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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • pkmakpkmak Posts: 5
    The Chrysler rep spoke with the service manager over the phone, he did not submit any paper work. I never spoke to the service manager. I did speak with the general manager of the dealership and he stated its Chrysler problem, so now there is not much I can do after speaking with the rep.
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    In previous posts, I indicated my 730N media center has a sticker price of $305. while other owners indicated a sticker price of $465. I assumed that the difference was due to the fact that MP3 was not listed as one of the components of the 730N media center on the car sticker. But, I discovered that my system can indeed play MP3 formats, including IPOD and IPHONE! So, again I don't know why my system listed for $305. while others listed for $465.? I am not complaining, but again Chrysler seems to be a little mysterious in the options they are offering, in addition to the off road tire issue!
  • I bought the new 2011 grand cherokee laredo in Qatar. I loved the ride until my 10000 km service that the vehicle started getting heated up, just on the way back from the Jeep service station. When i opened the hood the whole radiator was empty and there was no coolant at all. if i wouldnt have noticed it then and there i would have got my engined seized. I went to the dealer and complaint about this and they took it to the service center and they found out no problems, no leak, no block, simply nothing at all. Now they again refilled the coolant, I am able to drive ok, but again last week i had the same issue again my car getting heated up for no reason, later i came to know there were 2 more of the JGC overland which came up with the same problems, but still they dont know how to rectify? Has any one expereinced this kinda porblem, even the Jeep is not pushing a lot once i throtle up, i need to press the gas a lot for the car to move a bit fast, otherwise it keeps dragging. unfortunately there is nothing the jeep dealers can do about this, Kindly advise what i should do as my car is new and still under warranty have only done 10,000 kms. Please advise.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59

    I would right now open the hood and check the oil to make sure the coolant did not leak into engine. If the oil color or smell is not right and the coolant is gone again, have the GC towed to the dealership service center. Remember, the coolant system is a closed loop. Also, when they checked for leaks, did they pressurize the system to determine if any leaks occurred?

    If you have the V6, see my post # 326 regarding turning off the hill assist function and for better performance.

    Best for now. :)
  • bikerjenbikerjen Posts: 4
    If you're still having issues with Key Not Detected. Tell them you want the Wireless Ignition Module replaced. Per the Chrysler rep who helped me when my JGC wouldn't start or recognize the keys etc, the Jeep telling you key not detected is an indication that the WIM is going bad. I had the original one replaced and that one was damaged upon receipt at the dealership, so I'm actually on the 3rd one.
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    So, all of a sudden yesterday, my phone is not connecting to the Uconnect in my 2011 Jeep GC. I thought maybe it was my phone as my daughter dropped it yesterday. I thought I would try and pair the phone again, but if I hit the "phone" or "VR" butons in the car, the screen shows "uconnect not available".

    Anyone else experience this? Unless I figure something out, I am going to make a trip to the dealer this week.
  • I had the same exact problem back in September after I bought mine. 3 trips, new key, etc etc. Finally the replaced the wireless module but left my passive entry disabled. Then another trip to get a flash update. All was well until my last service where they told me I got another flash update for the drivetrain. Then the Jeep intermittenly started telling me key not detected which when you would unlock and lock the doors with the key it would then start. Then last night it would not start at all and I needed to get a ride home because now both of my Dodge's were out of commission. They only thing I can think is that a combination of the flash a few weeks ago and not for the first time probably ever having both of the keys in the Jeep at the same time... What a major pain in the rear-end.
  • 3xjeep3xjeep Posts: 11
    I have just completed my first longer trip (all on the freeway and with the AC on) a round trip of 196 miles averaged 24.6 miles per gal running between 60 to 65 MPH and around 5 to 6 miles at 70. Vehicle has now got a total 1247 miles on the clock..........I'm very pleased with this result on my Overland V6. :) The rest of the miles have been around town and I have been getting 17.5 to 19.1
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    So, from what I've seen on this forum, and from my own experience, the Hemi seems to get about 3-4 MPG less than the V6.
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Has anyone purchased a hood bug/stone deflector for their 2011 JGC? MOPAR said this part (in dark tint) will not be available until June. Has anyone purchased a different brand, and how easy was it to put on?
  • kirmankirman Posts: 1
    I have the same car and the same key issue. I have had three keys and a new wireless controller. My jeep has left me stranded 4 times. Once I was 100 miles from my second key. Now I don't leave home without both key fobs. The dealer claims I have only had two repairs instead of 4 and Jeep says this is a problem they have never heard of. Odd how there is a 3 month back order for keys and wireless control modules when they are having no problems. I applied for lemon law reimbursement and JEEP is fighting me. I also had a defective windshield that was replaced with another defective windshield. There are about 30 scratches on the vinyl layer between the glass layers. My 7th new jeep and it's going to be my last.
  • Hi ,

    I am still having the same problem. even if I am inside the car with the key, its shows on the screen, key not detected, it even gets difficult to start the engine as it shows the same error, i tried my spare key, then it works perfectly, now that I have given my 2 keys and my car to Jeep to re program the both. hope when i get it back i don't have that issues any more. I even have problems of getting my car heated up, but again when i took my car to Jeep , they say they have not find any problems like this before. they told to leave the car, they are still trying to find the problem why my JGC 2011 is getting heated up, but still cant find why? Seriously speaking its time for Jeep to re call these cars and fix it, otherwise i love my GC.
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    Took the JGC in to the dealer yesterday. They "reset" the radio/nav/unconnect. They said that they can do that when they attach it to their computer. (I don't see any sort of "reset" button.)

    They also said there is a software update for the nav/radio/uconnect available from Chrysler. They had to order it as it is on disc.

    Hopefully no more problems. Everything working again for now.
  • Dealer replaced batteries in the key fobs. All is fine for 2 days. Then day 3 Jeep won't start. Had it towed to a different dealer. This dealer found RRT 11-038 which is a flash update to the ECM and PCM. We will see if that works this time.
  • macemmittmacemmitt Posts: 1
    I'm an x-radar tech with Navy, so my explanation reflects what the Jeep tech and I discussed. My problem was that the push button would not turn off the vehicle. Gripe was verified and duplicated when I arrived at the dealership. First step was to verify key code to the key itself. The Jeep tech brought out a transmission box, about the size of a box of wooden matches, it was yellowing orange with multiple vertical lights. The key passed the test for transmission and for code recognition as per "pinn".
    The push button itself is a quick disconnect. Beneath is a set of contacts and another button which is housed inside the remote ignition module. On the other side of the remote ignition module is quick disconnect plug. The technician pulled the plug off to stop the car.
    Warning!!! Do this only at the dealership because if you attempt to pull circuit breakers, fuses or the plug from the remote ignition module, the anti-theft security protocol will "sterilize" any existing memory and will go into "default" as if it left the factory.
    The problem here are two competing CPU's and proprietary input qualifiers. Both the remote start ignition, whether its wireless or push button, the ignition module registers, initiates and monitors a small portion of systems where the main CPU monitors everything. This is great for anti-theft but in the normal operation of the vehicle, there is a distinct hesitation when both CPU's fight for control or release control over the transmission, all electrical controls, engine throttle control, etc, etc and etc.
    The maintenance supervisor put the push button on order, but we learned that the button itself was on "back order". Obviously, there's a bigger issue here than Jeep is letting on. The next issue was the remote Ignition module. There's a distinct possibility that if the button malfunctioned, or "shorted" or "open" which prevented the car from shutting off, the remote ignition module might be bad. Obviously, if the remote ignition module controls some of the same systems as the main CPU, then there might be some system failure, but you won't know until you put the Jeep through all its paces and test every system.
    Jeep has a master control computerized diagnostic unit which analyzes both the CPU and remote ignition module. Theoretically, this is warranty work. The Jeep MUST BE PUT ON THE DIAGNOSTIC machine to test all inputs, outputs and critical systems to ensure the CPU and remote ignition module are functional.
    I hope this helps'
  • Being an ex-IT guy, your explanation makes alot of sense and I will share it with the dealer (who still has my Jeep). Interestingly enough Chrysler from the Detroit "home office" called me and told me that the dealership is misdiagnosing the problem and the real problem is the "WIN MODULE" and further said that "we are having alot of problems with the WIN Module in the newer vehicles" and he said he would call the Dealership and let them know (which he didn't). So I told the dealership this and they laughed because the WIN module has already been replaced. With doing nothing, they said it is working fine but it did "stutter start" first. I told them to give the Jeep to a good technician and have him drive it until it fails.
  • bikerjenbikerjen Posts: 4
    My JGC is now about 8 months old, less than 9500 miles. Already battled the WIM problem, now my newest delimma for which the Jeep has been in the dealership's shop for 4 days is that the AC blows cold air on drivers side and in the rear vents, but on the passenger side blows heat. Seemed to me that it was a problem with the recirculate button or the controller on that side. It took the dealer at least a day to "duplicate" the problem, now it's been another day with no answer or explanation as to the cause. :mad:
  • kimbo67kimbo67 Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    Oh my gosh, I have had my jeep only 3 months - brand new and it's been in the shop 15 days now for the same issue - left me stranded 2x and they won't declare it a lemon. What the heck - I don't want the stupid car anymore. This is horrible - I'm sick over the whole thing.
  • jreworldjreworld Posts: 3
    Check the lemon law in your state. In CA, I think it must me in the shop for 30 days within an 18 month period, and not necessarily consecutive. I've met half of that criteria. As soon as it it meets the rest which I'm sure it will, I will get rid of it. Get yourself a lemon law lawyer, don't count on the manufacturer. Again, in CA there is a provision in the lemon law that the lawyer will not cost you anything, the manufacturer will. Good luck.
  • grimsby1grimsby1 Posts: 4
    Hi does anyone know if these key issues have been resolved at the factory level. I have a new JGC Overland on order with a build date for late this month. Does anyone know if these problems are occuring on recent builds or older models?
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