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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • uesuvauesuva Posts: 2
    Hi, I recently bought a '02 MD and can't figure out how to get the remote starter to work, I have the special remote on my keychain, and I thought the guy said hit unlock twice, but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me how it works, please.
  • djamdjam Posts: 2
    Hi Hank,

    I just experienced with my 1999 Diamante the same problem described by Stemog. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me the OEM part numbers for the two sensors and the WWW address of the site you order them from.
    Thank you.
  • djamdjam Posts: 2
    Hello Stemog,

    As I just mentioned in my post to Hank, I experienced the same problem as you two. Did the cleaning of the the throttle plate fix the problem for good? You must know it now since it has been over a year. I would appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  • Does anyone else see a striking resemblence to the rear of the 2008 Malibu and the rear of the Diamante?

    I think it looks neat.
  • Ya know, I went thru this nightmare once where in trying to remove a lug nut the nut got stripped, in my attempt to get it off I ended up making it worse , turning the nut into a metal blob, thus permantly welding my tire on. So on another car I own I was getting tires at Sam's cause htier prices r so good, and I asked the guy writting up my ticket if they could use hand tool. If I understood him correctly he was saying that thier new pnuematics are very sophisticated and will tighten nut just right , better that a clicking tourque. Course it will be easier for them and quicker 4 both of us, but if he was being square i guess that makes since.

    :blush: :confuse:
  • My car:
    2002 3.5 liter Diamante
    Milage: 60,000
    exterior: green
    interior: beige leather
    Purchased: 2003
    Milage at purchase: 12,000
    Price: $14,000

    Only problem: heater core OR hoses, gaskets
    BUT: I have been unable to determine which side the heater core is actually on. It seems that the hoses could come around on the driver's side, and gaskets could cause leakage.
  • did you get a response to this? I need the same info.
  • nylounylou Posts: 2
    Hi, I won a WHite 2003 diamante LS fully loaded with 22,800 orginal miles I am looking to sell it for 14,000 nothing is wrong with the car just some scuffing on the rear bumper. I hope that i am allowed to post this here... P>S I paid 29,975 for the car. My email is
  • I have seen everything from $5,000 to $12,000 for my 2002, green, leather, LS sedan in very good condition.

    This fabulous car, great engine and the best brakes I have ever experienced, must be my trade-in for a truck to pull my retirement RV.

    I owe $4,000 on it. Should I resell now? Or pay it off first, at a rate that will take until at least take 20 more months?
  • I own a '93 Diamante LS, 3 liter, dual overhead cam, 6 cyl. My temp gauge is rising to "H" despite new thermostat, heat control sensor, no antifreeze boiling, NO OVERHEATING ENGINE (Placed hand on engine). Trying to determine cause. Pls help.
  • peterp96apeterp96a Posts: 4
    if the temperature of the car is normal,I suggest to replace the temperature sensor which cost few dollars. I had same issue in Missubishi-Galant and replacing the temp sensor that solved the issue.
  • uesuvauesuva Posts: 2
    Hi, my above car has a car alarm, and I can't figure it out, does anyone know how to disarm it?
  • piropiro Posts: 2
    Try code radio 3924. For my Diamante 2001 LS it works.
  • A Mitsubishi dealership service rep. told, when I asked about the $40 charge, that the radio must be pulled out, the serial number or model number is on top.

    That number is needed to get the code from a dealership,(which makes the whole security thing a joke).

    When the word CODE comes on the readio display, enter the code and press SET or press the button that turns the radio on, or the button "CD".

    There is also a "trick" with digits that are large. Any
    car audio installer can figure it out.

    Good luck so you can "Listen to the Music".
  • Dealerships have the code (may want a fee) that you get from the top of the radio (or back) after taking the radio out of the dash.

    A Mitsubishi dealership I called wanted two hours and $40 to do this. When I asked why, this was the anwser I got.

    Once you get the code, any audio installer can figure out the buttons to push. Don't make the same mistake I did - AND BE SURE TO KEEP THE CODE IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT FOR FUTURE USE!
  • lmptylmplmptylmp Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 1997 Diamante ES. It has 170,000 miles. It has a oil leak. It's for 3 thousand. First off is it worth it? Second how much does it cost to fix oil leaks on these models? Generally does it require taking the engine out?
  • I apologize here since I have no experience with oil leaks on the Diamante.

    I do know the oil leak might mean that maintenance (oil changes) may not have been performed as needed. That is a serious problem for an engine.

    My Diamante is a 2002. It is a fabulous car. But at 60,000 miles, I have no experience with repair costs, but one man told me his daughter's accident resulted in shocks at $400 each!

    That is al I can tell you related to the Diamante.
  • rdarurdaru Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante. My wife used my car and adjusted the AC. Now I can not get the AC to blow out of the center vents. I have tried every setting and still the air comes out very week of the center vents the air does come out of the side vents. I can here the air blowing behind the dash but everything I try does not help the air just will not come out of the center vents. I feel like I am getting 25% of the air coming out. I was going to order a new climate control for this but I am not sure if that is the problem.

    Please help

  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    There's a dial to the left of your center vents. Turning that dial up reduces air flow. Turning it down increases air flow.
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