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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • Yeah, it's not as nice looking as the VR-X and I think that its wood trim looks a bit tacky plus it's more expensive :-(

    Sorry that you owe more on your '03 but you can always argue that you have the last of the best looking Diamantes. After seeing a '04 up close I would not say that myself though :-)
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    2004 is the last year for the Diamante, Montero Sport and Lancer Sportback.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    Hey, just because the word is out the Diamante will be discontinued for 2005 doesn't mean there is nothing to talk about regarding current Diamante's. I plan to drive my trouble-free 1999 Diamante for at least five more years, probably more. My wife will go even longer in her trouble-free 2002. I am sure there will be many years of current Diamante's still on the road. Let's hear from the owners.

    Mr. Vivona
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 03 D has about 11200 miles now. No further problems although the brakes still have a slight vibration. I'm beginning to wonder if an out of round tire is causing it, rather then a warped rotor, especially since the Goodyear tires have been known for problems on this car and there is a vibration felt through the steering at highway speeds. The vibration is tolerable so I'm not going to worry about it for now. Other then that and some wind noise coming from the front passenger window, things are going ok.
  • If the rotors are warped that could cause some vibration at highway speeds as well though.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The vibration at highway speeds is when the brakes are not being applied. Its only noticeable as a slight steering wheel shake. The brake vibration can be felt at any speed but its not constant. Sometimes its only a few shakes and then its smooth; other times it shakes a little longer. The vibration is significantly better after they put new front rotors on my car, but its still slightly there. I feel its either a bad tire or the rotors are being warped slightly since they didn't replace the old brake pads. Who knows. I'm just glad the nasty shakes are gone.
  • Warped rotors could also cause vibration during highway cruising as well. Not just when braking.
  • I purchased an 03 VRX in Dec. I to have been back in the shop for repairs. Three sets of brakes and still have vibration. Not a small vibration but horrible. Drivers side window has been adjusted 4 times to remove the wind noise and it is still there. Lumbar switch in drivers side 3 times. But you can not beat the power from this car.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I installed dual aftermarket horns on my 03 D. A huge improvement in loudness. The horn can now easily tell others I'm in the lane they are trying to get into. The installation was relatively simple even though the original bracket was only meant for one horn. I utilized a bolt in the bumper area to attach the second horn below the first one. Lord only knows why Mitsu's most expensive sedan would only have 1 horn when the 13k Lancer has 2. I highly recommend this upgrade to any later model Diamante that lacks the second horn. I consider it a safety feature since the original horn was so wimpy that it couldn't be heard at highway speeds. Now it can startle drivers at any speed :)
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    lngtonge18 - I have considered upgrading to a louder horn.

    1. What aftermarket make/model horn did you use?

    2. Did you verify that it did not draw more amperage than the horn relay can handle?

    3. Did the new horn come with a loudness rating, usually stated in decibels?

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    Assuming that the vibration only occurs during braking, and that it goes away when they turn or replace the rotors, then comes back about 3,000 miles later, your problem is caused by the dealer overtightening the lug nuts. They almost always do this no matter where you take the car.

    Read this article to find the whole story:

    Mr. Vivona
  • dave12dave12 Posts: 1
    Wonderfully informative and comprehensive! Other such info??
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    dave12 - I am happy that you found the article informative. I wrote a total of four Diamante articles before that site stopped accepting new content. You can read them all at:

    The subjects are:

    1. How to remove a radio in a second generation Diamante

    2. Brake pulsation

    3. Rough idle and stalling

    4. A cool storage space

    I hope you, and others, enjoy the articles.

    Mr. Vivona
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I believe the name of the horn was blaster. I'm sorry I can't be more descriptive but I threw the box away the same day I installed them. I bought it at Autozone although I have seen them at Discount Auto. They are red in color with a bright chrome grill covering the opening, the only ones like it. They sell the high and low note together in one package for about $15-20. I can't remember the decibel rating but I believe it was around 110 each. I didn't varify the electrical drain but since the earlier Diamantes (97-98 I think) did have dual horns, I believe the system was designed to handle it.

    So far I haven't had any problems with blown fuses or strange smells. The upgrade was definitely worth it. It still sounds higher pitched then I like, but it now sounds like a large American sedan and the horn can even be heard by a semi at highway speeds. It sounds authoritative, thats for sure. And setting off the panic alarm sounds off 3 deafening horns. You should do the upgrade!!

    If you do decide to do it, I highly recommend taking off the left blinker assembly. It's held in place by only one screw and it opens up a nice access hole so you see what you are doing better and get a hand in there.
  • Hello Folks,
     I just want to share my experience with both of my Diamante vehicles. In 1996 I purchased my first Diamante and that was a 1993 ES Model with 82k for $13,500. Replaced Transmission in 2001 at 180K and vehicle lasted for about 4 months after that job. 4 seals needed to be replaced and I got tired of replacing them year after year so at 184K vehicle was given away. I have to say that I was 17 and I went to the DLR to initially purchase a 300Z at the time but could not get financing because of my age as well as the 300Z was a 1990 model and the bank wanted a first time buyer in a new vehicle. I had no intention of buying a Mid Lux vehicle but I had driven over 60 miles to get that DLR. So I test drove a Millenia and a Lexus and then the Diamante and I was hooked. Any way after the first Diamante died I purchased a 99 Diamante LS in 2002 for 15k with 32,000 miles. I now have 72K on that vehicle and just recently had to have my rotors replaced as well as the drive shaft. I also hate the fact that I have to clean the Rims every 2 weeks due to break dust. I will say that I have been very with both Diamantes but if you do buy one you should understand that you will probably end up having to drive it into the ground. I only signed a 48 month term and had a down payment of 3k and a rate of 4.24% and was still upside down by $1,300. Funny thing is I purchased a 2001 Acura RL with 35k for $24,500 1 month before buying the Diamante and if I were to trade it in now I would have $2200 of equity in that vehicle and I did not put any money down and signed a 60 month term. Oh well I have been happy with both Diamantes and have no regrets but If they did make a Diamante in 2006 I would not even think about buying it new. I was going to say it is the best used car in the business but my father who has always been a Acura Fan purchased a 2000 Acura RL with 33K in 2002 and he paid only $21,500.

    P.S Another funny thing was that when I purchased the 1999 Diamante I could not drive it off the lot because something called a Heat Core had to be replaced. I really did intend to rave about how wonderful both Diamantes have been to me but after re reading my post I am starting to think maybe I am just blinded by the beautiful styling of the cars.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    back in hi-school -96-98 a kid had 1st gen diamante and it always got alot of attention and i went to a large public hi school) Including me I thought wow thats a sweet together looking car, And in our senior yearbook it was voted "sweetest ride" it was kinda grayish black color i always thought it looked BMW-ish in a way.I got to ride in it and remember it was a real looker inside to, everything electric, smooth quiet engine, good balanced ride, incidentally at the same time I was driving my dads hand-me-down 1990 mits galant when i turned 16. when i got it in 94 it already had tons of miles 100k + well I drove that thing till 1999 with 220,000 miles and the most i did to it in 5 years was new struts and i was less than carefull with this car, It always came back for more, and looked and had more options than friends accord which had more problems than my mitty ever did, I wrecked it in late '99 with nearly 225,000 on it. anyway the whole right corner was mangeled pretty bad but driveable and drove it still the whole summer, though the accident did something to the a/c. and got pulled over a few times at night because of improper headlight allignment, needless to say i only had liabiltiy and knew insurance wouldnt pay, somebody offerred me $800 for it and that was the end of me and my galant, come to find out here late in 2004 thru a carfax search i was curiuos if they had history on my old gal and sure enough
    it was last reported In west virginia and i live and sold it in chicago land area. it said last reported as a inspection station 11-2003 at
    reported mileage. 302,439 miles i couldnt beleive it an i sold it wrecked. with 225k miles have no idea where car was in-between time, Id love to find out if my almost 15 year old gal is still pounding the pavement,Based partially on that i ended up buying a 2004 galant earlier this year, not as brand loyalist but Mitsubishi Motors problems are not in the quality of there product, But many very bad business decesions. I am hardly a marketing business person by any means. but mitsu isnt going anywhere so stop being paranoid, Mitsu has always had the potential to have strong steady sales in north am. but bad business decesiions held back well made product.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    is 04 last year for diamante? i was looking on mitsus lot on sunda and they only had 1 diamante and ao the winshield it said up to 5,000 rebate, if so that really is a great deal, they only had 1 on the lot. makes mw wish instead of my '04 galant coulda waited and got a diamante for a couple grand more if im right. but i know they'd really take me considering my galant already has 16k+ miles, do you think i should stick to my galant or try for the diamante im sitting pretty hi on interest % on my galant (not so hot credit score) i personally know MMNA has really tightened up credit on giving low interest no money down loans..and i made a sizeable down payment... I am guesing they will low-ball my galant on a trade. any opinions? thanks sean
  • You will take a beating if you try to trade your Galant. Plus, the Diamante is riding on a 8 year old platform while your Galant is a fresh redesign. Your Galant is probably safer, with a more modern driving dynamic and interior. If you really think you would rather have the Diamante then give it a shot but be prepared.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    ya, i fugured that my 04 galant would take a beating on a trade but with the 5 grand rebate on diamante that would be cool, Ireally like my galant, DOes anybody know if the diamante is axed after '04?. I always thought the diamante was a great looking bmw-ish with its smooth flowing & tailored lines. even more so the previous generation, anybody know anything about the new Eclipse? I heard its going to be based on the galant underside, if so looks like the galant,eclipe,endevour will ride on same platform, Is this part of mitsu trying to streamline?. I think Daimler as far as business practice goes, kinda shady, reallyseems like they used Mitsu for there own intentions, and when they need there help they wont provide it, I hope mitsu stock goes up in the coming years and daimler begs for a larger control %. and mitsu is strong enough to say "sit and spin on this :) I could have just as easily gotten an borcord or cam-o-boring, but choose galant, I tend to be a person who regrets after the fact, but im happy i got my galant, when i see an acord or camry, Its like wow another camcord,come on.I know honda and toyota build great, but in my opinion people who drive the new camry and accord have no imajination, kind of stuffy and typical. Like there cars are flawless, toyota 2.4l '97-2001 major engine defect, honda acoord tranny's.
    its just that when hond or toyo has a problem its not there fault, but if a mitsu or something similar has a problem they are suddenly un-dependable poorly made. to my knowledge thru alot of searches before i bought, Mitsu galant in particulars dint have the # of major failures that a few other brands had. its just mitsu not standing behind you that can make all the diff in the world,Bad business decisions, not there vehicles. later sean
  • "but in my opinion people who drive the new camry and accord have no imajination, kind of stuffy and typical"

    As an Accord driver I beg to differ on that one.

    The Diamante will not be made for the 05 model year. If you really like the Diamante you would probably be better served getting a pre-owned. Unless you can get the new Diamante for $20.000 or less buying a new one would be a bad financial decision considering the resale value these currently have. Hypotheticallyy speaking, if you buy the 04 Diamante and are $5000 upside down in your Galant you would immediately be $10,000 upside down once you bought the Diamante.
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