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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • pcpftwpcpftw Posts: 2
    I have this issue where my plugs are flooding and i had it at a dealership for a whole day and they said they checked everything out and cannot figure out what's wrong with it. It has started a little rough since the dealership replaced the plugs the first time but after it starts, it runs fine no rough idling. I am using this as a "last-ditch-effort" to see if you guys might have any ideas of what the problem might be. If so please get back with me ASAP. I have spent over $600 to get this "fixed" but it still isn't obviously. So, please help!!
  • i own a 98 diamante and love it. i cant get into my trunk(key and button on driver door wont let me) the back seat doesn't come down either. how do i get into the trunk?
  • I own a 2000 Diamante with a power sunroof. My son and friends did some hanging out of the opening and eversince I have had problems with the sunroof closing. I played with it some and now it slides smoothly and the front of the glass rubber seal slides all the way to the front but the back of the glass will not pop up into a sealed position. The back of the glass hangs down and allows the wind and rain to blow straight in. I would guess the sliding track belts have slipped a few kogs and it just needs to be re-set. Does anyone have a schematic of the assembly of the power sunroof or have any ideas? I would try to tackle disassembly and /or removal if I had some guideance on it. Thanks.
  • The mechanic also said that he has seen many of these cracked heater coils, & that Mitsu. Should/Might issue a Recall on them & if they did I would be issued a refund!! Boy I hope that happens :)
  • Just took my 03 into a mechanic because my 03 was fogging horribly & the defogger wouldn't defog the windshield nearly at all, also the car was registering all the way to the max on hot, so I put a whole bottle of 50/50 Prestone into the radiator . I did this about 2 times as it seemed to work, keeping the cool level down for a few weeks, but when I turned the defreodt on high, I noticed that there would be some kind of Fog coming from under the passenger side dash.

    Someone recommended to me that it was my Heater(ing) core. Does that sound right to anyone else.

    The carshop mechanic just called & verified that it was cracked & they would have to pull out the entire dash & also put in 2 new drive belts, total bill @ $1,900.

    I only have @62,000 miles on my '03. I just however got in a wreck in Dec. & I remember that the radiator was smashed up into the engine.

    Also would this all have to do with the excess fogging, or would the new windshield I had installed be the more likely villain??

    Thanks for any & all responses.
  • 1994 mistubishi diamante es sedan, sohc v6 motor
    any leads would b appreciated
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    Wow. You've got a lot going on with that car. Here's the link for recall info Office of Defects Investigations
    So is the cooling system leaking? Cracked hose or radiator, maybe. I assume that the radiator was replaced/repaired after the accident. Good luck.
  • bill168bill168 Posts: 2
    I am having extreme difficulty finding a mechanic in the mountains that is able to work on my 2001. I have two problems.
    1) After reading a blog I do believe the front rotors are warped after over torquing and the fact the mechanic turned the rotors instead of replacing them. I am experiencing an extreme amount of vibration in the front end when braking. Also there is a lot of road noise when traveling at speeds from 30 and up. The noise sounds like something out of balance. The tires are new and I replaced a wheel that was warped. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    2) The heat in the car has a sweet heavy odor and does not work that well at all. When the defrost is on the front windshield just fogs up. The air condition does not get cold and the two front vent do not dispense any air. I have been told that it might be a faulty heat exchange and was wanting suggestions with typical expense comparisons.

    I have had this since 2001 and bought it with 10,000. I now have right at 100,000 and just want to get it back to were it was a comfortable ride. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • mojicamojica Posts: 6
    your mechanic should b able 2 return rotors w/out any extra charge,also make sure he freeed up the slides on your calipers this will also cause brakes 2 stick creating a constant pressure on rotors which will also cause them too warp right away,havw him use a torque stick or torque wrench when putting your rims back on.on your heating smell sounds like your heater core is leaking,common problem on your particular year.have system pressure checked(cooling system).
  • bill168bill168 Posts: 2
    Thank you I will start there.
  • jjlexjjlex Posts: 1
    Hopefully you have solved the problem, but in case you haven't. I would check the windshield if you had it replace. Usually there will be a small leak. The way to check for it is to turn up the radio inside, shut all the doors and windows and take a short piece of garden hose, put one end by your ear and go around the windshield frame. Where the sound gets louder is where you have a leak, Have the company thar installed your windshield re-seal it and that should eliminate the fogging. Hope this helps.

  • pocha54pocha54 Posts: 1
    From what you described it is the heater core, and the replacement cost are in the correct range also.
  • rohnierohnie Posts: 1
    Hi Hank,

    I have a 1999 Diamante doing exactly what was described in Stemog's posting a couple of years ago. Do you think the parts are the same for mine (1999)? If so can you post the OEM part numbers you changed, so I can get this problem taken care of real soon. Thanks.
  • brant5brant5 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 VRX with 38K, which I bought two and a half years ago, when it had only 6k on it-it had been sitting in dealerships and auctions for awhile. Only issue is constant wind noise from rear drivers window. Window rolls up properly and rubber looks good. Cannot figure out how to stop noise. Tried a couple of auto part places to see if I can get something to seal it better, to no avail. Any ideas?

    Car is great, only issue has been some brake grinding when cold.
    Gas mileage on recent trip was 29 and I get 19-20 in city. Only wish is that ride was a little softer. Had a 2001 LS that was totaled prior to this one.
  • I just purchased a 2000 Diamante. I love the car, but it came without an owners manual. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get the owners manual in order to keep up with all scheduled maintenance.

    I'm worried because i dont have the car's maintenance records and i want to head off any problems i may have in the future or fix what may have not been done.
  • kbarnekbarne Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 03 Diamante. I already have a 97 and love it. The 03 didn't have an owners manual with it. There is a toggle switch on the dash with TCL on it. Can anyone tell me what this switch is for?
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    TCL stands for traction control. You can order the manual from a Mitsu dealer or ebay.
  • prooproo Posts: 1
    This is a bit late-

    I had the same problem with a 2002 Diamante LS - I bought it new and within 3 months a rock went through the window.
    Window was replaced with new rubber wind noise was very loud at highway speed- rubber was replaced. Finally after a real window professional noted that adjustment that tilt window are minimal and window needs to be set in perfectly as this is a frameless window. Also there has been defective factory replacement windows.

    Yours might have had a replacement window while setting at the lot
    Good luck p
  • My '97 is supposed to use 'premium' gas. Snce the price of fuel has skyrocketed I have been using 'regular' gas. This works fine. There is no pinging since the 'knock sensor' sets the ignition to not allow this. I have run the D at the local 1/8 mile dragstrip with 'regular' gas: 70.05 MPH.
    After using 'premium' for several weeks (to allow the computer to reset) I ran again: 70.17 MPH!!
    It's OK to use 'regular', just slight loss of power!!
  • Your fuel mileage may suffer though...recommended gas grade
  • Just bought and '02 with 28K! Love this car. It's my second Diamonte. When I go over speed bumps or other large bumps, the front end squeaks. Anyone know what causes this and / or how to fix it?

    My Diamonte is a red LS with power everything. Love the torque! 60 to 90 takes about 3 seconds and pushes you back in the seat! Fabulous!

    Help with the front end issue is much appreciated.

    Matt Clark
  • I am replacing a heater core for a 2001 diamante, and i was wondering if there is a website that has a exploded picture of the installation?
  • try this website
  • My check engine light indicates there's a problem with my O2 sensor. I was told that instead of first replacing that, I could install a Motor Vac, which might solve the problem without the large expense. Does this sound right?
  • mdc4mdc4 Posts: 2
    For the most part my '02 Diamante LS has been very reliable. Recently however when there is a tight left hand turn on the highway my car feels like is beginning to swerve out of control. It never actually swerves but it feels like it could. Right hand turns feel completely normal so I thought it might be a bad tire. I had the tires rotated but it feels exactly the same. If anybody has any thoughts or ideas I'd sure appreciate the help.... Thanks!
  • crutchercrutcher Posts: 1
    my diamante it will crank but not start then out the blue 4 to 5 days later it starts right up and drives fine for a week or so then it just wont start up again
  • hi, got a weird one. 02 3500 v6. ck eng lt on, code p0153-o2 sensor slow response, bk2, snsr 1. replaced snsr. lt stayed off for a day but came back on.same code. note: appears that bank 2 is in front of car cuz rear bank is toward front of engine. called dealer and they confirmed, bk2 on left side of engine toward front of car. swapped new snsr to bk 1 and drove for a day and lt came back on but now also has code p0133, o2 snsr slow response, bk 1 snsr 1. now what???????
  • 377paul377paul Posts: 15
    My '97 D has a water leak. It drips from the right rear of the block below the power steering pump area. I have removed the power steering pump mount completely and tried to find where it was originating. Not a thing to be seen!
    I pulled both front and rear timing belt plastic covers and scrutinized the area behind the belt and around the water pump.
    I checked around the tube that connects the thermostat housing to the back of the pump.
    Is there some softplug down behind the crank pulley, or something? :confuse:
  • Heya, KevinsDiamante here, the other site wont let me log in anymore, I have had numerous accounts there, I did, in fact, replace the front thrust "O" ring without removing the water inlet. I ground off the top of the bolt (loosened it first) which allowed me to remove the bolt and cover. I replaced the "O" ring and added some non-hardening gasket sealer to the "O" ring landing and then replaced the bolt with a slightly shorter version, walla, one leak down, scads of them to go.
  • I finally broke down and took it apart. Argh, what a job. Took me three days. :sick:
    The little hole that the water was dripping from leads directly to the water pump. It's there as a drain to keep water pump leaks away from the timing belt!!!
    The water pump seal had gone bad. Car only has 65000 miles on it.
    Replaced water pump, timing belt and all the other stuff in there. :)
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