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Volvo S60



  • mikey1atlmikey1atl Posts: 8
    Good morning all!
    I thought I would give everyone an update on the issues I have with my 2003 Volvo S60 2.4T. I finally got into the dealership yesterday about the following issues.
    1. Transmission jerks when shifting between first and second and second and third. To the point that you head jerks against the headrests. This is when you are driving at slower speeds, like between stop lights. Also, it tends to hesitate off the line and during the same slower acceleration speeds. Well, they tell me that they "all do it" and that there is nothing that can be done!!
    2. When the a/c compressor kicks in it makes a rattling sound that is loud enough to be heard over talk radio! Once again they tell me that they "all do it" and there is nothing that they can do.
    3. I mentioned to them that I already have creaking sounds in the car and that it seems to be very noisy when driving. I tend to hear the engine buzzing at lower revs rather than a hum like most. You can guess what they said.
    4. I have once again having a steering issue now where you have to hold the wheel to the left when accelerating at slower speeds. It tracks straight, just on the line you have to hold it or loose it! They "forgot" to check it but I suspect that they felt it was normal.
    Anyway, these are repeated issues that I have had on my car of only 5800 miles since November. My next step is to start climbing the ladder in the dealership, already to the service mgr who tells me there is nothing he can do. They tell me that they will bring it up to the Volvo field tech next time he is in whenver that is. I am tired of this already and am going to be proactive on getting this resolved. I am very frustrated and contrary to the raves I see on this post about how wonderful of a product Volvo is, I am not at all pleased.
    So, any suggestions or comments of what I should do and if anyone has had similar experiences either with their S60 or another model, let me know! Thanks!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    do you only have one dealership accessible to you?

    Just a general point (and nothing personal towards the above poster), but I find it odd when people get so mad at one service department but always seem to deal with the same person and dealership and never do anything more about it. My wife works with a girl who is having major issues with her Prelude. She repeatedly goes back to the same dealership and gets no satisfaction. She also has said "well, next time I'll.... " C'mon! If I get turned away just once at a dealership when I KNOW something is wrong with my vehicle, I take my business elsewhere.

    Let me put it this way, when you stick your finger in an electrical socket and get zapped, do you keep sticking your finger in that socket thinking things might change??

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • mikey1atlmikey1atl Posts: 8
    Hi! Good idea to post 1121, but my issue is that though I have several Volvo dealers in my market, they aren't at all convenient to get to. As anyone who lives here in Atlanta would tell you, traffic in this town is horrible and already I am fighting it just to get to the dealer that I bought it from. I suppose, that might be a good next step though, I agree.

    My big question is to those who own this product, is this normal for this model? If so, is this normal for Volvo?

  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    Based on personal experience with six Volvos ranging from 850 Series, to 70 Series to 80 Series, to 60 Series, the car is a very well put together car. However, dealerships are another matter entirely. Volvo tracks Customer Satisfaction (CSI) by dealer and just within the northern California region, the CSI ranges from high 90s (extremely satisfied) to low 60s (extremely unsatisfied). It sounds like there is a similar demographic pattern in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, since the dealerships are individually owned and operated, if you have a bad experience at one dealer, you will need to take your business elsewhere (even if it means driving further/longer).
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Then sign the petition at:
    so far, there are 87 signatures. Add yours and maybe Volvo will build the car. Also join in on the Volvo S100 conversation under Future Vehicles.
  • Sorry to hear about your issues. I agree with Qbrozen and Volvofan- sounds like it's time to try another dealer.

    Concerning the issues you are having, I'm closing in on 13,000 miles on a 2002 S60 2.4T and can assure you they do not "all do that".

    Again, sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope you find satisfactory resolution soon.

  • pegleggerpeglegger Posts: 40
    I have the exact same questions/concerns as rqc (post 1119). The difference for me is that I've already ordered the car. The dealer where I bought mine has not had any automatics come in yet, and even the manuals have been out the door within hours of receiving, so I haven't even test driven any S60Rs. Of course, all of the articles are based on the manual, but I have to have an auto. Guess I'll post in September after I return from Sweden as part of the Overseas Program. They are making a big deal out of the S60R Overseas Program (only 20 people get in this year), but it costs $3,900 over the price of the car. Includes Business Class Airfare, four nights in a suite, tour, dinners, etc. and a couple of hours at the proving grounds (my real interest).

    I'll let you know how it goes, but I am very curious about the automatic performance. Part of me wonders if I should have purchased the T5 in auto, but it's too late now.
  • I have purchased a 2004 S60 T5 through the Diplomat program and will pick it up in Canada in Aug 03. I have never even seen or driven an S60 but purchased because of previous good experience as a Volvo owner. I have seen posts on the 2004 warranty program which I understand will be provided free of charge. As I currently live in India I am not able to get much information on the program, can anybody tell me if the free warranty program applies to Canada. I am very excited about returning to Canada next month and to try out this car.
  • rqcrqc Posts: 95
    I can tell you this: based on the test drive I took in the S60R manual, it will be hard not to like it. Really impressive handling and acceleration. I'd just like to spend some more time with the car to get a better sense of the Engine smoothness and daily driving handling. I sensed some front-end heaviness in daily driving mode. Magazine reviews have dinged the engine for being unrefined at high revs, but I didn't notice because I was too busy focusing on other thngs.
  • haypennyhaypenny Posts: 1
    I just purchased an S60 T5 and was wondering where the car was actually put together. Are all Volvos imported from Sweden, or are some built in the states?
  • My new S60T is really nice to drive. I have had the 5000 miles verification done but I go to my regular garage. I have known the mechanics there for some years.

    Problem: the message center in the dash board shows "time for service" message and they have no idea how to get rid of the message. I have searched the web and looked in the book but have yet to find the magic trick ! Does anyone know how to clear the message permanently ?

  • matluomamatluoma Posts: 18
    Anyone have a good recommendation on a LATCH style car seat. I'mm looking for front facing, easy on the leather, and preferrably one that matches 2003 Graphite interior?

    Also is there LATCH in all 3 positions in the rear seat - or - just in the outboard positions. I noticed rear anchors at all 3 spots, just didn't see if there are Lower Anchors @ all 3.

  • nickp48nickp48 Posts: 16
    Has anyone gotten a 2004 S60 for under MSRP yet? I went to a dealership last weekend, and they refused to go below MSRP. I'm wondering how long it will take before they will be willing to deal.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    As far as I know, this can not be eliminated "permanently." Plus, you will most likely need to take it to the dealership to get it reset. There are some years with reset procedures that you can perform, but I don't know what year yours is. On my 98 S70, I'm S.O.L. and need to have the dealership reset it. Yet the '99 does have a reset procedure.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • My S60T is a 2003 model. I find this very painful. Every time I start the car, the message for maintenace shows up and I have to delete it. I have email Volvo customer support but have yet to receice an answer.

    If I cannot reset it.... I will write to the company. This is a Bad design !
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    californimus, I hope you realize that everytime your car has scheduled maintenance at a Volvo dealership it is connected to a mainframe in Sweden and software upgrades and patches specfic to your VIN # are downloaded. If your regular garage doesn't have the VADIS interface you might end up paying a lot more for your independent service than you would at a dealership.

    I did read last night about an indy Volvo garage with VADIS so perhaps it is becoming more affordable? Either way, find out if your indy shop has the proper interface (I doubt they do as they were even able to turn off the service interval reminder which I think can be done with a couple of different tools I've seen at the dealerships.)

    It's a shame that we have to be so tethered to the dealerships these days with the number of computers in these cars. I look forward to the day where a standard emerges for these Closed Area Networks making it more affordable to go to any indy shop for basic maintenance and repairs.


    '99 S80 T6 (for sale)
    '01 V70 T5 (lease return shortly)
    '04 XC90 T6 (as soon as I can find it)
    '04 S60R (as soon as I can find it assuming I don't wait to see what the 'Volvo Sports Car' will be)
  • subyaudidudesubyaudidude Posts: 136
    Try this:
    1) Turn ignition key to position I
    2) Press and hold the trip odometer reset button and wait for the odometer to reset to zero
    3) Without letting go of the reset button, turn the key to position II and then wait for the odometer to show the mileage it was at previously
    4) Once the odometer has returned to the previous mileage, release the reset button
    5) Turn key to off position and then start car.
  • subyaudidudesubyaudidude Posts: 136
    We have two Britax car seats - the Marathon and the Roundabout. The Marathon is LATCH and can be both forward or rear facing. I would highly recommend either of these Britax seats.

    As for which seating positions are LATCH - only the outboard seats. The middle seating position does not have any LATCH anchors. What you are probably noticing are the two inner anchors from the two outer positions.
  • shockfushockfu Posts: 3
    heard dealers are giving 2000-3000 dollar discounts on last years models.
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