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Hyundai Sonata 2005 and earlier

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  • I am the first to post in Hyundai Sonata 3!

    Car Update: I am now at 11,000 miles and have only had to take the car in once for non L,O,F service. The mass air flow sensor had to be replaced and was done so under warranty. I have also had a piece of door trim come loose and they will fix it when I come in for my next L,O,F.
  • Hey Drimple, being poster #2 is not bad either!

    Anyone have any thoughts on this??? I have no problems with the car, I change my own oil and filter. Check everything and even rotate my tires at each oil change......... I have not seen a dealer yet because I see no need....

    Am I missing something? Am I gonna 'get it' stuck to me when I do?

    Til I hear of someone draining oil better and neater than I do on my own cars, I am doing it.

    Lets hear it and go ez on me!!

  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Well somebody had to be #3. The wife says she really wants the fog lights. I have been to and the US $ they quote is $80. However, FocusHyundai in Canada has a fog light kit which is more expensive, even after the exchange rate conversion.
    Does anyone know the difference between these fog light sets? I know the Canadian one includes an interior trim replacement piece for dash mounting. I wonder if the other kit is meant to mount on the column as originally designed?
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    The SharkRacing site says the lights come without wiring or switch. I assume they are meant for vehicles that are pre-wired.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    I asked HyundaiUSA Customer Service this very question before and the answer was that it is okay to do your own maintenance or have it done at an independent shop as long as you keep your dated receipts and/or any other records of having done the work.

    Hyundai will honor the warranty as long as the proper maintenance schedule is followed. Even when some problems does occur and you haven't done all the required maintenance, they will still honor it so long as the missing maintenance items have not caused the problem directly or indirectly. For example, if you can't prove you changed the oil/filter as specified and your wiper motor goes, they will still fix it under warranty since there is no possible way the two things are linked.

    Hope this makes you feel a bit more at ease. Feel free to call HyundaiUSA Customer Service if you have further questions. Every time I called them they've gone out of their ways to answer my questions. Just be sure to return the courtesy and not bother them with every pettily little question. IAW, it probably would not be nice to ask: "Would fuzzy dice be a factory option for the 2001 Sonata?"
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Did no one else discover the ridiculously high price that woohou stated the orginal owner paid for his Sonata? There is no way that a 95 cost 24K. A fully equipped Sonata back than stickered around 18-19K with every possible option. So the most he could have paid was around 20K with taxes, but even that is unlikely because the cars were heavily discounted to sell them. Putting the real price into perspective shows that it didn't loose its value nearly as bad as woohou would like you to think.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    I did notice that but chalked it up to the standards of that particular tale of woe. Although I did just get through reading a review posting at on an Oldsmobile Alero (4cyl., mind you) where the person reported their PURCHASE price of 24K.
    I think I missed my calling...should have been a car salesman/dealer.

    On the maintenance issue---I shoot for 5K as a compromise between the 3K (hard duty) and the 7.5K
    (factory). Having followed this oil/filter change routine, I have to say that the engine on my '95 Sonata 4 just as strong as ever.
    On the paint issue---the '95 is Dark Rosewood and we still get compliments on it. If it wasn't for the door dings, it would almost look new. Dated, but new.
  • auxaux Posts: 2
    I bought my 2000 Sonata GLS Automatic with package 12 last month. So far I had put over 2000+ miles on it. I went with 0.9% 36 month after rebates and trade in. I think it was best deal I could possibly find for the goodies that Sonata GLS offered.

    My car manufacturing date is Dec 31, 1999. A car finished on new year's eve? I don't know what to think of it. I'd better assume Robots in the assembly plan don't drink champagne.

    Anyways, I am pleased with my purchase and driving experience so far. I looked everywhere for possible paint defects many of you talked about.
    Didn't find any so far even after numerous trials of pressing against trunk hood with my gigantic right thumb.

    If anything, I noticed a touch of wabbliness when you give gas during sharp cornering at high speed, let say 30-40 mph at 80-90 degree angle.
    Or, Maybe am I asking too much?

    Anyways, I stopped at a Seven Eleven on the way home this afternoon. Interestingly, there were TWO sonata GLS' parked at the customer lots, therefore making it total of three sonatas GLS(including mine) at the same time. I thought that was weird considering the small population (40K)of my town. Anyway, I thought mine looked the best out of three (of course parked side by side) because mine is Ebony Black exterior with mysterious Florida tint job on the windows, not to mention the handsome driver :).

    I read about the Grandeur XG and saw the preview on the Hyundai Korean website. I am extremely happy about my Sonata but I will be the first one to own Grandeur XG when that beast hits the states. I have to admit that I was salivating when I saw the European Advertisement intro.

    Few days ago, after my salivating with XG ended when I found this picture of the Equus on the spy site of T-H-C.
    "Hyundai's ultimate weapon against them. 4.5-liter gasoline-direct-injection (GDI) V-8 makes 265 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque respectablely. This GDI engine is a brand-new which Hyundai and Mitsubishi developed over the years. The amazing thing about this GDI engine is that it saves fuel dramatically than conventional engines. The wheelbase of this car is 210 inches overall and the weight is 4641 pounds, which it outweighs the Lincoln Town cars. Hyundai already launched the car in April 1999, Korea. Hyundai currently has no plan to sell this car on the US market. " -- T-H-C --

    Now, here is My gripe with Hyundai Motor Company.
    Why are they keeping all their best cars available only in Korea. If the EQUUS
    was available in the states, I would certainly bypass the Grandeur XG. I want the experience of what the best of Hyundai could offer.

    Equus would be a good trade in target for me.
    I love flames.

  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Welcome to the Hyundai experience. You have picked the best available one, that's for sure. I'm curious. Why did you pass on the ABS? Or was there no choice?
    Here's hoping your dealership is decent and can service your new prize competently.

    P.S. Of course you thought it looked wife's Silver GLS is the prettiest one in Maryland...I'm certain.
  • auxaux Posts: 2
    I actually wanted the fully-loaded GLS. Unfortunately, ones with pk 13 were all sold out. My dealer threw in pin striping, environment protection package (I am not exactly sure what that is), Sunroof Wind Deflector, Custom Contoured Mud Guards, Color-Keyed Floor Mats With Custom Embroidered Vehicle Logos, first time oil change cost, and a touch-up paint bottle. All that for free. I am actually surprised that they gave me two programmed keyless entry boxes with 3 set of keys.
    The interior features that impressed me the most are
    1. comfortable leather seats:
    Front Driver Power Seat Adjusts 8 Ways Total Including Fore/Aft, Slide, Recline and Adjustable Seat Height. I think the driver seat lumbar (low back) support on this car is excellent.
    2. Premium ETR AM/FM Stereo With 120 Watts, 18 Presets Total Including 12 FM and 6 AM Presets and 10 Speakers Total; Auto-Reverse Cassette Player; Single Disc CD Player Integral To Radio.
    I still can't believe I got 10 speakers in this car.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I got my new C&D magazine today. It is the 2001 new cars issue. The Sonata is unchanged in the power department. It does not get the 2.7 V-6 offered in the Santa Fe. The only changes include a new grill and a few trim revisions that they did not elaborate on. The XG300 will have a 192 horse 3.0 V-6 with 5 speed manumatic tranny and will be available somewhere between November and January.
  • Had my check engine light come on last week when I started it up in the morning. I took it in and they diagnosed it as having a misfire code. Dealership is ordering new spark plugs. They say no dealership around here stocks NGK Platinums for the Sonata. I thought that sounded remarkably strange. I asked how they came to the conclusion that it was a spark plug and the guy got real defensive and started arguing with me. At that point, I asked for my keys back and told him to call me whenever the parts came in and I would supervise the installation. I'm considering taking it to one of the other 2 Hyundai dealerships here because this guy acted like I was some homeless guy trying to bum money off him. I hope they enjoyed selling me this car last January because it's the last time they will have the opportunity!
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Hello Aux,
    In case you haven't seen them, there are some excellent review sites out there on the new Sonata. A couple of my favorites are:

    I especially like The Car Place. I find I agree with Bob Bowdens' approach to things. I just got an e-mail from him telling me "the new Hyundai Sonata was one of the most impressive values I tested. Period. And I would be proud to own one. 'nuff Said".

    As to your comments I agree about the leather interior. I think it is impressive looking and comfortable while many competing ones are either one or the other.
    Too bad about the ABS. But you should not miss it if you live out of the bad weather zones.
    I find that the Sonatas have usually had good sound acoustics, no matter the revision. This upgrade package has excellent sound quality and my CD has yet to skip a beat.
    Throw a cargo net in the trunk if you didn't get one. You will use it. Enjoy your purchase.
  • Can you post where you found the TSB's on line? I have a 4cyl model and want to be armed and ready should I ever have to be.


  • Sorry to hear about your trouble. Did the guy clear the code for you? Did it come back?

    You can maybe clear the code yourself by removing the battery cable for a bit and while the battery is disconnected I hear turning the ignition key on a few times and even trying to turn headlights on will drain any residiual power that may be stored in some component and allow the computer to be reset.. As well as your radio presets !!

    Maybe it is/was a fluke thing. Maybe a bad batch of gas.

    If it is spark plug related, this would be the SECOND occurance I have read about. Spark plugs just dont go bad with such few miles.

    I would expect mine to look like new even after 50k miles.

    I may just go out and take one out and see. Maybe its time for those new BOSCH platinum-4's. I have them in my Ranger and they DO make a difference in mileage and power.

    Good luck with problem!

  • Got to thinking, I dont want to have folks think that removing the battery and possibly being able to clear the check engine light does NOT mean the problem is fixed or how to fix the problem.

    By doing resetting the computer by power cycling it, it may clear the error code and the problem may never come back IF it was triggered by something like cheap gas or extremely hot outside pulling a 5 ton boat up hill etc.... You know, something out of the ordinary that happened just for the moment and was trapped and stored in the diagnostic computer.

    I just dont want to mislead anyone. I know Sonatafan is really into his cars and just wondered if he tried this yet.

  • This is where you can get a list of TSB's for any car. You just can't get what the fix is unless you subscribe. The site will also list recalls if any.
  • I am sure many folks will benefit from it.

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