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Hyundai Sonata 2005 and earlier



  • Try they sell Hyundai specific parts. I haven't bought anything from them so I can't tell you if their customer service quality is any good. Hope this helps!
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Just got our '00 Silver GLS serviced for the recall and the first oil change. I kept waiting for the damn recall campaign to get into gear so I used an oil life extender to get to 7500 miles.
    Mileage dropped only slightly as the miles slowly built up to the oil change interval. I was amazed at how clean the oil looked even right up to the service.
    Total miles now just under 7600. MPG's averaging 25.5. It will be interesting to see how much of a hit to mpg the winter will bring. Also, I sure am glad the HVAC in this car is so quick to respond. Even with the leather, cold mornings are not a problem.
  • Thanks for the link.
  • I have followed this forum for a few weeks and am pleasantly surprised at all of the Sonata fans out there. I have never owned a Hyundai but have heard good things lately and have been impressed by the warranty. I also test drove the X300 (actually the car I am interested in) and was very impressed with the car. However, twice in the last week I have read unsettleing articles about Hyundai. The first reported on how, believe it or not, The Sultan of Brunai (forgive the possible misspelling), floated a loan to the company to enhance their chances of survival. Also, in yesterday Commercial Appeal (Memphis's newspaper) there was a lengthy article about just how much trouble Hyundai is in and how their employees, once proud, are now embarrassed by their company's fall from grace (not unlike Kia and Dawoo). No matter how much quality has improved the 10 year warranty is meaningless if the company no longer exist. These articles certainly suggest that it is possible that Hyundai might not survive, particularly since other American, Asian, and European car makers have been more reluctant as of late to purchase Korean companies. Anyone out there got any insight?
  • kwonc71kwonc71 Posts: 245
    I worried about Huyndai's future too.
    Before I bought my Sonata ,I had to call a Friend in Korea to ask about it.
    He knows a lot about Hyundai, and he bet at least Hyundai Motor will survive.
    (They might lose Hyundai Construction & Heavy Industry).
    Korean government have tried to make a new economy structure. Hyundai is one of main target which involves in too many industry. Korean government wants to break it apart.
    It is just a game Korean government play, and they won't be able to cut their own economic back bone for a change anyway.
  • I too wondered the same thing. For me, now, they only have to make it 9 more years. For you, if you buy today, they have to make it ten.

    I once heard that 90% of the things we worry about never happen anyways. Soooo I hope that me worrying about Hyundai way deep down inside will be one of the 90% worries that are NOT gonna happen.

    Sorry, not real helpful here today.
  • From articles I have read, it's my understanding that Hyundai Motor Company has become a seperate independent entity from the Hyundai Group. Several divisions of the Hyundai Group are seeing financial problems right now but I've only heard positive things about the current situation of Hyundai Motor. If anyone has links to anything different from what I've read, I would love to read up!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    for this Sonata body style? anyone know the details for the 2002 model?

    does the 2001 Sonata GLS V6 have chrome inside door handles?
  • I purchased a 2000 Sonata GLS last night. Has anyone out there had any problems with their 2000 Sonata?
  • The only problem I have had with my 2000 GLS is with the mass air flow sensor, which has been fixed and Hyundai has since issued a recall notice for all 2000 GLS's. Since you purchased it so recently, I would probably bet that the dealership has already taken care of that for you.

    Happy driving! What color? If you are lucky, you got the light moss! I can't believe they dropped that color for 2001!
  • I have a 00 base model and the only problem I have had is that I believed my wife that the window washer didnt work. Like a dope I pressed the same button she did and concluded, yup, here we go with the problems.

    A mechanic at the dealership said no way, we never have any problems with these sonata's. He made sure a bunch of folks were there when he jumped in and pressed the REAL window washer button! he said that is all that folks have problems with aside from the rear kid door locks and the remote lever you can throw in the trunk which prevents opening the trunk from the inside!

    You should have a fine car there!

  • Recently,tried to purchase door visors for my sonata and a Santa fe. The only problem was using the online payment with sucks). Instead of the vendor accepting payment directly, paypal handles payment at a lower rate than the bank charges. After six attempts to pay them with six server errors, I cancelled the order with HDK. A few hours later I got a call from HDK directly from Erie, Penna. They were very apologetic and were really great. they took my order on the phone and took $10 off the bill of $109 for my troubles. Now if their delivery is as good, all will be great. Sonatafan, thanks for the link.
  • Congratulations on your purchase! Sounds like you got a very good deal!
  • Thanks everyone..My 2000 GLS has run smoothly this week. It's Napoli Blue (midnight Blue) with beige Leather interior. Very nice. I was told that the air mass flow problem was taken care of before I bought it.

    The only thing I'm going to do with the Sonata is have a security alarm installed. Mine didn't come with an alarm or remote key entry.
  • I wanted the napoli blue one parked next to mine at the dealership but my wife liked the cypress green better. If they had the light moss I would have taken a closer look but the only one they had was sold.
  • Hey guys and girls - my 4 cyl is getting an average of 25mpg combined hwy/city so I'm not complaining. I have 4100 miles on her now and she just purrs!!!! I wish I could go buy 3 more Hyundias. My 2001 DOES have the headlamp warning chimes on it. Does anyone elses? I need to bring in for the recall, minor, replace some component that sends signals for the electronic diagnostics testing. I dearly love this car and I will buy another one when the need arises. My husband said he would buy a hyundai if they made full size pickups. I'm sure they are working on it. I need help -----does anyone know if I can get "window drip guards" for my sonata? Its the plastic curved pieces that fit over the door facing that keeps water or rain from blowing or dripping into the car when you crack the window.
    Happy driving
  • Mandy you can get the window visors at the link below. They're $44.95 for the set of four. They have alot of other equipment too. I haven't received my order but I can say they were customer oriented. Read my previous post.
    Good Luck
  • Update us on this. This is news to me.

  • Tony, there is no cause for alarm here. There is no recall on the 4 cyl Sonata, let alone the 2001 models. I'm sure sugarpig1 just misinterpreted the text of the recall.
  • Has anyone had Hyundai install a security system on their car?
  • Hi all...I am a new user and my wife and I are in the market for a new car. We have it narrowed down to two: Sonota or Elantra. We have the opportunity to get the '01 Elantra (5-spd) with Cruise/keyless for about $12,300. OR...we have an opportunity to get a "dealer" Sonata with 4cyl, 5-spd and roof for around 12.5K. It will have less than 10K on it but will qualify for the 0.9 financing and full warranty. Any insight? Our major concern is the lack of power in the 4 cyl Sonata. Any feedback is appreciated!!
  • I only went to look, BUT came home with it. I hope it does as good as the Sonata.

    To paterick, I have the auto and paid $13010. I dont have the keyless entry, SO if you can get that price, It sounds like a very good deal.

    Keep an eye on em ALL the time.

    I will need a few days before commenting. BUT I bought it, so that says something.

    If ya wanna see it, here is the link....

  • Hey Tony I can almost see your ugly mug in the closeup of the headlight picture on your link, Just Kidding.
    Really, that Elantra is one beautiful car Tony.
    The color for that body style is awesome. Great Pics.
  • Congratulations on the new addition! From what I've seen the new Elantra is a heck of a car. I just wish the 01 Elantra was out when I was looking for my work car and came home with the Toyota Echo. Oh well, in 4 years when the Echo is paid off, I'll take a spin in an XG!
  • The price I meantioned of 13010, after that, we got the 500 rebate back too!

    So it is more reasonable yet!

    See ya, gotta go wax it!

  • Lucky dog. It's 30 degrees here.
  • It waxed fast! Funny how waxing a car introduces you to 'things' you may not ever have noticed.

    Only weak spot of paint is on the back trunk where the lights for the license plate are housed. One teeny tiny vertical intersection of the light assemble and the trunk is so light on the paint, I am debating dabbing it with some touchout paint or not. Touch up paint and I dont get along real well and I dont trust any dealer sooo I last nite I tossed and turned for about hmmmm 45 seconds worrying about it before falling asleep!

    See ya,

  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Being the political junkie I am, have been obsessing over the election results. Haven't been to Edmunds, T-H-C, or any other auto site since 11/6/00. Broke down today after watching an eternity of court testimony...

    My Sonata GLS V-6 w/Pkg 13 & 5-speed, purchased 5/00, is pushing up to 11,000 mile mark. She keeps getting about 26-29 mpg on highway (74 mph). Haven't had a single problem with her (though I did have the MAF recall work done). Better still, the repair work done by the Hyundai dealer after the front-end damage in 9/00 was excellent. Great paint work and nary a problem with anything. (Now I just have to get through testifying at the punk's trial on 12/6/00. He is pleading not guilty to the improper lane change citation.)
  • Yes guys, I did receive a letter from Hyundai in the mail not long ago ---- 2001 Sonanta 4 cyl recall -- says the following --- The EPA onboard diagnostics regulations require that the vehicle's onboard computers make certain diagnostic infor accessible by electronic scan tools when vehicle is serviced. the 2001 4 cyl does not properly diagnose malfunctions and display diagnostic codes for some of the required functions. The hyundai dealer will reprogram the TCM (Transmission Control Module) which controls the auto trans electronic functions.
    I have not called for an appt. yet, but will do so this month. It sounds like it is no big deal, but still have to do it for warranty purposes. Am I the only one who has gotten this notice. It is for automatic transmissions only!!!
    Thanks Carl for the information regarding the drip moldings and the website address, I will check it out.
    Hope this recall information helps all of you with the automatics.
    Down here in Houston, we have gas for 1.26/gallon at some major stations. This will feel real good when filling up!!! My other car was a full size Dodge Hi-top van and took a second mortgage to fill up and about 13-16 miles a gallon. The sonata is a real pleasure to pull up to the station with.
    See yall
  • I am in the market for a new vehicle and am considering a Hyundai XL300, perhaps even a Sonata too. I have followed this forum for some time and have been impressed with all of the positive comments. Without trying to be negative or start a flame war, are there any of you out there who are having trouble with your Hyundai products purchased in the last few years (particularly the Sonata). Anybody had any transmission problems, brake problems, or engine problems? Are there any problems that seem to be consistent year after year or throughout the customer base? Anyone out there got a high mileage Sonata with or without problems? Has anyone felt ripped off in any way? Thanks!
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