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Infiniti I30/I35



  • Infiniti currently, at least in the NorthWest is not offering any customer rebates or incentives on the 2001 I30. They are offering dealer incentives, you may have these confused.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Effectively though aren't these the same thing as cash rebates in the sense that the dealers' savings should end up being passed on to the consumer thru lower selling prices?
  • $2000 customer cash has been posted on the edmunds site under national and regional incentives for the northeast. I have read it correctly unless the posting by edmunds is wrong (which i doubt)
  • Edmunds reports that there is a $2,000 customer incentive here in the Northwest. That is 100% wrong. It would not do a dealer any good to hide a customer incentive. I am just stating a simple fact, it does not exist.
  • yyzzyyzz Posts: 1
    I got a deal for Brand New 2001 I30 for about $27999 with Sun Roof. Is this a good deal? By the way I live in Boston. thanks
  • I bought this I30 in Sept 2000. No problems until this year when the colder weather started. I noticed that the air coming thru the vents seemed much colder than I remembered from last year, as if the A/C is always on. On a recent day when the ambiant temp showed 44 degrees, I had the cliamte control on 72 and the air coming in the vents was 58 degrees. On a colder night, with temps in the high thirties, I had to turn the temp up to 85 to get "luke warm" air and 90 to get the car warm.

    The other thing I noticed, it that if I turn up to temp to 90 and get the car warm, that after turning it down to 80, within a short period of time the fan speed will increase as if if cannot keep up with keeping the car at a steady temp.

    The response from the dealer was that if I got hot air by turning up the temp, then there was nothing wrong with it.

    Is there any simple test I can do to check that the air coming out of the vent is the right temp?
  • yyzz: Here in Chicago, a dealer is closing out 01 I30's with Stnd Sunroof, Htd Seats and Splash Guards for just under $27K (I think it $26,995). I think there is still $1500 Dealer Cash on 01' I30's, so you should be able to get it closer to $27K. However, 01' I30 are in short supply.

    Have you checked out the new 02' I35 (bigger engine 255 hp, add'l creature features, xenons stnd, nicer 17" wheels)?
  • wcdaawcdaa Posts: 21
    I love my 01 I-30 but I like the I-35 better. Hope Infiniti keeps making improvements every year!
    Hope to get another one in 2004. I would like to see turn signals in the outside mirrors like
    the Q-45 has. Also, hope they put an A/C vent in the console for the rear passengers. Are you listening Infiniti................
  • The black door decals on my I30 have sunbleached and look terrible. I have tried everything to rectify this. I was told by the dealer that they are decals, but they are a royal pain to replace. The window trim has to be removed, etc.

    Has anyone had this problem? Is there a easier solution?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    If a dealer has customer cash they are obligated to give it to the customer. If they have a dealer incentive they can keep some or all of it. If it was customer cash and you did not recieve a check you would have to sign a form giving the money back to the dealer.
  • I bought my first Infiniti, an 1999 I30t in July. It had only 15000 miles on it. My FAVORITE thing about this particular I30t is that it's a 5speed transmission - one of the very few (and last) produced for the I30. I paid $22,800. for it.

    It's the best car I've ever owned. I love it.
  • I just saw your post about your 1996 5speed. ENJOY IT! Infiniti made only a few of them. I bought a '99 which was the last year they produced the 5speed in an Infiniti. From my research, they only sold about 50 (FIFTY!!) that last year.

    My clutch, as Barbara Streisand has said, is "like BUTTAH!" It's very smooth up and down. Of course, the car only has about 17000 original miles on it.
  • I'm thinking of buying a 1996 I30 with 80,000 miles. Any advice or comments from owners would be helpful.
  • Today my CD player has gone sounds like the motor is stuck and the CD always result in error and sometimes does not eject or accept the CD. When there's no CD inside, the indicator still lights up when I start the car...does anyone know how to fix this? I've checked the warranty and I'm unclear if audio devices are still covered under the warranty...any suggestions on what I should do? I appreciate it much, thanks.
  • Oh, by the car has 54000 miles on it and is obviously 5 years old.
  • I bought same model and year a few months ago, and have been delighted with it. It's a bit rough on bumps (it's an i30t), but overall, a great car. Mine had 46k miles, paid 12k from a private seller. Good luck.
  • amdaamda Posts: 7
    I am looking at a used I30 luxury model. Its a 1998 I30 Burgundy with side air bags (not sure if this was standard) with 24 k miles on it. THe price being asked is $17800 (used car dealer). I have checked the book value of the car, the price is at about this rprice in most of the places (NADA, Edmunds, Would appreciate input from this forum if its a good vehicle to go with. I need a dependable car with minimal maintenance expenditure for the next 3 years (atleast).
  • See if you can find 2000 I30 program cars coming off lease. I understand Infiniti of Lisle (Chicago) are paying $18,250 which means you could probably buy one for around $19-$20K depending how good you negotiate. Don't know where you are located, but would guess Infiniti dealers in your area may have similar deals.

    Big difference in 2000/2001 I30's as opposed to 1996-1999. I think you would be much better off paying a couple thousand more, plus would still have some remaining warranty (original warranty 4 years or 60,000 miles). Even though the 1998 you are looking at only has 24K miles, the 4 years will be up shortly if not already.
  • pql1pql1 Posts: 6
    With the winter season upon us, does anyone have a recommendation for cleaning their cars? Should I take my I30 to a car wash or is that type of 'washing' too tough on the paint? I would like to continue washing my car at home but it is getting too cold in the North East now....thanks!
  • I would take it to a full service car wash where they have decent equipment and finish the car by hand, I've been doing this with my 2000 I30 with no problems. I would NOT put the car through one of those coin-operated jobs at the gas station.

    One thing I have found worthwhile is to wax the paintwork and clean and condition the leather twice per year. I've been using some products from a company called Zaino Bros which work pretty well, but any brand of good quality stuff should do the trick.
  • I did nothing last year with my 2001 I30t's wind noise problems. They went away with the spring but have returned with the winter. I plan on "challenging" the dealership to "fix". Any advice from others who have tackled this issue would be appreciated.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Sounds like it is temp related. Cold makes the rubber contract so their is nothing you can do except move to a warmer climate
  • '96 I30t owner. I'm thinking of getting my car repainted to a darker and shinier black. Any ideas on price and a good place to take it?
  • amdaamda Posts: 7
    thanks bdruland for your adv.

    I did check out the 2000 and 2001's coming off lease. I am in the east coast- central VA. Not many dealers around. THe price for the 2000 and 2001 is in the range of 22- 24 k with around 21k miles (average) on them. WHich is out of my present budget.

    However,I found an used I30 t with 26 k miles with the local infiniti dealer. Its got heated seats, remote keyless entry & starting (good feature for the winters), new tires. The car looks pretty clean and not a visible scratch. The asking price was 18495. The dealer offered to detail the car and fix a few very minor things.I need to go for a new second vehicle in another 6 months time and now this fit into my current budget. I got the price down to 17650 + TTL. I went according to the NADA pricing, black book pricing and brought it down to 17650. I will be picking up the vehicle on friday.
    I do hope i have made a good choice, keeping my budgetary limitations.
    Thanks again.
    WOuld appreciate comments from townhall I30 owners.
  • amdaamda Posts: 7
    Like I posted above, I will be taking the vehicle tomorrow.
    I had a question about an extended warranty. The dealer did not offer it. I had asked for it.
    Its like this. it is for 4 years 60k miles. will cover upto 86k miles on the car. Zero deductible and no claim forms to be files if repair work done at this dealer.
    If i need to go out of town and had to repair my car at an infiniti dealership there, then the deductible would be $50.

    The dealer is asking $1180 for it. I could probably talk him down to $1000.

    I have no idea about the maintenance aspects of this car and how expensive it is to fix if something went wrong.
    BTW, the car has about 6 months (13k miles) of basic warranty and 2 years of the powertrain warranty left.

    On the basis that it is a premium car, parts would also come at a premium rate I wanted to think about it. Members advise would help me make my decision soon. I need to make my decision soon and would appreciate members comments.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Make sure the extended warranty is back and come from Infiniti, not the 3rd party one.
  • amdaamda Posts: 7
    if it is from infiniti and not from a third party would you advise that i go with it
    Its a zero deductible warranty for 60k miles ie upto 86k miles on the car and 4 years
  • I know exactly how frustrating the wind noise issue can be. I have a 2001 I30t and have noticed a wind noise issue for some time now. I have had the dealership replaced the window seals in three out of four window seals thus far. They tried to tell me that the noise was at a normal level but I still hear wind noise from my drivers side window. My dealership have been very cooperative with trying to fix this issue for me but I think it may just be a design issue more than anything else (my opinion). I do plan on taking the car bak one more time to have the drivers side window seals replaced. I have heard some people say that putting a silicon coating on the seals would help so this may be something to look into. My only other suggestion is to hold your stance on this and make the dealership replace all of the seals as needed. I have seen some improvements in the noise with the seal replacements, however, I still feel that the noise level is too high.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Hope this is not too late. If you can talk to dealer down to $1000, and is from Infiniti. It is good to get it.

    This is all come down to your preference.
  • geo55geo55 Posts: 2
    I bought this car used about a month ago and am thoroughly enjoying it. Handles much better than I expected and the engine performance is great. Fuel economy sucks though.
    I have a leak in the trunk somewhere. Water gets into the well where the spare tire is. Can't find the leak yet. Anyone else have this experience??
    Also, there seems to be a lag in downshifting (automatic) from 2nd to 1st gear. Anyone else??
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