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Dodge Stratus



  • Yes there is a special key with certain models it depends on what the first owner had with his/her package when bought. If the spare is a black key then it wont work you will have to some how get the vehicle to the dealership and they will get a copy of the orginal key made. It doesn't cost more than 100 bucks unless you get the remote for it too. Hope this helps.
  • I havent figured it out for the fact that I can't even find the title and my bank can't find the title even the dmv cant find the title so I figured why fix something if I cant even drive it after it is fixed. But if you figure it out let me know. I think it might be the timing belt.
  • xphilexphile Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Stratus and just recently there is a chattering/ticking sound coming from the front of the car that you can hear through the dash while the car is idling and in motion. Paid for a diagnostic and they told me it was a faulty AC Compressor and to not run the ac. It does it even when the blower is off and the dial is turned to the heat. If I turn the blower on the noise is not as loud. Can it be the AC? :(
  • The check engine light came on in my 2003 Dodge Stratus this morning. I was going about 65, and a couple times the car started jerking and almost seemed to die...probably getting down to 50 MPH...but then something would catch, and I'd be back up to speed. Was able to make my way into town, but went directly to the shop instead of the office. Guy at the shop didn't think it would be a big problem at first. Said he'd call me after he took a look at it. Well, he called and said the front pump was shot...leakage....internal damage...something about transmission....needs complete overhaul....$2,500. Any idea what any of this means? I have a relative who is a mechanic and he said complete failure of the front pump is extremely rare. Any further insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • fumingfuming Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 stratus, drove off the lot and bam, check engine light came on and the speedometer went nuts, wont come out of low gear!!! any suggestions? took it to a shop they replaced the speed sensor and cylinoid, and guess what it still does the same thing!!! HELP!!!!! :mad:
  • wsharenwsharen Posts: 1
    02 Stratus only works in 2nd and reverse, the lights on the dashboard show that it is in every gear. The power pack has been inspected and it is OK. Diagnostics can talk to the engine but not the transmission. Any Ideas????
  • jc9660jc9660 Posts: 2
    When I went to replace the rear struts ... both rear strut mount brackets had dissolved into a white powder and cracked beyond repair...fell from the car in four pieces... Look out below....anyways I've been told that this part is back-ordered throughout the country, over 4000 today. Does anyone know when the production date on this part is ????
  • I have a 2004 Stratus RT 4 door that has the same problem. My mechanic said the 02 and 04 have the same parts. We keep hearing different excuses why the part can't be gotten. My car is tore apart and undriveable and I am ticked off. If anyone knows anything more please keep in touch.
  • The lights on my console shifter dont always come on when i turn my lights on usually after driving for a few min they will come on. Sometimes while driving they will go on and off . I am assuming its a loose wire but how do i find out where the loose wire is at? Also i dont know if this could be a related problem but when i first got the car my driver side passenger side window worked fine. Then it started working sometimes and others not. Eventually it stoped working completly. All adive is appreciated.
  • jc9660jc9660 Posts: 2
    The rear strut mount brackets in my case were replaced.... But not cheep, because I had to visit a few junk yards. I had to buy the whole strut assembly just to get the stupid $10.00 part that was needed. Cost me an extra $150.00. But this is my daughters car (age 17) so any price to see her smile is worth it in the long run, The junk yard story is scary for future strut mount bracket hunters because one yard went through 4 cars before finding brackets that weren't like my originals. Big Bad Leroy Brown told me that the yards would be running out of these pieces soon and the price will skyrocket. ... Good luck with your Stratus Quest!!!! :
  • tracerxtracerx Posts: 1
    My turn signals do not work, well they work when they want to. when they do work they turn on then after a couple seconds the freeze in either the on position or of position when i got it looked at they seem to work perfectly. but when i use them they act like a fool. I was told there is a device behind the dash board that might need to be replaced but i dont know the name of it. Can anyone help?
  • trisha9trisha9 Posts: 1
  • I have a 97 Dodge Stratus 2.5L it is turning off after running I narrowed it down to spark plugs or fuel injectors I Know I need a new gas cap but has anybody had this problem and do they Know which one it is
  • Has anyone replaced their ECT sensor? I tried to remove mine from my 2004 2.7 liter V-6 & it will not come out. It is threaded into some sort of bushing that just spins around with it.
  • I am looking for the best deal on a Factory Service Manual. It seems like the CD version costs about $140.00. Is there a better deal out there somewhere? I've outgrown my Haynes Repair Manual and the free online data at Auto Zone and other Web sites.
  • And money as well. I own a 1995 Stratus ES with a 2.5 V-6 although the engine isn't the problem. The rear suspension is.The car has very high mileage (216,454) and aside from new rear struts a few years ago the REAR suspension has not been touched. I have owned this vehicle for 5 years and my daughter owned it for 5 before that (although I maintained it for the most part) so I can say with great certainty the rear suspension is original. Recently, when making a slow left turn that causes the rear suspension to flex in a certain way, as in transversing a shallow dip from the surface road to say, a parking lot a loud "crack" comes from the right rear. It has not done this on a right turn under similar circumstances or on straight line travel. I originally thought a "dry" right front ball joint was tight and breaking loose with a crack because it certainly sounded as though the noise was in the front but I replaced both lower control arms/ball joints with new parts and that didn't do it (although the ball joints were worn enough to justify the replacement). I am now in the position of trying to find what IS wrong in the rear without replacing parts piecemeal. By the way the mechanic from the Dodge dealer confirmed the noise as from the rear and checked components while on the lift but nothing seemed bad from just trying to move things by hand but somethig sure is. Any help appreciated pinpointing a part before I end up shotgunning again.
  • I am having the same problem on my 2001. Did you find out what the problem was? I would like to know what it is? It also driving me crazy. Thank you
  • 50Guy50Guy Posts: 1
    I have a flat tire and I want to put on my donut spare. I have aluminum wheels and have replaced tires in the past. Here is the dilema- I removed all the lug nuts from the wheel and tried to remove the tire. Nothing-- It was like I didn't remove any of the lugs at all. I of course checked to make sure that I had removed all the lugs -I did. There is a small dodge emblem in the middle of the wheel-Does that need to be removed? That I didn't do. How do I get this tire off my car - Any help?
  • jan125jan125 Posts: 3
    ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS IN DODGE STRATUS -- ONE SOLUTION. For 1-1/2 years, my 2000 Dodge Stratus frequently cut off while driving and/or would not start. I had replaced almost everything ($1,000+) until I almost had a new engine but still had the problem. As a last effort before pouring gas over the car and lighting it, I took my car to a part-time mechanic who worked from his home. He found the problem in one hour and corrected it. No parts needed, just $75 for his time. The wires going to the PCM (Power-train Control Module) were loose. He cleaned and tightened them. That's it! If anyone is having electrical problems, check this. Also, if you have replaced the PCM and are having problems, check the wires.
  • I just bought my 99 stratus a few days ago, and it seems the only problem it has
    is the same problem you are having. Let me know if you find anything out. Would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!
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