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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    When will the 03 Camrys arrive in the Northeast ? What new features will be available ? Will Cassis Pearl ( red ) replace Salsa Pearl ?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I like Salsa Red Pearl. It's beautiful on an SE model.
  • jbg12jbg12 Posts: 7
    I'm going to be purchasing a Camry, Accord, or Passat in Sept/Oct. I tested an SEV6 that exhibited unsophisticated harshness on bumps at relatively low speed. Was this specific to this car perhaps? No reviews that I've seen have mentioned such behavior. Otherwise really liked the car and much prefer it to the LE/XLE. Any thoughts? Thanks
  • biyonic2biyonic2 Posts: 15
    I got to test drive a loaded 2002 Camry with the bigger engine for over 200 miles. My general thoughts:

    Great steering, suspension, and overall "feel" Good general driving power from the engine.
    Good brakes. Great big comfy leather seats.

    Although the engine was capable for general driving it had no passing power. I would not buy this car because I could not pass trucks on a 2 lane with total confidence. That is something that is important to me as a driver and may not be to you.

    Also had issue with arm rest to high and too low - but that is nitpicking.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    My only input on the SE besides that which you mention is that I feel the Black lettering and emblems are cheap and not very visible. If I were getting an SE, I'd see if there was any way to get it without that- though I do like the blacked out headlamps.

    biyonic- how in the world did you manage to test drive a car for 200 miles?
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    The new Camry is much better than the previous edition. But there is still room for improvement :

    - about 25 more HP would be nice ( V6 )
    - HID/Xenon headlights
    - tilting feature for the steering wheel
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I think that can be considered the Lexus ES 300.
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    you're right
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The steering wheel does tilt. Do you mean telescope? Any coolguy-very shrewd assertion.
    Whats up? Whats goin on? Any 02 Camry owners have anything to say? Rants/Raves?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    but the darn car does need steering wheel radio controls. Even the Es300 doesn't have them, that's a shame.
  • 1000bpm1000bpm Posts: 6
    How legitimate is this TDA fee???

    Just ordered a Silver LE V6 w/ GI, GU, Sunroof, Spoiler, Alloys, Carpet mats, All Weather Mats for $23,700 which is invoice + $300 (dealer margin) + $325 (TDA).

    I don't mind giving the dealer $300 for his trouble in driving the car down a dealer in Northern Indiana ..... after all there are legitimate expenses involved in paying a driver to get the vehicle down, documentation at both dealers, etc.

    But the TDA of $325? How legit is this?
  • 1000bpm1000bpm Posts: 6
    Anyone heard anything? When will they hit the showrooms?

    Will the same V6 powertrain be offered? Or will it be a VVTI ...similar to the one used by the Avalon, ES 300 or RX 300? More displacement perhaps?

    Any enhancements to the interiors/exteriors?

    Just trying to figure out if I should wait for the 03's before taking delivery of my 02' LE V6.
  • i_luv_toyotai_luv_toyota Posts: 350
    The 2003 Camrys should be out in September, which is the usual month for Toyota's model year change over.

    I wouldn't know of any visual enhancements, but I doubt it. After all it was just introduced.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I got my 4cyl automatic LE 1700 miles ago. I got it with no packages and only added on mats, alloys and a spoiler. I have been hesitant to post any comments since the car is so new but I will say the following...

    I did not see the value of the SE over LE either. Though I liked the brushed chrome on the interior I found the cloth seats (dark grey - almost black) too claustrophobic.(then again I think my LE's stone interior is a bit too light!) I did not find the the Black pearl emblems particularly unappealing but evidently many do based on how many sets of them I see selling on Ebay. I guess you can get them removed and have a chrome or gold set installed! In any event I did not feel the upgraded interior and fog lights were worth the extra bucks. As far as the comment on the engine not being fast/powerful enough; we just had a trip up I87 from Jersey to New York. Personally I can not understand why anyone would opt for the 6 cyl engine. The 4cyl was as fast as my old Ford 6 (no snickers please--I loved my old Mystique). I had no problems passing trucks either. We had two adults and 2 children in the car with air on. I was realy impressed with gas mileage too - 30mpg. I too had concerns about the 4cyl but in the face of the 6's sludge issues I took the 4 and saved a few bucks. I have not been disappointed!

    Like I said I have had the car a short period of time so I can not make too many comments. I can say the car is SUPER quiet. This works a bit against it though because contrary to the Beach Boy hit I have 'bad vibrations' just above ear's height on both the driver's and passenger side as well as by the radio area and by the glove box. This is REAL dissapointing because the car is soooo quiet otherwise. (I am waiting to see if they get better or turn to rattles before I get the dealer involved) Sadly one of the main reasons I bought the Camry was because I did not want a rattle trap...those noises drive me nuts! By the way there was some talk about rattles in the early 2002 Camry's and the fact that the situation was rectified...not so.... my Camry was made May 1st.

    My only other real disappointment (other than the just announced 2 star side impact emabarassing for Toyota) is the AC when set in floor mode really does not get the job done...even with the air recirculating. I found you must really keep in Bilevel mode and cut back on the AC dial from blue to red as it gets too cold.

    Now if you want some real nitpicks...I find the angle of the gas pedal a bit steep....hard to get my foot comfortable (thank God for the Cruise on long trips), there is no 'curb' lighting when you exit the car at night...this was real handy on my Ford--the kids are forever droping things in the driveway at night! Note: I don't even think this is available on the XLE. Also, it's just about impossible to see if the AC and Recirculation buttons are illuminated during the day not to mention the switches for mirrors, windows and locks are not illuminated at night. Another annoyance, when the car is shut off the interior lighting does not automatically come on. Finally, the damn owners manual does not fit well in the glove box! (Hey I said these were nitpicks)

    On the other hand, I do like the temperature gauge, cup holders, easily to use radio and simple dash layout. I find the lumbar seat support, auto off headlights and 6 spkr am/Fm/Cassete/Cd player all great features for the base model. So far the car, though not very exciting, does excelerate very smoothly and is very peppy, it has been very comfortable (seat adjusts up/down/fore/aft with lumbar), and as mentioned above is VERY quite. Handling has been superb though the Power steering is a bit overpowered.... We'll see what happens as time goes on.

    If your shopping for a new car you likely can't go wrong with the Camry - especially for under 20K with tax. Though with that 2 star side impact safety rating you might want to try the new Accord....of course who knows what it's rating will...obviously you can not assume these things anymore!
  • mandarinomandarino Posts: 9
    both my neighboors have late 90s camrys. Both experienced the same problem. Their cars would not turn off and then the starter would begin smoking and in one case caught fire. Has anyone heard of this? Is this problem wide spread? Has Toyota had a recall?

    Mike M Thanks
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For what its worth, I called Toyota Customer Service today and, after waiting for 10 minutes, was able to speak to a representative about the 2 Star Side Impact Rating.
    According to her (a surprisingly nice young sounding woman named Connie), Toyota relased an internal document on the crash test result. Here's my best paraphrasing-
    Toyota was surprised to learn of the NHTSA's 2 Star rating for Driver Safety in the Side Impact Crash. Before it was introduced to the public, the Camry underwent many crash tests of several different types, including side impacts with direct respect to those that are performed by NHSTA. In all of Toyota's tests, the Camry, with and without airbags performed within the equivalent of the standards set for the 4 to 5 star range. Toyota engineers are currently investigating why there would be such a discrepancy between its testing and that of NHTSAs. They also point out that the rear passenger received 5 stars, as expected, and that NHTSA has performed a full frontal crash test on the Camry, for which it will release results shortly, and Toyota is confident they will be impressive. Finally, the receptionist also pointed out that the Camry received the highest rating from the IIHS for its offset test.

    Just thought I'd post that for what its worth. Toyota's Customer Service Center is at 800-331-4331
  • sr89rochasr89rocha Posts: 2
    My son has a '97 Camry SE and he has disconnected the flange on the muffler just for noise modification. I've always heard that it can damage the engine. Is that true or a possibility?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    You must not have been driving in the seventies or eighties, or else you had a Ferrari, because the V-6 Camry is faster than a late seventies Corvette, and most other cars made in that era.

    Allowing enough space to pass will give you more confidence - people have been doing it for years in much slower vehicles. What do you drive now that is so much faster?
  • hondacarehondacare Posts: 3
    Now understand that I am biased. I am a sales manager for a Honda dealership. Do not take my word for it. Do the research yourself. I have seen several cases of this sludge problem in the past month.

    I used yahoo and performed the following search:
    toyota sludge oil

    The sludge issue involves all Toyotas 4 and 6 cylinder. The only vehicle not affected is the Sequoia.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    1997-2001 Camrys, Solaras, Siennas, Avalons, Celicas and Highlanders as well as 1997-2001 Lexus ES300s and RX300s and are contacting them with a letter.

    Which is namely the 5S-FE & 1MZ-FE motors, and the occasional ZZ motor.

    It's in the "Official Toyota Press Release on Sludge" thread in the archived Maintenance and Repair section.
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