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Ford Windstar 1999 Anti-Theft Problem

xabachayxabachay Posts: 2
My PATS was set off when someone in the family tried to start the van with the wrong key.

Now, we can't get it to start. Is there anyway to reset or bypass this thing without having to go to the Dealer?


  • My Ford Windstar alarm system went off because my son was playing with the remote. I went to several Dealers, but nobody could give me a true explanation. The best one I got was from someone who said that it could be because my car was old. I live in an unsafe neighborhood and I was afraid have my car stolen so I decided to resort to an alternative security system. I have heard about wheel locks but I thought they were only available for trailers. I searched the Internet and found a different type of lock called parking boot and since I started using it, my car has been safe. So I get to keep your both my car and my peace of mind!
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