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2010 4Runner Special Order Discussion



  • I put 500.00 down on a 2010 4 runner Limited Blue with Sand/Beige interior. Navigation System, Third Row seats,Running Boards, and mats.Then they told me that they could not find one like I wanted so it would take a few weeks. But I kept finding One's I liked on the SouthEast Toyota Site. But then they would say if I only saw the last 4 numbers of the Vin# that they were sold already. Then they told me it could take months before they could find one just the way I wanted because Dealers were not trading with each other. And the 4Runners on the S.E. Toyota Site were (NOT ALL SOLD) And setting at Dealers all over S.E. Toyota . So I called a few Dealers near where I live . Found just what I was looking for with just 3 miles on the odometer. Got my 500.00 back from the first Dealer and bought it at the Dealer that had it. So the Lesson Learned here is to just call all the Dealers you can. Good Luck.
  • tay528tay528 Posts: 13
    edited February 2010
    Sorry this happened to you but happy to hear it worked out in the end. Fear of this exact thing is actually why I backed off from putting a deposit down with a dealer- it seems like it might actually cause a delay in getting the vehicle you want.

    This is my first purchase from Toyota and I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed with the shroud of mystery over inventory and what dealership is getting what. Ford is so much clearer. I hate how the SE Toyota website tries to tell you that any vehicle you click on is going to the dealership you prefer and refuses to tell you where it's really going. It's a pretty dirty trick- made worse when the dealerships tell you they can find whatever you want. Funny that then they won't tell you when they find your preferred vehicle at a nearby dealership because said nearby dealership is their arch rival so no trades will be occurring.
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