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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • I just filled out my on-line Chrysler survey for new purchase and indicated the problem with tires. I am hoping they will call me back since I checked that off. I would suggest to fill that problem in the survey.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited March 2011
    In regards to pushing the engine, I have now 1650 miles on it which is mostly highway. After 600 miles I started to push a little more, after 1,000 I started to open up a even more. Now, I feel the engine is starting to open up.

    The old school says about 5,000 miles an engine will reach the full potential. My feeling is this engine might reach it a lot quicker.

    My dealership suggest to be safe with oil change after 6,000 miles but do not go over 8,000.
  • dvp16dvp16 Posts: 15
    Has anyone been sucessful in getting the touring tires replaced with on/off road tires?
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Sorry, to tell you, they won't call you. I did the same thing and received no response. I hope you notified the dealer within the first week you got the jeep so you have it on record. :D
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Has anyone bought 3M Scotcgguard protective film for their 2011 GC? How about a stone/bug deflector for the hood or mud flaps?
  • m124m124 Posts: 1
    It fixes iPhone4 connections. Works Great.
  • gsh44gsh44 Posts: 3
    Nothing here. Dealer says there is nothing they could do for me but give me 45/tire on trade in for new tires and wanted 1100 for relplacements. They indicated that filling out the survey was the best thing to do. Guess they think passing the responsibility to someone else will win future business????

    Michelin's own site rates the Latitude as touring tires and not good as off-road. Seems like the loyalty issue that jeep owners have should play a part with jeep/chrysler management. Wondering if we can find out how many off-road packages were sold with the on-road tires. I they get enough complaints in numbers, they should at least respond to make things right.
  • With regards to the dealer solution presented to you, I would not change the tire to the 45/tire as a last resort. After doing a lot of searching on the web, IMO, the two leading candidates for tires are the Cooper A/T 3 or the Hankook Dynamo R10. If Chrysler does not come to a resolution by late summer, I would then be left with no choice and purchase the new tires in order to ready for the winter and a possible Jeep Jamboree outing.

    I am now noticing the Latitude's response on highway driving in the rain is starting to diminish in performance. This is partly due to the lower tread depth design. Before, I never had a problem in this situation with either the Firestone Destination A/T or the Goodyear Fortera Tripletreads.

    Since this is my first Jeep/Chrysler product that I have owned, this is the only issue that has left me with a sour taste. Otherwise, I feel that overall, they are doing an excellent job.

    I agree, that there has to be some way to find out the number of packages sold and for us to come together and present this to JEEP to make things right. I would take even a check, simply because I am afraid what they my offer.
  • ethaskellethaskell Posts: 10
    The plot "sickens". Last Tuesday, 3/22/11, I was called in responce to my survey comments, and after a lengthy interview was instructed that I would receive an e-mail today, Wednesday, 3/30/11, authorizing me to purchase the proper tires, and to submit documented proof within seven days for a full refund of my costs. I was pleased, amazed, but suspicious. Today this same rep called to tell me that he had discussed this situation with the dealer, & others, and that he could not go against "the decision" not to adjust this situation. He did offer me an extended vehicle warranty, an offer I refused, as it has no value to me.

    I don't know, does Chrysler hate it's customer base. Does Fiat see this as some sort of tax deduction. It sure isn't the way to conduct business on an ethical level and build a loyal customer base.

    I am done with trying to convince Chrysler to do the right thing. I am going to contact the California Attorney Genreals office to see if they have any interest in pursuing this as a "bait and switch" violation. Also, going to write my elected representatives in Sacramento and Washington to see if they have any interest. (Pobably doubtfull.)

    Also, I will be ready to express my frustration to one and all - I'll be a real Johny One note (till my wife tells me to cool it. :-) ).

    Yes, I know I can replace the tires for about a thousand dollars, and be done with it. But "they" have taken our tax dollars to save their [non-permissible content removed], promised us a better business experience, and still playing the same old game. I am totally P.O.'d with this whole issue. Love the car, hate the company. 8-/
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited March 2011
    I understand your point and to shell out 1G in these economic times not exactly something that many of us are looking forward to. Writing to our elective officials, as you say would be doubtful at this time. Checking with our respective state and US Attorney Generals office is a good idea, again I think it is to early.

    The problem as I see it right now, as far as I can tell, we might be a small base with this situation. We need others who have the same problem as us that have not voiced their displeasure now must do so. The best thing is keep the communication going with customer service and demonstrate that the whole concept with the Adventure Package and a Trail Rated certified 4x4 is that we need an aggressive tire as indicated on the website and the sticker. The old clause of specifications can change from time of purchase does not apply in our case. A Jeep 4x4er that does the on/off road driving expects that are getting that.

    Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat, should change their policy and make provisions to remedy this for the loyal customer base. With the Nissan Xterra they give you the BFG Rugged Trail TA as the on/off road OE tire. I am still wondering if Jeep is waiting for the release of the updated version of the BFG Rugged Trail TA as I have posted earlier (IMO, I never liked BFG before and the new one I have to wait for opinions on the siping) and my offer this as a solution.

    As you, I love the JGC as well and glad that I did make the purchase. From my past experiences with other car manufactures, right now, the Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat is differently better to deal with than the other competition.

    Best for now. :)
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    Seems like you would have a winner in small claims court. Bring in the documentation and I don't see how they can rule against you. I would see if you can sue Jeep and the dealer. They might just pay you off to avoid the precedent and hassle.
  • heydudesheydudes Posts: 43
    Yesterday. A loaded Laredo. Blue pearl with saddle leather int. Beautiful vehicle. Drove and rode wonderfully. No kidding, this thing is a peach to drive. Handles very very well also. I really like the car. Was a V6 with Quadra Trac II and the air suspension up/down kit. I guess called adventure II ??
    Anyhow, all my impressions were positive EXCEPT for the engine response. It was mostly good, but there was a flat spot/hesitation that I didn't like, but definitely could live with, specially since new flash of control PROM may 'fix' it. It did not seem like a 290 hp engine either. I drove there in my Navigator, a much heavier vehicle with a 300 hp engine and I've no doubt I could dust the JGC with the Nav. Surprising.

    FYI - although it was well equipped for off-road, it had the Michelin Latitude tires. :( The build date was August 2010. I think I'm going to pass on it, though it is tempting. SOme of the stories here thugh give me real p[ause. Buying this early build date of the first model year scares me, as does the Chrysler response to the OBVIOUS problem that latitudes are NOT all terrain tires.

    BEST of luck to all you Jeepers. I loved my old 86 Cherokee.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited March 2011
    The JGC that you test drove and described is the same configuration except for the color that I test drove and decided to purchase. My color, blackberry pearl.

    Except for the tire issue, to date this is the best car I have owned. With regards to the V6, a lot of us found that by just shutting of the Hill Assist and getting the latest RRT will pretty much solve the problem. Also, as I have discovered, the sport mode and shifting will get the engine to come alive. With now almost 2000 miles of mostly highway driving, I am finding the the V6 really responsive.

    For some strange reason, this is my second car, first with Jeep that has an early build date and it never bothered me. The first was an 2005 Nissan Xterra 2nd generation. I remember my father also had first build's and it never bothered him.

    If you have not yet pulled the trigger, I would suggest to take another look. I have a friend that just brought the Hemi and let tell you, he can blow away a lot of other V8's.

    All the best and good luck. :)
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Wow, based on Chrysler's opinion on what's appropriate for the off-road package tires, yuo could order a jeep in blue and have all jeeps come in black because black is still a paint that covers and protects the body.

    It actually is printed in black & white on the window sticker & on the build sheet that the tires specified for that pkg are On-Off Road... not T-O-U-R-I-N-G! What don't they understand about the English language. If the pkg was meant to come with Touring tires it would have said that. Even they're own "Build Your Own" web site specifies On-Off road tires.

    Keep after them... call Chrysler Customer Care and get a Sr case mgr working for you. Maybe we should contact one of the national news HELP organizations. Let them do a bit of research. :mad:
  • heydudesheydudes Posts: 43

    I guess yours is exactly like this one. I misquoted the color - it is blackberry pearl. Very nice. The engine probably runs better after breakin, yeah. And I have read here that the new flash does (or does not, depending on which post u read) improve driveability. The part that puzzles me is the Hill descent issue. I had read here it might perform better if that was off. So I asked salesman how to turn it off. He pointed out that off is the default and that you can't even turn it on unless you're in a 4WD mode. I was in Auto, then Sport and could not get the light to stay on (which would mean the hill control was ON) , so I'm puzzled what you all are referring to.

    My father advised me to avoid first year cars. Not that I ever listened to anything he said! :) What REALLY bugs me though is this tire issue. Chrysler is pulling a fast one here no doubt. Good luck getting them to do anything. They're certainly not alone in this type of response though. My Lincoln LS had (well, still has at 130,000 miles) an issue with the auto HVAC system blowing cold air out center stack and warm air out driver's side. I escalated to the Ford district manager who, with thermometer in hand, agreed that it didn't work correctly and promised to fix it. That is the last time I ever spoke to him, as he refused to take calls from me after that. Nice, huh?

    I would HATE to get a Hemi Jeep that gets pretty much the same gas mileage (13 19) as my Navigator (13 17) when it is about 2 feet shorter and 3/4 ton lighter. Gas is never getting any cheaper again, what with the policies now in place and the refusal to even drill in the future. It is insane. Also, though I do really like the Jeep, I have made a promise to myself that the UAW shall never get another dime of my money. So it would be hard to go back on that promise. Though there is that adjustable air suspension ...

    Best to you and thanks for the thoughts.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited April 2011
    The way the customer care indicated to me that an order for a change to happen, they did to receive more complaints, it seems to me, that they are beginning to get more and more calls with frustration building on both ends. The fact that they ask why I did not like the Latitude as an all-terrian tire could mean they are in the process of analyzing their nice mistake. At this point it is hard to say.

    The New York Auto Show is coming up shortly and since I am in the tri-state area, my intention is to speak to somebody about this problem. A face to face meeting might help the situation. I was not planing to goto the show this year because I have a new 4x4 and do not need to see anything else. Now it is going to be a waste of time and some money, but let me make the best out of it.

    I went back to look over the YouTube video's to review the footage of 2011 JGC that you can actually see the Latitadue's and the majority of the off-road demonstration occurred with dry conditions. When ever there was a mud or water a very short run. Even a car tire in dry conditions can handle that terrain. So, if this is what Jeep based their decision on, then they certainly missed some other fine points off-roading. On tirerack review, two 2011 Jeep owners complained about the Latitude performance in the snow where one almost lost total control of the JGC. Those missed points is what express my complaint with customer service.

    Overall, I still like the 2011 JGC and I am proud to be a Jeep owner for the first time. Best for now. :)
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited April 2011
    Thank you for kind thoughts. Everybody loves the blackberry color. Like you, I really went after the adjustable air suspension and the fact it was available in the V6 sold me. No more premium gas which my old Suv needed.

    The hill assist which you need is in the setup mode and the manual tells you how to work the electronic vehicle information system. By using the controls on the steering wheel you simple scroll thru the menus and check off the hill assist.

    In short the drive by wire system in these V6 takes into account a lot of variables and by shorting off the hill assist, the V6 seems to move faster from a stop.

    What ever your choice is going to be, I am sure you will make the best decision.

    Best for now. :)
  • 3xjeep3xjeep Posts: 11
    edited April 2011
    Hi All,
    Just purchased a new JGC Overland 4x2 :shades: (sorry I don't go into the off roading & live in Los Angeles) Just really liked the look of the vehicle, dark metalic gray has all of the bells & whistles but the blind spot & cruise control monitoring. Have not had a chance to set all of the apps yet but will this weekend. I had new Cherokee sport in '93 & a new JGC Loredo (26 package) in 2000 if this one serves me as well as those two did I will be a happy camper.
  • 3xjeep3xjeep Posts: 11
    How long did it take for the manuals to arrive? I ordered mine and was told I would receive them in 2 to 3 days via ups but I have not received them yet. Also what software upgrade are you speaking off I have the 730N media center on my overland 4x2
  • 3xjeep3xjeep Posts: 11
    This is just my opinion:
    I have 264 miles to date I'm going by the book 8k miles or 6 months any sooner just seems a waste of money, as for the break in keep it low until 500 miles and then to be safe and help it a little to keep you happy for many miles to come. :)
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