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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Actually I don't know a lot about it. When cars get old, it could happen. Weak battery? Dirty fuel filter? Partially clogged feul injectors? Spark plugs? Anything else in electric circuit to generate a strong enough spark, and anything else in the fuel line to provide a free flow of fuel...

    My 02 QX4 starts noticeably easier than my 00 RX300. QX4 only needs a very short cranking. Many times I though I cranked it too short and I saw the rpm needle went down to nearly zero, but it came up...
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For those interested in crash tests, keep your eyes peeled- the IIHS dynamic side crash test ratings for midsize sedans are due soon. I'd guess Dateline will be airing them within the next week or two, and check for info as well.

  • I read on the Camry Problems and Solutions forum that a TSB had been issued.
    After reading the other posts, I'm not sure if a solution had been found and if it just applies to SE models.
    Anyone have any new information on this? Which models, is one worst than another, what can help, is there a fix?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    That the left-pull issue is associated ONLY with the 3.3L V6 equipped Camrys and Solaras, meaning it would affect only the Camry SE V6, and NOT the Camry SE 4 (this model has been out for 3 years..).

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    The problem with hard starting is likely to be a bad Cold Start Injector Timer. This tells the cold start injector to squirt extra fuel when the water temp is low in order to enable easy starts. I had this problem last winter with my 89 4-cyl Camry. A dealer will charge about $140 for the part. The coolant will need to be partially drained to remove and install the timer. This is a common problem.
  • I was reading Consumer Reports 2003 annual car guide today and noticed the Camry's reliability was just average. I thought this was very unusual since reliability for all other Toyotas was above average. Do you think the reliability of the Camry has declined a little over the years or was this score based on the sludge incident I read about and other factors? I think this reliability rating also factored into them preferring the Accord over the Camry.
    I know those scores are based on owner surveys and could be biased but other Toyotas ranked at the top for reliability in all the other catagories.
    My wife is looking seriously at the 2004 Camrys so any input would be appreciated.
  • was build issues, not mechanical issues; mostly in the rattle arena. Sludge does not apply to this car at this point. I have found the car to great in most respects but in the rattle arena awefull and embarrasing. I believe the over rating of the 04 is up and Toyota will tell you they solved the rattles issue but I would not be too quick to believe them. I am still trying to get my rattles tended to and still see complaints for 02/03 and 04s. At least I have found out about some new parts of late that may quiet some rattles. Hopefully this works. I would expect the newer parts are used on the 04s.

    All in all, if rattes do not offend you, the Camry still is the place to be. If they bug you try a Honda. I am not quite so confident that the over all reliabilty Toyota has earned over the years will hold for the 02 redesign, if they cheated on plastics and fasteners and such, how do you know they did not cheat elsewhere as well. Enthusiaists here will poo poo that notion but time will tell...still a Toyota with a great past track record and an even unknown current one is better than many domestics with consistently average or below average past records.
  • I own a 2003 Camry LE V6. My rattle problem isn't as bad as andrelaplume's. However, I heard two distinct rattles coming from the seatbelt re tractor/extension area of the front driver and passenger side doors. I didn't have the dashboard rattle. The rattles lasted about 6 months from the date of purchase. During my 6000 mile oil change I told the service manager about the problem and he told me the mechanic will look into it. Since then my car has been rattle free. I don't know what they did but for the last 4 months it has been rattle free. Keeping my finger crossed it won't return.

    My suggestion to you;test drive both the 04 Camry and Accord over all kinds of road. Bumpy, smooth, (try to find a speed breaker, drive over it and keep your ears peeled for any kind of unusual noises. Also try to find a road with a very coarse surface (like an asphalt road that hasn't been smoothed over). If the car is a rattler you will definitely hear it. If you have to, take both cars for an extended test drive. Our Toyota dealer allows potential customer to keep the car overnight. Overall, I am very pleased with Toyota and how they treated me. Dealer treatment was my factor for choosing Camry over Accord. Hope this helps
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I will certainly agree with andrelaplume- the redesigned 02 Camry's build issues were primarily concerned with interior trim. However, reliability, as rated by Consumer Reports has returned to "Much Better than Average", after a drop to only "Average" for reliability based on the 2002 model. That said, the Accord is NOT immune from rattles, as you will find if you read that thread as well. Indeed, it saw a drop in reliability this year, from "Much Better than Average" to "Better than Average" after the redesign. (I'm basing info on a publication available from CR that is on newsstands only, called "2004 New Car Review" or something along that line..... the rest of us can expect to see the current reliability rankings in the April 2004 issue, which should be arriving in suscribers mailboxes in the next 5 weeks).

    What this all says to me:
    No automaker is free from redesign bugs. Indeed, this is not the first time for Toyota and Honda, and it will not be the last. Additionally, I feel the domestics and Koreans are closing the gap with respect to long term reliability. But Toyota/Honda still remain on top.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Yes, the reason reliability dropped to average was the rattles, which most people get fixed under warranty or they ignore. If you look at the "other" car, you'll see transmission problems, alignment, some rattles, etc. The sludge "issue" is not something to be concerned about on the new Camry, and not on an older Camry either. My in-law has a 97 (one of the so-called sludge engines) with over 100k miles , changes oil every 3,500 miles, no sludge, no consumption. For that matter, no issues at all, just an alternator at 90 some thousand miles. The Camry is the very quiet and rides very nice, IMHO, compared to the other car. The other one is "sportier", if that's what you like. Test both, pick the one you like.
  • if only it were that simple!
  • 18fan18fan Posts: 147
    Just curious.....

    Have you heard any news regarding whether Toyota will make ABS brakes standard equipment across the entire Camry lineup for the 05 model year? I'm really surprised they did not do this with the 04 model, especially considering that Honda made ABS standard across the Accord line with the 03 redesign.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Sorry to report, 18fan.

  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Are the front seats on the XLE V6 8-way power seats? Is the driver seat lumbar power? Thanks.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    The front seats in my XLE 4 cyl with leather are 8 way power, with power lumbar on the drivers seat. I assume that they are the same on the 6 cyl. It is odd that on the description of the seats is not complete, especially since most competitors' seats have less adjustability. Even some Lexus models don't have 8 way power seats on the passenger side (like the RX330 and the GX470). Go figure.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    in the LE the wipers are intermittent... right??

    but in the XLE, the wipers are VARIABLE intermittent? is that right???

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Toyota should have made abs standard across the line;to compete with the Accord,and because from a safety point it is the right thing to do. By the way, since it is a family car, side curtain air bags should also be standard. When will they get it?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Both Toyota home page and Edmunds show that LE also has VARIABLE intermittent windshield wiper.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For reference, an 8 way power drivers seat is standard on all models, and ALL XLEs (4 and V6) get the same for the passenger side. Variable intermittent wipers are standard on all models.

    Since they are more expensive, Id like to see Toyota add side-curtains as standard equipment and hold the line on pricing, and leave the ABS as the $300 option. Of course, it would be great to get both with no substantial price increase, but only time will tell if any of our wishes are granted!!

  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    what i mean by "variable" wipers is that the speed can be continuously adjusted incremetally from slow to fast-- like on my honda accord....

    it seems on the LE there's an intermittent wiper selection-- but it's "fixed"-- you can't adjust how intermittant it is.

    is this true? and is it different on the XLE??
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