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Volvo S60



  • Puzzled by sporadic accelertor surge while braking my 2003 S60. Usually happens after hard driving for a while. Is this a clogged fuel line/injector or carbon buildup? Only have 15,000 miles on car. appreciate any thoughts and solutions for this problem. thanks.
  • I have same problem with my 2003 base S60. any suggestions on how to fix? I don't seem to have transmission slippage, but is the electronic throttle control causing the problem?
    appreciate any thoughts on solving this problem. Only have 15000 miles on car which otherwise is exemplary machine.
  • Mysterious activity with my radio - I'm listening to a station (FM) and suddenly, after a few minutes, it switches by itself to CD mode (I checked: there's no CD in there.)

    Car's got 16,000 miles on it. This just started. (I might have been fiddling with the FM1 vs FM2 vs FM3 modes lately, but that shouldn't be the reason for this, should it?)

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    sounds like a sticking button or electrical glitch. Let the dealer take care of it under warranty.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • I inherited a 2001 S60 and it has the cassette player only. I guess it's the 413 console. I may buy a cassette adapter and play my iPod into it as well as a portable CD player into it. Is there an aftermarket replacement for this whole console that would have the CD player? Also, is there another discussion group that discusses Volvos? So far I'm impressed with the ride and the mileage (it doesn't have turbo).
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You would have to replace virtually the entire sound system.
    It would probably be more cost effective to either add the factory cd changer,or repalce the stereo w/ a Volvo one that has a built in cd player.
    there are plenty of sites that discuss Volvo.
    the best is probably Swedespeed.
  • I just purchased my 2002 Volvo S60 T5. It has just over 100,000 miles. I have not found a certified mechanic in my area yet but wondered if anyone knows how to make a message of a "bulb position light out" go away. Both the fog lights had cracked housings and the bulbs blown so I changed them myself and thought the message would go away once the circuit was completed again, but it didn't. Is this something only a Volvo place can do?
    Also, is there a good online outlet for interior replacement parts? The console flap (for lack of a better word) is broken.
    I appreciate any information available
  • Replace the bulbs, and message will go away. Position lights are located at the back, they are part of rear light assembly - two lights one above another with the red reflector. So there are 4 position light bulbs. One or more of them is still blown.
  • I never even thought about there being another light out. That's what I get for assuming and only looking at the obvious. Of course, the fog lights needed replacing anyway.
    Thank you, I'll check the other lights once it's dark.
  • I have a message showing Instantaneous MPG, what does this mean and how can I make it go away? New to Volvo
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is a ring on the left turn stalk that you can turn and it will give you the different functions on the trip computer.
    Keep turning it until the display goes dark to turn off the trip computer.
  • Your on-board computer measures/calculates the fuel consumption in miles per gallon (MPG) once every 5 seconds. That is what you see. I usually keep the Miles to Empty (showing XXX miles) on display.
  • cas1cas1 Posts: 6
    07 2.5T regular service due message . The car has 680 miles. The manual say it comes on after 7500 miles , ??? hours or 1 year. How do you make it go away?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Car must be a year old.
  • Hi folks, Just purchased a 2006 Volvo as above. Formerly a VOLVO UK owned car and has a mere 6500 miles on it. It has the D5 2.4 ltr 185bhp diesel mated to the 6-spd Geartronic and all the usual toys and a wonderful sound system, (for a standard fit). :shades:

    Performance is "brisk", particularly in the mid-range with its 295lbft of torque and I'm getting to love the beast. Comfort and enjoyment. :)

    If you guys don't get this engine in USA you are truly missing out. :(
  • I've done 60 miles service to my 2002 S60 myself. I just don't know how to reset message indicator on dashboard saing "regular service required".
    Could I do it myself or should I go to a dealer for it?
    Thanks in advance
  • Can anyone tell me the steps to reset my computer after doing an oil change? I am changing the oil myself and do not know how to rest the computer. Also, how much oil goes in this car?

  • My mechanic has told me that I need to replace my Turbo at a cost of ~$1600. I noticed small oil drops that my car is leaking and apparently that is b/c the Turbo is cracked. I need to fix it now at 90k before it starts injecting oil into the engine. Does this sound right to you?

    Thank you,
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sometimes the oil line to the Turbo develops a leak.
    this is a simple repair.
    It is unheard of for the Turbo housing to crack.
    I would get a second opinion if I were you.
  • Dear Volvomax,
    Thanks so much! This is a mechanic that I generally trust, so maybe I am misunderstanding/not relating the situation correctly. Does the Turbo wear out? Or anything around it? Apparently the problem is that if I don't fix it, ultimately the oil that is collecting in the Turbo will start getting injected into the engine. If you have any other thoughts they are most appreciated. Although I don't want to overimpose!

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