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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • could you let me know as well? I have the same problem. The radio asks for a code i do not have the woners manual. do you have a master code?


  • lori7lori7 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 D, and recently my AC & heater seem to be blocked. When I have either on you can hear the air moving, and gets louder and softer depending on the temp. it has reached. I am getting some air flow on my feet, and some by the windshield, but very little from all four vents. Just a light breeze comes from the vents. It almost seems like something is blocking the air path to the vents. Any ideas on where to look and what to look for?
  • stemogstemog Posts: 3
    I'm experiencing the same problem, though mine isn't only at low speeds, which makes it kind of dangerous. Was wondering if you came up with an answer yet? My mechanic is baffled by it and doesn't want to go guessing and changing expensive parts if he doesn't have to. He put it on the computer and it didn't throw out any codes. Just wondering if you got a solution? Thanks in advance.
  • I just bought a diamante with 115000 miles on it, every day something goes wrong, yesterday my air conditioning stopped blowing out the dash($400) I had to replace a seal in the transmission($300), had to replace the front CV axle($175), had to buy new ceraming brakes b/c the new non-ceraming squealed as loud as a damn jet engine (not to say it still doesnt squeal, but its not as bad) god knows where the squeal is coming from now. It rattles when going at high speeds. Thats about it, but i've only had the car for less than a month. I drove a nissan maxima before and didnt have a single problem in two and a half years. DONT BUY ANY MITSUBISHI.
  • ezorezor Posts: 4
    Hi my name is Ekrem from Columbia,MO.
    I have problem with my Diamante 93 Sedan. My car security anti-theft system was on when my car battery died. I opened car with the key and change the battery. After that i could not arm my car security again and also my car door automatic locks behaves in a strange way. When I reach a certain speed, door is locked automatically. This is okey but when I stopped in the traffic lights or somewhere without opening the door and drive and reach the same certain speed again, it locks the doors again although it is locked in the begining.. So, Does anybody know how to solve these problem ?
  • 2 months ago I bought my daughter a 93 diamante for $3000 at a used lot against my better judgment, but she loved the car.... the day after we got it home it stared smoking..... but still drove ok. Yesterday she went on a 50 mile trip to a nearby town and broke down, we had it towed, and after paying the guy a couple hundred bucks to check it over , he said we should cut our losses and just get rid of it, or sell it to a wrecker. he never even gave us a the main reason the car wasn't running, and actually, it was running, you just had to keep the rpm's up and feet on both pedals or it will die....but we managed to get it home. he also said it might be something computer related?? anyone have any ideas??? or a similar problem??? this guy made it sound like we have to tow it tow it home too...and we didn't.....?????
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I am more familiar with the second generation Diamante, so I can only guess at your solution. Many cars have a default mode of operation that they will return to when the battery if removed. After you put in a new battery, you have to set things back the way you want them. It is possible that the alarm system needs to be set back up. Check your owner's manual for instructions.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    The first generation Diamante's are known for smoking due to valve guide seals leaking. That is an expensive repair, but many choose to continue driving and living with the smoking.

    The car not wanting to keep running at idle is most likely related to a the Throttle Position Sensor, the engine computer, or possibly a very dirty throttle body.

    The TPS can be bought at wholesale through

    If it is the computer, you can have it repaired at for far less than the cost of of a new one.

    If it is a dirty throttle body, follow these instructions:

    Mr. Vivona
  • So sorry for not seeing this post sooner. I just experienced this exact problem and ended up solving it at about 1/4 of the cost the dealer originally wanted. I don't have the part numbers with me, but I ended up replacing two sensors in the throttle body. It's been about three weeks since the repair and I have experienced no trouble at all. I bought the parts on the Mentor Mitsubishi website and had the dealer put them in. The total cost was $215 for the parts and $200 for labor. The dealer originally wanted to replace the entire throttle body for about $1,600. Let me know if you need the exact OEM part numbers and I'll look them up off line. Good luck.
  • stemogstemog Posts: 3
    Thanks, Hank. Actually, I had mine to our local Mitsubishi dealer and they said the throttle plate was sticking due to carbon buildup, so they suggested trying having it cleaned first before spending the $1,600 for a new throttle body. I spent $238 for the cleaning (which I still think is a lot of money) and that was two weeks ago. No problems since, but my problem didn't happen all the time anyway, so I'm still not sure the problem is solved. If it does re-occur, I may take you up on your offer, or if you have the OEM part numbers feel free to post them. Thanks again and good luck with your vehicle as well.
  • Hi,
    I have bought a 99 Diamante and the Radio doesnt work for that. It asks me for a security code. I called up the dealer and tried to find out if they will help me by providing the code. They all are charging around $50 - $75 for that. Is there any other way I can get the code. I dont know how to remove the Radio out to find the serial number etc. If there is some master code or some other way I would be really thankful. Any help is appreicated.

  • rayk3rayk3 Posts: 9
    I have faced a situation that might be interesting to many Diamante owners.
    The guy replaced the battery and the sound system continued to work. How about the code that one has to enter after the the battery is disconnected in order to make radio work? The guy did not know the code, he does not work for dealership, and the code numbers I keep separately from the car... Isn't it odd? . Maybe, it is normal occurence for the older cars( mine is 97)? I'd appreciate any input. The thing is that I cannot get in touch with the guy to ask him directly. The battery is obviously different from my old one, so I cannot doubt that the replacerment was done.
  • ezorezor Posts: 4
    For smoke, it is probably because of valve stem seals. It is a cronical problem for mitsubishi 90's. You can use Begdhal No Smoke in Walmart. You should add this in each oil change and use 20x50 oil.. No Smoke in my car after that..

    About rpm, you can increase its rpm.. Follow the Gas pedal wire, there are some bolts you can play.. Also, there is screw on trottle body, you can increase the oxygen level by playing with it..
    I hope they solve your problems..
  • ezorezor Posts: 4
    You should also make sure, you did not put water more than enough to the engine cooler external cup. Wait to check water level when the car is warm. Because it is increasing when it is warm..

    Also check radiator cap, it must have all rubbers for insulation on it and also have small moving stuff below. If is is not working properly, the pressure will be low in water circulation in engine. This causes overheat and smoke....
  • ezorezor Posts: 4
    Use Begdahl No Smoke with 20x50 oil. Check External Engine Cooler Cup, donot overfill. Wait to check its level when the car is warm.. Also check radiator cup if it is working properly...
  • If you dig a little deeper, you will find that you do have a good car, but may need some repairs to the not-so-obvious problem. I have purchased 2 Diamantes in the last year because they are great buy of Japanese engineering for the price. I paid about the same price as you did, but had to put some money in brakes and an ECM (engine control module), which is possibly what is causing your problem. After having a dealer tell me that it was bad and that it would cost around $1,400, I researched on my own and found that I could get it rebuilt in Florida for $195. It worked out great! Let me know if you would like more information. P.S. Your towing guy probably is not familiar with these cars.
  • i just removed the radio from my sons wasn't too bad
  • mwinnmwinn Posts: 2
    I am trying to remove the radio from my 1995 Diamante Wagon to replace it, and am having a devil of a time removing the fascia around it. What's the secret???

    By the way, to keep from having to reenter codes, try rigging up a temporary 12v bypass around the battery when you are ready to remove it. Keeps the trickle of power to the radio so it won't forget its code.
  • wow!! my car takes forever to increase speed when i am getting on the highway. I am always getting cursed out by people on the expressway, because I am going so slow.
  • massodmassod Posts: 10
    I own a D/99. it has 75k miles on it. the "service engine soon" light goes on and off. what might cause the light to come on? can I fix it myself? :mad:
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