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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • keepitkeepit Posts: 10
    FreddieVH: As far as I know, no ad fee, but sorry not 100% sure. Just bought a Sienna today with a few hundred bucks ad fee, 3.5% over invoice for LE with side bags and warranty at cost. If you don't beat em up too badly on price, they'll be nicer on warranty I think. Wif actually finished off the Camry purchase, I was on phone. No extra warranty.

    Spector: Yes, this is the problem with being in a hurry. I'm moving and needed 2 cars ASAP. Not good for getting what you want to spec. If I don't get killed I'll never miss the ABS and side bags (insert irony here). I'm going to look into aftermarket leather -- sounds like the dealers just outsource to upholsterers anyway and collect a cut from what I've been able to ask service depts.

    I'm not sure why so many of you prefer the Camry to the Accord, but for me, I didn't want to walk up to my car every day and wonder who botoxed it.
  • keepitkeepit Posts: 10
    Also meant to thank you for the advice. You are right, would have been happy with Acc EX despite my jokes. Well, it's done now. - keepit
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Because of Toyota's regionally convoluted system of distribution, ordering cars can be a nightmare depending on where you are. And, in actuality, the 2005s arent TOO far away... rumor has it that we'll see a summer appearance for the revisions (which include sharp 17-inch alloys on the SE V6, a new, more agressive front-end, redesigned taillamps, revised guages, new lower dash, etc).

    keepit- Congrats, and you're welcome.

  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    I guess since it is a more major change this year, that the 05 might be out sooner. Like you said I was expecting a nightmare when I placed my order. The salesman said he had only ordered two cars in 6 years of working at the dealership. But it all went smooth. I am in SET region.

    keepit--you are right, if you gotta have it now, you have to go with what you can find. I just try to not be in that situauion. I have been lucky the last two times, but I can see if you had a car totalled or something where you may have to replace it right away.

    You said "I'm not sure why so many of you prefer the Camry to the Accord". To me it was a no brainer. I looked at some accords in some parking lots and they appeared way smaller on the inside than the camry. I like the looks of the accord, inside and out, but the camry just looked more upscale to me. The accord reminded me of a twenty something car, which I am not, LOL. I am not knocking the accord, I am sure it is a great car, just the camry looked better to me and fit my needs better. I am still amazed that the camry feels so much bigger, inside and out, but it actually has a smaller fit in my garage.
  • dekesterdekester Posts: 322
    Drove 110 miles with the reprogrammed tranny this weekend. Don't know what they did, but it still feels like a manual bucking and getting ready to stall! When I slow down for a light, but don;t completely stop and then accellerate, the tranny kicks. Years ago you knew it was because you were at the shift point between gears and the tranny had to either finish the downwhift or go to the higher gear.

    Maybe I need to bring the car in and take the service guy for a ride to show him what the problem is.

    Even slowing to go through the toll gates was enough to confuse the tranny as to what gear to be in. This can't be normal. Anyone else experiencing this, or do I need to get used to it? Since there are two of us driving the car and we each have different styles, are we driving the adaptive program batty because it can't learn TWO drivers?

    Otherwise, this car is "like butta".

  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    I think this is normal, it happened to me also, it gets better as you put more miles on it, how many miles did you have on before the new ecu?

    I noticed it a lot at first but now don't even notice it. It's like preparing to stop but then you immediately hit the accelerator, try to hit it gently to see if it makes any difference.
  • dekesterdekester Posts: 322
    Car had 3100 miles on it - now about 3200.
    This is the first car we've owned with electronically controlled tranny, so maybe I need to get used to the "non-mechanicability" of it?

    Checked the door jamb sticker and our LE V6 was built 02/03. All 2003 V6s are equipped with the 5-speed auto, correct? I don't have the window sticker handy right now to look at....

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Not ALL 2003s. The switch was made starting with January 2003 production, so yours does indeed have the 5 speed automatic. Note the transmission "upgrade" was also accompanied by the addition of VVTi to the 3.0L V6, which boosted hp by 18 to 210, and torque by 11 foot pounds, to 220.

    A technicality thats worth noting- You've probably had vehicles with electronically controlled transmissions before. The "newness" of feeling in the interaction between your foot and the vehicle's shifting characteristics is due to an electronically controlled THROTTLE (not transmission).

  • bellabella Posts: 4
    What is the "anti-theft system w. engine immobilizer and ALARM" that is standard on the XLE? Is it the same as the passive alarm? Dealer says it is not, and that will it not be recognized as an alarm by insurance. Thanks in advance.
  • dekesterdekester Posts: 322
    Alpha - Thanks! Guess I need to have a lighter foot than usual in the Camry.

    Bella - our insurance company recognized the standard engine immobilizer on our LE V6 as an anti-theft device and gave us the corresponding discount. Check with your insurance company before taking the word of someone who's probably wanting to sell you an alarm system.

  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    Congrats on the new SE! $19K is terrific, and better than you could get by ordering. I'm still waiting for my SE order, but it hasn't been 8 weeks, yet. (You can always pump the brakes, besides, if you do lots of hiway driving who worries about the brakes :-)

    One of the things folks have said is to ask for the price Out the Door, because they can do the calculation, as soon as you've agreed.

    Keep us informed about the Sienna (I know it's a Camry Newsgroup.)

  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    I know this is off topic here, but just had to run to the local Toyota dealership tonight and low and behold they had both an Xa and a xB sitting there. I thought they were not to arrive nationwide until June? It is still March on my calendar.
  • keepitkeepit Posts: 10
    Thanks - yes, the alternatives to ABS while driving are delirium tremens, or 42 cups of coffee, or Parkinson's. Actually, I'll just plan to steer better.

    Quick update on the post-Camry Sienna purchase: I paid exactly 3.5% over invoice for an LE with the safety package #7 (side bags, etc.) mats and unwanted "cargo net", plus $3XX ad fee, plus $70 odd in other taxes (?). Don't recall the exact total dollars. Good transaction, fair price, I think. I let a few bucks here or there slide.

    Hope your SE comes in soon.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    Thanks for the update, too bad the problem is still there! Next time, try on slope up road you would notice the "kick" clearly. Your car has the same date built as mine (built in Japan).
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Is anyone able to understand Toyota's marketing strategies these days? What EXACTLY is a "Standard Camry". The way this Press Release describes it, it sounds like an LE, but cheaper, with no loss of equipment? What? It also sounds like it is still an 04 model, not an 05 just yet. If anyone knows anything, please share. =20040402b
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Apparently, the 2004 Camry (w/o Side Airbags) has been crash tested by NHTSA. The ratings are remarkably different from the Camry's former ratings.

    2002 Camry
    Frontal Impact:
    Driver 5 stars/Passenger 4 stars
    Side Impact:
    Driver 2 stars/Passenger 5 stars

    2003 Camry
    Frontal Impact:
    Driver 5 stars/Passenger 4 stars
    Side Impact:
    Driver 3 stars/Passenger 5 stars

    2004 Camry
    Frontal Impact:
    Driver 4 stars/Passenger 4 stars
    Side Impact:
    Driver 4 stars/Passenger 3 stars

    So, for the 2004 model year, in the frontal impact, the driver dummy dropped to 4 stars, despite no engineering changes to the restraint and or frontal structure.

    In the side impact, the Driver dummy increase to 4 stars, but the rear passenger dropped AN ENTIRE 2 stars to a 3 star rating. However, I am not aware of any engineering changes to the rear door/and or side beam enginner and construction.

    VERY interesting. What gives at NHTSA? I'm not sure why, but the 2004 Camry produced an HIC on the rear dummy that is dangerously high- 999-but I dont believe this is included in the star rating. Odd that the HIC for the rear dummy in the 2002/2003 was in the 470s. (At the time this was not reported on the summary page, but can be still be found on the vehicles detailed and ultra huge PDF file).

  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Sounds like the same equipment as on my LE for exactly $1,000 less. Seems like they just rolled the $1,000 rebate into the price? Hopefully someone in the know can explain this one.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I was about to post concerning this "standard" Camry? It could be a sales ploy or they just found some way to decontent those models, or like larry said, just a way to put in a certain rebate for those lower end models.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    all they did i think was bring back the camry CE...maybe add a few bells and whistle... probably less padding in the seats or stuff that's not visible to the eye...

    accord has it's DX, now camry has it's version.

    am i nuts?
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    I am uninformed about what the differences use to be between a CE and a LE. Honda leaves a/c off of the DX to lower its cost. With the equipment listed that is on the "standard camry", a/c is included as well as the other major equipment, so I don't see how they could decontent an LE by $1,000. Padding in the seat can't save more than $5.00. I have to believe it is some marketing ploy to undercut the price of the competition.
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