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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    is that most of the posters on this thread probably have no intention of buying a car now, Camry or otherwise.

    : )

  • ilovestsilovests Posts: 16
    I agree on that. I have never been much of a Toyota fan, but that was a pretty nice looking car. Even today they are nice looking. The last style Camry was about as drab as you can get.

    I will wait to judge the newest one until I see it in person.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Any pictures of the SE model? I have been to my dealership, and they don't have any new Camrys, some might be in today or tomorrow. I would like to see what the SE models look like, I am a sporty type of person, and I want a 5 speed manual. I love the Phantom gray color. Since you work for Toyota, is there any chance that the SE V6 might get a 5 speed manual later( like what Lexus did with the IS)
    Thanks in advance

    Also, you are a really informative person, the salespeople at the Toyota dealership I went to ignore me basically, I walked around the lot and in the dealership and no one said anything to me, I had to ask about the new Camry myself, and this guy only gave me a little spec sheet, with a picture of a 2002 Camry XLE in Lunar Mist on the front, I told him I would be back, he told me "make sure you buy one from me," oh well, looks like I will be going to Toyota of Greenville soon. LOL.

    Mackabee, you are totally different from those guys, you give us answers to all our questions, and you gave us info on the new Camry way ahead of anybody else. Thank You for that, you make car buying easier, we need more car salespeople like you.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I currently drive a 1995 Lexus ES 300 that I bought new. I plan on buying the all-new 2002 ES 300 later this year. And, I am a "car guy."

    Don't get me wrong, I think the new Camry is a great car. It's just that I like to buy my cars loaded, and if I'm spending $30,000 I'm getting an Acura TL over a Camry. If I want to get the same type of car as the Camry, I'll buy an Accord and save $5,000+.

    I'm sure many people disagree with me, but that's my feeling. But I still love the Camry. I just feel its price should be closer to the Accord.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    I'll be buying a car within the next year. ;-)

    I want a sporty and stylish sedan, so when I first heard that the Camry was being redesigned with "younger" buyers in mind, I was pretty happy. But now that it's out, I'm a little disappointed with the result. The V6 has LESS power than last year, when it was already a little behind its competitors. And I think the new front bumper is too big and blocky. Don't get me wrong - I'll still test drive it, but I don't really think Toyota is going to attract many more buyers outside of their current demographic. Just my opinion. I'll probably end up with an Altima or Maxima, or maybe an A4 if I decide that I prefer style/interior over sportiness.
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    I thought this was the "Toyota Camry" forum, not the "I'm about to buy a Toyota Camry or one of its competitors" forum.

    I didn't think it was necessary to be in the market for a particular car to discuss it.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I have to say that what I have seen and heard about the next Accord will leave many Camry owners wanting a refund.

    The only Camry that was worth its money was the 92 generation. This was nice looking and had respectable performance for its time.

    To spend 29k on a Camry (XLE) with out Pamela Anderson (men) or Mel Gibson (ladies) sitting in the passenger seat is completely insane.

    I need a car before Christmas so I am leaning toward the 2002 Altima for now. I am expecting it fully loaded for about 3k less than the under powered Camry.
  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    I understand the the 2002 V6 engine is a slight bit lower rated horsepower than the previous year(s). I have a friend who owns a 1995 Camry V6 and he uses premimum gasoline...he said that the Toyota service manager recommended premium for this engine.

    Is the use of premium still recommended for the 2002 V6 even though it is slightly lower in rated horsepower?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    It would be nice if the V6 had more horsepower, but that really is the least of the problems. 192 is not really that bad. It just looks weak next to the new Altima.
    The interior looks cheap so far. Nothing like the plush Mark II interior that had been leaked a few months ago and claimed to be the 2002 Camry interior.
    The next large problem is the $31,500 price at the top end that outprices a discounted 2001 Lexus ES300.
    Maybe the 2002 Camry MSRP isn't that much more than a 2001 Camry was, but there a huge discounts and rebates on the 2001s that are not available for the 2002 Camry.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I am disgusted when reading these stupid posts about lower horsepower. The world is not coming to an end.
    The 4 cylinder has gained 21 HP. 136 is now up to 157. Yes, the V6 is lower by about two. However, this small downgrade was made in order for the V6 model to be certified by the EPA as an ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle). Having this tag makes it look a little better to people who care about the environment, hopefully gaining a few more sales.
    This small loss may be offset by a lowered curb weight which is possible. The new Altima gained much more size but only added 80 pounds. Could be the same for the Camry, but weigh less since it shall only be 1-2 inches longer.
    If you are one of those piggish testosterone driven car drivers who has the need for horsepower, then go buy one of your stupid 3.8 liter gas guzzling George W. Bush anti-environment 300 HP vehicles! The Camry doesn't need a huge powerplant like a large Lexus LS430! The Camry's long time buyers haven't been 30 year old somethings with lots of money to spend, spend, spend on power, power, power. Some of you are complaining about the price. Without a doubt....a bigger engine means more money. Then there are some of you that want great gas mileage. That can't happen too easily in a car with a ton of non-needed horsepower!
    Come on people, get real! You can't have your cake and eat it too! This Camry is going to be a grand slam against Honda and Nissan. All three cars are nice.....but nothing will ever outlast a Toyota. Toyota really should buy the slogan "Like a Rock" from Chevrolet. They definitely don't deserve it. That's just my two cents worth and if you don't like it go buy your gas guzzling Unimog FAMILY sedans!
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 159
    Drove a '02 XLE V6 today and after the magazine commentaries about the new Camry being dynamically more aggresive and appealing to a younger demographic, I'm disappointed. On the plus side, I like the extra room and the more "open" feeling of the cabin. Also, although somewhat lacking in horsepower, Toyota's V6 is a pretty sweet engine. On the other side, although looks are in the eye of the beholder, I found the exterior too much like the Avalon (which I think is ugly) and the dash looks like Toyota got someone from GM to style it. From a driving standpoint, it seemed pretty much like you'd expect from Toyota, smooth, quiet and rather dull. Overall, it made me feel 20 years older than I already am. After driving the '02 Camry, I'm going forward to purchase a '02 Passat. Although I'm sure the new Camry will do well, especially with current Toyota owners, I think the new Altima is going to steal some sales from Toyota and if Honda keeps its value pricing and implements a few tweaks on their '03 redesign, it should be a tight sales race.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Yes, I concur with Cool that the power ratings on the V6 are a recognition of what the engine can really do on regular gas and achieve ULEV status. The engine can produce more power, but at the expense of going to premium fuel [reference the ES300]. In any case, the real question is how the car feels on the road, and the V6 should have nothing to apologize for in that context.

    Like many people on this board, I have lots and lots of ownership experience in both Toyota and Honda products. I find the differences to be more subtle and less polarizing than some posters here imply. In our most recent buying decision, the tie-breakers were the superior comfort of the Accord seats, and generally nicer interior and more useable trunk. Our '01 Accord EX V6 sedan is noticeably quieter than the '98-'00 models of the same car, but certainly not up to the standard of the Camry. And of course, our car rides more firmly than any Camry, but also returns a very slightly better handling feel as a result.

    I'm just under 6 feet and about 175 lbs, but long in the legs for my height, and as I mentioned in a previous post, the seats in the current Camry "cut" me in the thighs because of inadequate length of the seat cushion. This was a big reason for selecting the Accord, but unlike some who have discussed their opinions here, I don't regard this choice as a religious one. I will certainly try the new Camry eagerly, but would probably forego any decision about a change until the '03 Accord is released, and I have a chance to try the new Altima, as well.

    Mac, I think it's legit for anyone who cares about the car to say their say, no matter how close they are to a buying decision. What bothers me are strongly held opinions based on magazine writeups or looking at to withhold judgment until one has a chance to try the car [and the competition] in person.

    Anyway, to wrap it up: I think raw horsepower is the last reason to pick any one of these cars over another. The 4 cyl Camry was indeed noticeably weaker than its competition [though always smooth and quiet], but now that seems to be addressed. I think the spotlight moves to other characteristics of the cars in this class...
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    "If you are one of those piggish testosterone driven car drivers who has the need for horsepower, then go buy one of your stupid 3.8 liter gas guzzling George W. Bush anti-environment 300 HP vehicles!"

    Some tid bits for your info:

    * The 3800 Series II V6 has a fuel consumption rating of 19 MPG city and 30 MPG highway.

    * The 3800 V6 is sold in two flavors: Normal aspirated (200 HP and 225 pounds of torque) and Supercharged (240 HP). There are none 3800 V6's that currently produce 300HP in stock form.

    * The 3800 V6 is already ULEV certified since the 2000 model year. Prior to 2000, the 3800 Series II was already LEV certified for emissions. Not a bad milestone for a engine whose basic design dates back from 1962.

    * The HP rating of the 1999 3800 Series II V6 was 195HP (LEV) rating. It went up to 200,205 and 240HP in 2000 with full ULEV certification. (Unlike the Toyota that went down in HP to achieve ULEV status? Non sense!)

    * The 3800 V6 has been selected among the 10 best V6 engines in the world by Ward's automotive (1995,1996 & 1997).
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423

    Those 300+ HP gas guzzlers were produced when Bill was in office. Presidents don't determine HP, manufactures do based on what consumers want. Take a look around and see how many big gas hogs are in your neighborhood.

    By the way the 240HP V6 in the 2002 Altima is 19/23. I am not sure if its a gas guzzler, but at least its the same as a 4x2 Highlander which is a Camry on steroids (MT).

    As for GM being a leader in fuel economy give me a break. I could list pages of cars and light duty trucks that suck gas. As a courtesy to the others here I will stop here.

    Do not bring American cars into this discussion. They don't compete here, this is between Toyota, Honda and Nissan. That goes for Saturn as well.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Wait, we're talking about Camrys here folks. It seems to me that the majority on this board are self considered auto enthsiasts, and men, for the most part. Newsflash: Even in the SE guise, you aren't Toyota's main focus. This is a family car, catering to those who want room, refinement, safety, and reliabililty. My mom has an 00 Camry 4clyinder and absolutely loves it, doesn't give a damn about horsepower or what kind of statement the interior makes. I recently asked her what she liked about it... "decent stereo, afforable payments, solid feel, ABS". To that end, my DAD also loves that car, probably for the same reasons.

    Get past the enthusiast aspect, that's not where the Camry is targeted and never will be. The SE just provides some variation and spice.
    Personally I'd love an SE V6 fully loaded available with a manual tranny, for 26K or whatever the Altima is going for. But we are not the majority apparently (HI-- 80-90% of Camrys are 4cyl) and so Toyota will not be losing too much sleep. Want performance and need a Toyota, get a Celica, or need to haul the family? Wait for the Matrix.

    This car is going to kick [non-permissible content removed], and to that extent, its still only a car. If you don't like it, dont buy it. But all this "this should be different, that needs to be changed, etc." is BS. From all the comments that have been made, it seems we'd all like to see something with the styling flair of the original Lex SC, the power of 911, the space of an Avalon, the handling prowess of a BMW, the refinement of a Mercedes, the bullet proof reputation of Toyota, and the price of a Hyundai. Keep frekin dreaming.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I concur with you. Leave George W alone!. Actuallly Bill, Al and friends were the promoters of the gas guzzling SUV culture of the 1990's.

    Guess who were the TRUE enemies of the environment...

    back to the topic!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This is not a political board and political sorts of comments really aren't part of what we are doing here.

    So I'd like to thank everyone for leaving that sort of thing aside and continuing to talk about the Camry here.

    Sedans Message Board
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Let me take a stab at it.

    Big oil?

    Hey if I recall the Camry was criticized in the mid-nintys for not having better fuel efficiency.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    By the way the 240HP V6 in the 2002 Altima is 19/23.

    the announced mileage I think was 19/26... same as the Maxima, but probably still recommended to use premium fuel. I think the Camry and Accord's 20/28 mileage aren't all that far off from the Altima's though, considering the higher power output.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    You are correct Altima is 19/26, even better.


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