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Toyota Sequoia Missing Features

very nice vehicle but a few glaring omissions -
- no keyless feature. My Nissan is totally keyless, even the engine start button. Fob in pocket at all times.
- Cheap plastic on dash and not same color as seats - its black. Yuck. Armada is all color matched.
- no middle parking sonar in front
- Horrible nav system, worst I've seen. The graphics look line 1999 computers. iPod playlist cant be scrolled while playing as it starts playing each list. iPod socket not hidden in center box.
Oh well, great vehicle other than that.


  • I would agree with you on the nav system as I've found the one on our Platinum to be totally useless.
    One of the options we miss the most on ours would be the adjustable pedals for my wife.
    Agree that it is a great vehicle other than those shortcomings and are happy with ours.
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