worst, 19mpg. I live and travel here in FL which is flat,flat, 'til north FL.
    This is one fine automobile! Comfort, quiet, superb performance, great milage, driver side bolster seat adjustment, oscillating a/c outlets etc.,etc
    Good luck.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    but it does appear that the LS430 gets better gas mileage than the LS400 series.
  • seapirateseapirate Posts: 4
    I have an 01 LS 430......On the freeway I get 22 -23 MPG .In town driving only about 14.4. On my 1990 Cadiilac Seville 25 on the freeway,and in town 13.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    Our '05 LS430 gets 26 - 28 mpg on the interstate and 20-22 mpg with mixed suburban driving which includes some interstate driving. I think if I sat in city rush hour traffic with a lot of stop & go, it would be much lower.
  • Unless you like to drive really fast...You might have Lexus check your car out for you ...It should be getting better milage...It sounds like something is wrong. Unless of course you drive in the big city were you get stuck in traffic.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    My 2004 car has ranged from as high as 29-30MPG on an I-95 type drive in real rural areas (at a speed of above 70mph) to 24-25mpg on more urban highways in the NY area to 20-22 mpg in combo city/highway. I'm never in pure city driving anymore so I don't know that stat. These are slightly improved from the LS400 and the 2001-3 LS430 probably because of the sixth gear.
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    My 2004 is experiencing the same numbers: 21-22 mixed and 29-30 interstate. I think the new 6-speed transmission accounts for most of the improvement.
  • jjhavardjjhavard Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information guys! Looks like I'll be buying an LS 430!
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286

    (Default value)

    A: Steering Column:

    1. Auto tilt away: (on)/off

    B. Air Conditioning

    1. Set temp shift: +2C/+1C/(normal)/-1C/-2C
    2. Air inlet mode: manual/(auto)
    3. Compressor mode: manual/(auto)
    4. Compressor Air Inlet operation: normal/(link)
    5. Step motor initialize: on/(off)
    6. Evaporator control: manual/(auto)
    7. Exhaust gas sensor sensitivity: most/more/little more/(normal)/little less/less/least
    8. Auto mode: manual/(auto)
    9. Button press Beep: off/(on)
    10. Filter sensitivity: less/(normal)/more
    11. Foot air leak: off/(on)

    C. Lighting System

    1. Interior light Setting: off/(on)
    2. Lightingt time: 7.5 sec/(15 sec)/30 sec
    3. Illumination system: (available)/not available
    4. Light control: (available)/not available
    5. ACC off control: (available)/not available
    6. Light auto off delay: off/(30 sec)/60 sec/90 sec
    7. Light control type: (current)/old
    8. Response time: 1 sec/(0.15 sec)
    9. Display on sensitivity: dark2/dark1/(normal)/light1/light2
    10. Display off sensitivity: dark2/dark1/(normal)/light1/light2
    11. DRL function: (on)/off
    12. Driver foot light: off/7.5 sec/(15 sec)/30 sec
    13. Passenger foot light: off/7.5 sec/(15 sec)/30 sec

    D. Wiper System

    1. Auto wipe: (available)/not available
    2. Intermittent operation time: (10 sec)/15 sec/20 sec
    3. Rewipe control: off/3 sec/(speed modulated)
    4. Speed mode: (available)/not available

    E. Combination Meter

    1. Units: (US)/UK/Metric
    2. Compass Calibration: 0 through 15, no default.

    F. Power Window Control

    1. Up on door key: (on)/off
    2. Down on door key: (on)/off

    G. Clearance Sonar system

    1. Front buzzer: (off)/on
    2. Rear buzzer: off/(on)
    3. No move buzzer: off/(on)
    4. Low key battery buzzer: off/(on)
    5. Keep sense buzzer: off/(on)
    6. F&R buzzer frequency: (1.0&1.5)/1.3&1.8/1.5&2.0
    7. F&R buzzer volume: low/medium1/(medium2)/medium3/high
    8. Rear sensor: (on)/off
    9. Reverse range sensor: All/FCM4,R/(FSDE2,R)
    10. Non-park range sensor: All/F,RCM2/(F)
    11. N-range sensor: off/(on)
    12. Front side distance distance sensitivity: short/(long)
    13. Approach display off: (off)/on
    14. Display timeout: 5 sec/10 sec/20 sec/(invalid)
    15. Sonar display off: 1 sec/2 sec/(3 sec/4 sec

    H. Front Power Seat Control System

    1. Headrest control: (available)/not available

    I. Power Door Lock System

    1. Unlock on key twice: (on)/off
    2. Unlock on shift to P-position: on/(off)
    3. Autolock once: on/(off)

    J. Key Reminder System

    1. Key reminder volume: (large)/medium/small
    2. Key reminder sound: (normal)/fast/slow/0 sec

    K. Sunroof System

    1. Open on door key: (on)/off
    2. Close on door key: (on)/off
    3. Open on remote button: (on)/off
    4. Door key operation: tilt/(slide)
    5. Remote operation: tilt/(slide)

    L. Theft Deterrent System

    1. Passive mode: on/(off)
    2. Warning Horn: (on)/off
    3. Entry delay: 0 sec/(14 sec)/30 sec
    4. Glass sensor: (on)/off
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    If so, is there a replacement board for the LS?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    some of us are posting on the future 2007 LS board.

    callmedrfill, "2007 Lexus LS" #258, 10 Jun 2005 10:23 am!make=Lexus&model=LS%20430&ed_makeindex=.ef3fc23
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    I was driving back from mountains in ls, and ran into a tremendous rain ...I was going around high seventies, and an older Jeep was following me fairly close...After the traffic backed up and slowed down to forty or so, the rain momentarily eased up, and then poured again...The car in front of me ran off the road, going maybe twenty, and the jeep also now right behind me lost control...I was maybe down to ten mph, and he slipped into the median...I could see his tires maybe four feet away locked up and the hydro plain in action...The wet grass afforded no traction, and he hit the wires that they are now installing...The wires really work, and he was stopped by them....There was no harm done to him, other that a little paint scrape, and the last I saw was his tires spinning in reverse as he wanted to get back on the road....It all happened in a few seconds at most, but I could really see with my own eyes the improvements the auto industry has put into effect and how I am sure they save lives....Incidentally there were at least seven cars that went into the median in just a few hunderd feet, and some at a greater speed than the Jeep who almost clipped me...That centeral wire system caught all of them... Tales From The Road Tony
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    Wow, Tony, close call! I take it that your Lexis did just fine. Perhaps the VSC worked as it is supposed to?
  • zany56zany56 Posts: 1
    What is the product?

    Have you had any experiences with hail?

    Thank you
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    There are some universal software problems in these nav systems. It seems to happen most often when you have two different street names that sound the same but are spelled differently (naturally) - in the same town or area. The other night I went to dinner on a street with the name 1st street. So the nav system takes me to a dead end residential street named First street instead. It turned out to be all of a mile from my desired location but I hardly knew that at the time.Why It defaulted to First street as the primary location I don't know. Perhaps letters have priority over numbers. Anyway, I called the restaurant to say I'd be late and found out that 4 other people had the same problem and ended up on the same dead end street I did - and that this is just about a daily occurance for this restaurants first time customers. I don't know if it is limited to smaller surburban towns or happens in bigger cities as well, or perhaps it was just a one-time screw-up.. But when I got home I put the address into yahoo maps and mapquest, and both mapped me to the same dead end location, albeit with slightly different routes, So beware if a town you are going to has 1st and First or 2nd and Second etc because you may very well have a 50% chance of ending up in the wrong place.
  • bnorman1bnorman1 Posts: 2
    My father-in-law just purchased a 2005 LS-430 and is experiencing the same problem with a new Blue Tooth enabled Motorola phone (Cingular Service). Works great excpet for one touch numbers go blank when the car is moving. So far the Lexus dealer is like dealing with Seargent Schultz (I know nothing). Going back to dealer today (3rd time). Please post a fix if you get one. Will do same.
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