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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • Visited some friends yesterday who just got an 03 LE 4 cylinder. Wife drove it and loved it, but sill wants the ABS and VSC package. Since ABS only comes in the V6 models, I priced one out on Edmunds. With the Convenience Plus package B and VSC/Side Airbag package, should be able to get it for $23,811. I think that's a good price. ANo more "haggle room"? No trade in and this will be a straight cash deal.

    The Saturn L300 is about two grand MORE, and is less car in the long run.

    After we get her Camry, we'll be checking out AAA's extended warranty services. Would LOVE to have that Hyundai-type 10 year warranty!

    Now, just to pin the wife down to one color....Catalina Blue was the only choice until we saw a Phantom Gray Pearl last night. Geez!
  • Mine is a phantom grey. I think silver is nice too with the 16" alloy wheel. Enjoy your Camry if you did get one and I think your wife will be happy with it.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    I am interested in the Camry with the I4 engine and auto trans. Can anyone tell me what kind of mpg I can expect with mostly highway driving? Also, can someone tell me what the RPM are at exactly 70 mph? Thanks
  • i have the 03 SE i4 Manual transmission,
    last time i seen it the rpm is around 2600 to 2700rpm at 70mph on 5th gear
    around 2100 at 60mph, and close to 3000 at 80mph
    i think it is different on an auto.
  • My 2003 LE 4 cylinder automatic gets about 32mpg in highway travel. RPM at 70 is about 2500 (from memory -- I know that 60mph=2100). My normal commuting mileage (biased toward highway) is right on 30 mpg.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    All details that you want to know: =2004camry_s

    New 3.3L takes more gas than 3.0L as I expected.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I'd gladly trade 1 mpg city for the extra 15 hp and 20 lb. torque that the 3.3L offers. From everything I've read regarding this engine in other Camry iterations, I think we'll see a zero-sixty in the 7.3 second range. Judging from the last (non VVTi) 3.0 that Car and Driver tested, this would represent an entire second improvement.

    Additionally, I am intrigued by these specs, as I am almost positive in the 2004 Camry brochure, the 5ECTi/3.0 V6 combination is listed at 20/28 city/hwy EPA ratings. Either I am wrong, or those must have been preliminary measures.

    Thanks for the specs post, canoe2!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Yea, there are definitely errors on that page. For example, check out the curb weights of the V6 models- thats for the old 192hp/4speed auto versions. The new curbs for the VVTi 3.0 5sp ECTi combo are not shown (or I dont see them), and neither is the nearly 3500lb curb weight for the 3.3L 5sp ECTi SE V6.

    Also, this states that XLE models have side curtains standard, which has NEVER been indicated before. Youd think if this were true, it would show up SOMEWHERE, for example, the, or the Camry brochure, car mags, etc.

  • Hi,

    I have a 2003 xle 4cyl...and I love the car. I am thinking about purchacing the navigation system. Can you help me with the following questios:

    -is the navigation system any good?

    -can it be added on to my existing car? ( I have the jbl sound system)

    -what would be a good price to pay for one?

    -does the installation interfere with the sound system?
  • I have around 5K+ on my 03 V6 (5spd auto with the bigger engine). I am getting around 17mpg city and I have never gotten more than 25mpg on pure hghway driving. How does this compare with what others are getting?????
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    I also have the 03 V6 and the combined mileage I get is about 23mpg, mix driving but I don't have a daily commute, not stuck in traffic, that would make a difference.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    - 29.5 mpg over 700 miles (90% highway), traffic jam 40 minutes, full load. Average speed 75 mph

    - 31.4 mpg over 300 miles (98% highway), full load. Average speed 73 mph

    -Mix city and Highway over 400 miles, 1/2 load: 21.4 mpg

    Fuel used: Regular with 87 octane
  • Hello all,
    I've been shopping for a new car to replace my 1991 Camry wagon. Over the past two days, a salesman at my local dealership has encouraged me to plan to buy a 2003(XLE V6 fully loaded). He assured me several times that they were still in plentiful supply.

    Well . . . . when we began to talk numbers today he went off to see his manager and came back looking as if he was about to have a nervous breakdown. He announced that the "production year had ended" and they would no longer be able to get a 2003 from another dealer. To get the car I want, my only choice would be to buy a 2004.

    I'm not opposed to buying an '04, but I'm wondering about this sudden change. The salesman offered to discount the '04 as compensation for the switch. The "discounted price" he quoted is very close to Edmund's TMV for the car.

    Any comments will be welcomed. :-)
  • I just did a quick search in the Southeastern region. There are about 25 2003 XLE V6 models left in the entire region and they seem to be going fast. The last shipments seem to be scheduled to arrive this weekend, so manufacturing has clearly shifted to the 04. A good deal on a 2003 XLE V6 made it rather desirable because nothing significant changes on that model for 04. You need to evaluate the quality of the deal you are going to get on an 04 on its own merits and try to determine if the salesman is just somewhat incompetent (he should certainly be aware of his pipeline) or if you were setup for a classic bait and switch. Good luck.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    94Supra knows his stuff- but I'd like to pose the question, even if this salesperson did "bait and switch", if he is offering you the 04 at very close to the 03 TMV, well thats a good thing- you car will, in theory, remain newer, longer.

  • At this time of year, inventory and availablity changes faster than at any other time.

    The Chicago Region still has over 75 of the XLE V6 on the ground - of course different areas have different availablity.

    I'd say if you can get the 04 at the 03 price go for it. Probably no rebate on the 04 vs. the 03, but it is a year "newer".
  • Thanks for the feedback alpha and 94supra.

    The salesman is offering me an 04 for $50 less than the TMV for 04's. Using the MSRP, Invoice and TMV figures from Edmunds, this will give the dealership a profit of $1732, which includes $500 dealer holdback from Toyota (2% of base MSRP).

    The TMV for an 03 with the same options is $1500 less than the price the salesman offered for the 04.

    Assuming the dealership would not receive the dealer holdback on an 03, if I paid the TMV for an 03 the profit to the dealership would be only $228.

    As the salesman isn't offering anything better than the TMV for the 04 it's clear his statement that his price was "making it up to me for the switch to an 04" is baloney.

    I can check with other dealerships to compare prices on the 04, but I'm also wondering if I want to stay with this dealership or go somewhere else to buy. The salesman seemed genuinely upset, but I can't help but feel I'm being manipulated. Maybe his nervousness was due to the fact that he was trying to pull one over on me.

    I suppose I could check around to see if anyone has an 03 with everything I want and see what other dealerships are like. As I said in my first post, an 04 is fine with me, but then again, if I can save $2000 with an 03 why not go that route? I guess the bottom line is whether the 03's are still available or not.

    The funny thing is that I went to the local dealership looking for an 04 and it was the salesman who suggested I buy an 03 instead!

    Well, I will go forward and see what happens next. Thanks again for the feedback.
  • Thanks Steve. How do you find out what's available in a given area? All I know about is looking at the dealership's inventory if it's available on the net.
  • I hope I'm not taking too much space on this board! I was wondering if anyone has an opinion about how paying cash for a car figures into the bargaining. I plan to pay cash for my new car. I think this would be to the dealer's advantage, but I'm not sure how this might affect the purchase price, if at all.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Take all the space you want, that's what we are here for! :)

    Also, don't miss the resources available on our Smart Shopper board and all of the great info under the blue Tips and Advice tab at the top of the page.

    Keep us posted and good luck!
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