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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • naveedknaveedk Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned I bought the Diamante about few weeks ago and the previous owner mentioned that she recently changed the plugs but don't know about the cap/rotor. But I will have it computer checked to eliminate guess work. Is it easy to check the Timing belt's alignment without tearing the whole thing apart? I am pretty sure the rough idle will be because of the timing not set properly.
    But Thanks again for the answers.

    Vivona, if you read this, can you let me know where can I find service manual for 95 Diamante LS?
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    naveedk -- You can get a basic Chiltons service manual for less than $20 at

    The factory service manual is for more specific and comprehensive, and well worth the $100 if you do your own repairs. To buy it at wholesale, try

    Mr. Vivona

  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    mcaparso -- You can read all you ever wanted to know about brake pulsation at

    I have two Diamantes, a 1999 with 29,000 miles and a 2002 with 5,000 miles and neither has ever had a problem with brake pulsation. Same goes for a friend that had two, a 1992 that she traded at 75,000 miles and the current 2000 model she has with 20,000 miles. The tales of brake pulsation you read here in Edmunds is limited to a few owners. I would rely more on the national survey at Carpoint that shows the Diamante to have an excellent reliability record, including brakes. See it at:

    Mr. Vivona

    Mr. Vivona

  • mcaparsomcaparso Posts: 7
    Hello to all...

    The 2001 D I was looking at was also an AVIS rental car. IT has 18k miles on it, and appears to look and run ok. I told the dealer once I found out it was a rental car (Carfax) that i was no longer interested. Regfootball--- any comments about avis or problems with your car?
    Everyone else, any suggetions about buying a rental car?

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    bought the car last December (2001 model ES) six months old with 11k miles on it and paid 15,600. There is an Avis sticker on the back side of the gas flap.

    Car now has 24-25k miles on it. No problems, there was a short short period of time where the brakes seemed to pulse. also the check engine light was on for a couple days (coulda been the gas cap).

    Keep in mind the Diamante has a longer warranty than a typical 3/36 domestic plan. I think its a 5/60 powertrain or something like that.

    My wife is thrilled with the car. I like the car too. I can post a link for pics if you'd like!

    Wife is p'oed though. Some other car brushed her white bumper and now there are some green paint marks on the nice pearl white paint!
  • mcaparsomcaparso Posts: 7
    Thank you all for the info. I bought the 2001 D LS with 18k miles for $17k. Hopefully it will last me a long time.

    One question, I want to have the oil changed where would you go? The 6k tuneup is $65 at a local mitsu dealer. Would you goto a local dealer or a speed lube place?

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    that's good deal! any pictures to post?

    I have not had any problems at all with Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Go to to get coupons for 5 bucks off.
  • mcaparsomcaparso Posts: 7
    Hello regfootball. I don't have any pictures as of yet. I took the car home today, fueled up with premium fuel and put a few hundred miles on. Car runs great, and feels like a brand new one (compared to my 92 olds cutlass supreme with 172k miles on it). This was only my second car purchase ever, and quite a nice car at that.

    The only problem I do have is that I only got 1 primary key. I guess you are supposed to get 2 primary (opens all locks) and one secondary (all locks but trunk and glove). Do you have any expirenece ordering new keys? I was also thinking about not even wasting my time, since the key I have works.

    I'm hoping for a few trouble free years with the car, but I was wondering about purchasing an extended bumper to bumper warranty... any advice on that?

  • mcaparsomcaparso Posts: 7
    Can someone please post the instructions to remove the dash pieces in order to install the factory in dash changer?

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I only got one regular key and one 'valet key'. they had to order another remote for me as well.
  • adamwadamw Posts: 1
    I would like to add few things to the Mitsubishi discussion. I bought my Diamante in 1999. Beautiful, fast, comfortable car and for first 15K miles worked great. After this I began to have problems: the car would take a long time to cool off at high temperatures
    Squeaky driver’s seat, whistling noise from the ventilation system, broken thermostat, shaking brakes, anti-lock brakes warning light stayed on, leaking fog light seal, broken switch in the transmission shift, broken lock in the storage compartment. I had all of it fixed under a warranty. Now my warranty is over. My car has 50K miles, I have spent $2700 in last three months on repairs and maintenance. The biggest problems where with AC, that was blowing hot air and needed an expensive repair and ABS brakes that failed few times I had to replace two sensors (so far) for a total of $1600. I am someone who follows all the maintenance schedules and care about the car performance and look; I never neglected any oil changes, transmission, break fluid etc, so I expected the car to work well.
    I read some of the postings on the discussion board and I see a mixed review but I have to agree with the skeptics. This is a nice looking car, but it is very high maintenance. I know “things” can brake, but I am 15K miles over the warranty period and I have spent almost $3000 on this car. I previously owned 1989 and 1993 Mitsubishi but looks like this is the last one I will buy. I am very disappointed with my car.
  • naveedknaveedk Posts: 3
    I drove my Diamante 95 LS yesterday and only once I felt evn pushed the brake pedal but car didn't stop but after that I drove around (carefully) and couldn't have that failure again. Any recommendations on what should I have checked out?
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    mcaparso -- Follow this link to complete instuctions on how to remove the center console and dash trim to get to the radio:

    For more articles, go to the following page and click on "All Diamonds and Pearls Articles":

    Mr. Vivona

  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    Got my first major failure in my 1999 Diamante LS that forced me to get a tow truck.

    Well last Friday the engine started to run rough and my car wouldn't idle, smelled a lot of un-burned gas as well. I then got stuck in an busy intersection.

    Luckily I was an experienced driver who used to own a car in college that had some similar problems ;-) and knew some driving tricks.

    I managed to restart the car and and in forced traffic stops put the gear in neutral and increased the RPM enough so that the engine didn't die, anyway I managed to make it back work. I then called for a tow to the locl mitsi repair shop here.

    At first I thought it was an oxygen sensor problem again, computing the wrong mixture ratio. As it turns out Mitsubishi service says it was an injector failue. My factory warranty ran out last January but luckily, the repair will be covered under an extended service contract I purchased.

    Now the question. What actually happens when they replace an injector? Would you know if they would have to take the intake manifold off???

    If so - will they automatically change the engine coolant? Reason I ask is I am now in the 30K mile mark and the service manual says it needs to be replaced. If they are going to have to drain the coolant to do the repair job, I don't see why I have to pay the $89 they are asking to do the task.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I am ready for new tires on my 2000 LS. The car came equipped with Yokohama "V" rated tires. What would you suggest for replacement? Should I stay with "V" rated? I need an all season replacement, due to winter weather conditions. Are you partial to any particular brand? Your responses are always appreciated.
  • avm00avm00 Posts: 8
    Folks, help me out with this problem... 95D LS w/103k.. seems to have just started smoking.... happens randomly and rarely but when it does we're talking massive blue smoke! Normally there is no smoke at all.

    Seems i have read about previous issues with smoking D. Is there any info on the historical D smoking problem? Is this the symptom(random/rarely)? If so, what repairs are needed and estimated cost?

    Could it be something else?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • czibertczibert Posts: 38
    Not sure...I had heard that the smoking problem only occured in Diamante's equipped with the SOHC engine (ES models and the Wagon)...someone else may have more info about that? And anyone have info as to whether or not a re-designed Diamante is going to show up here in 2003?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The historical smoking problem deals with the SOHC engine, not the DOHC on your LS. The valve guide seals tended to leak a little with high miles, causing a little oil burning and a small puff of blue smoke when first started or accelerating after a long period of idling. Your problem sounds more like a broken or damaged oil ring. With a bad oil ring, the oil will drip into the cylinder and collect until it suddenly burns off, releasing a large blue smoke cloud. If that is the case, the only way to rectify the problem is to have the engine rebuilt, an expensive job (probably around $2-3k). If it happens rarely and the car isn't loosing more than a quart every 1k miles, then I wouldn't try to fix it. Just make sure you check the oil level often and watch the condition. It will worsen over time and will eventually need to be fixed. I just want to make sure of one thing. Are you sure the smoke is blue and not white? If it's more white, then you have a blown headgasket, which means water is mixing with your oil, and the problem is more serious. Either way, good luck.

    czibert: No redesigned Diamante for 03.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i thought both the ES and LS had SOHC, or is it that the 95 'd' had two different motors.
  • czibertczibert Posts: 38
    ES and LS only have SOHC after '97, before the ES came with a 175hp SOHC and the LS with a 202hp DOHC. The SOHC model is the one with some smoke problems that is why I was confused, because only the LS model was offered for 1995. If what Ingtonge says is true, that is terrible news.

    As for the new model check out "" which seems to indicate otherwise. I had also heard previously that a 2003 redesign was in the works, but it seems unlikely it will his US shores by next year. This seems especially true given the facelift that the '02 model got and the addtion of the VR-X trim level.


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