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Dodge Stratus



  • All Dodge owners need to be aware that the trany fluid must be ATF+4, and nothing less or more. The TCM (the computer for the trany) if burnt out inside of it will send the trany into limp mode and you will not have any speed past 25mph. The TCM runs on timing with your engine so be sure that a replacement TCM is programed according to your engine...trany shop can do this. Speed sensors in and out regulate your rpm, so if there is something wrong with your tach, have the sensors replaced.Trany solynoid also controls the flow of the trany fluid through the screens so a codes would tell you if that was faulting, but if the wrong fluid type you will run into problems of shift due to the trany is computered not belted as other ordinary tranys are....Dodge is unique for our trany's safety to protect it from crunching down to nothing. Dodge deserves praise for making it conform to the driver as it will shift according to your driving ie, burn rubber not gears as the powertrain is one with the trany's command from that TCM. As for those who suffer battery problems, remember that heat or any large change in the weather or handling of the car can run a battery down. An alternator going bad will kill your car wherever it wants and nothing will light up or music clicking either. A bad fuel pump is your car trying to start...cranks over might start for a few and choke and puff a backfire...might go around the parking lot but not at any kind of speed...then choke and die...not your injectors, not your fuel regulator, not the fuel filter on the outside but rather your pump is toast. For the one who can't remove his tires, the answer is that it has locking need the key that is made for removing the a protection from people stealing custom wheels. As for those of you thinking wire harness, check to see if you have vacuum in all of your hoses...some suck air and others blow but it all is run by timing from your engine, even the brakes run from the 'vacuum brake booster'. Keep your air-intake clean also for those who have check engine lights on, as the O2 sensor is why....spray a can of 'air intake cleaner' into your choke and disconnect your battery and then reconnect...if that is still on then have an exhaust machainic look at it...he just programs it turn it off for you if nothing is showing on the computer scan. REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS the PCM to tell you what is wrong, as that throws the codes...if that was faulty then your whole system would go bazzerk, and NO codes. The PCM is your car's computer and it won't work without it, just as the car won't crank if the spark isn't there...don't replace the things that work. :shades:
  • Your TCM is burnt inside. The TCM is that silver box next to your Fuse sits between the fuse box and the air intake *the engine*...the PCM sits on the other side of the fuse box with its' two large connectors. On the TCM is a round button that you can reach and pop off to check it's insides. The inside should be clear golden color jelly that covers the mother board inside of the metal case of the TCM...if it is any other color or hard as plastic upon the touch it is burnt from one of the chips on that mother board...or from one or both transisters being shot *melted down* which is also half way covered by the protective jell...there is only 2 of those near the 2 heat sinks. Nothing is supposed to be melted down or burn jelly. The TCM saves the trany from burning out and just saved it. :shades:
  • naldoonnaldoon Posts: 2
    Do not buy this car! There is a good reason this was a cheap worthless car!

    I had to replace both struts in the back of the car. However, you can buy struts and a strut mount kit. Which of coarse probably wasn't the problem. The plates both struts rest in, inside of the wheel well, are made of an aluminum alloy which easily and quickly oxidized and caused it to chip away cheaply! They were on back order by 10,000 at one point. Recall? No! Avoid Chrysler!

    To top that off, I have changed my oil every 5000 miles with Mobile Synthic 5000 miles guarnateed. Well, while driving on highway, not doing anything fancy 70mph.

    Engine exploded, died, pulled over and car caught on fire!

    No prior engine problems, oil always changed, no metal shavings in oil! Has never overheated or had any heating problems. The engine exploded from he engine block tearing a hold through my engine, which leaked oil onto my exhaust catching it on fire!

    137,000 miles on the car. Expect that to be the lifetime of that engine!
  • naldoonnaldoon Posts: 2
    Just wanted to let you know that I used Mobile Synthetic 5000 miles.

    Never had ANY engine problems, except for transmission rebuilt. Never had to fix a damn thing and it's a 2002 4 cyl 2.4L 4 door sedan.

    137,000 mi engine completely blew, sent a hole through my block onto my exhaust and blowing a tire. then the car caught fire. Probably shot a rod out the side of my engine block.

    Just an FYI

    I did all maintenance myself
  • sad09sad09 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Stratus and it is making a lot of noise in the has something to do with the back brakes. When i am driving it just rattles which drives me insane. When i press on the brakes, it stops. Could it just be a loose caliper....I haven't taken a look at it yet but I was just wondering if anyone else came across this problem?
  • More than likely it is your rear struts. I had the same problem and had to have both the rear struts replaced. Hope this helps. If you look in your trunk at the place where they are mounted, see if they are straight, if they are turned to the side, or loose that is probably your problem.
    Hope this helps.
  • jcellajcella Posts: 2
    i have the same problem from 0 to 70 no problem slowing down until 30mph it jerks 2times
  • jcellajcella Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem please help
  • status2status2 Posts: 1
    I have an 2004 stratus and drove it this past Saturday and worked fine. Next day , did not start whatsoever. Tried to jump it, no luck. Read your post and I too have only one key. Had it towed to Pepboys who don't seem to know what the problem is. They are checking the electrical system. Thinking maybe the chip in the key went bad or something. Have no spare. Car does not make a sound when trying to start it. Yet the lights, horn, open/close keyless entry remote works and makes the locking sound. I don;t know what it is. Hopefully nothing major. If anyone knows please help.
  • I have an 02 Dodge Stratus Sedan. Does the back seat fold down?
  • My 18 year old son has a 1997 Dodge Stratus. The car dies on him when he drives through heavy rain or standing water. This has happened to him on the interstate at high dangerous! He is now afraid to drive it when it is raining. Has anyone else had this problem and what can we do about it?
  • I have a 2002 dodge stratus and when I was driving the car start smoking from my vents and it will not accelerate and I smelled buring and when I looked at the carpet the carpet was black. What is the problem?
  • You need to replace your distributor. I had the same issue and that fixed it.
  • Thanks plove234...we'll try replacing the distributor.
  • i have a 95 stratus an the anti theft will not let me start car and i dpont have the keyless entri how do i reset it
  • treidtreid Posts: 1
    I have an 01 stratus R/T 2 door and when it is cold out side u start it up and it makes a weird noise for a little bit but when it warms up it stops what could this be also does anybody know where to get some halo projectors and aftermarket taillights i have looked every where
  • We have a 1999 Stratus with the 2.4L DOHC that when we try and start it but it just blows out the inj., starter, and fuel fuse. My guess is that the starter motor and/or the starter motor is having issues but can there be any other problems that might be causing this?

    Thanks for any help that you can give
  • jan125jan125 Posts: 3
    For 2 years, my 2000 Dodge Stratus either wouldn't start or cut off abruptly while driving or idling. Spent over $1,000 at 2 different shops. No change. Finally went to individual with shop in his backyard....someone who really knows cars. He removed, cleaned and then tightened the wires to the PMC (power control module). Cost me $75 for his time 1 yr ago and problem hasn't returned.
  • b1234b1234 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Dodge Stratus whose passenger tail light is acting flaky. I replaced the bulb and the tail light illuminates when the lights are on. When I press the brake, the light goes off. If the lights are off and I press the brake, the brake light illuminates, however dimmer than the driver's side. Any ideas??
  • HEADS UP!! My 2005 Dodge Stratus 2.4 just died at 82K miles. Found out there is a way of checking codes on the cars computer without taking it to Autozone. If you have a digital odometer you can check codes by turning the ignition on and off 2 times then to the on position without bumping the engine and it will read off codes on your odometer.So in my case I had a code come up as P0340 which is the Camshaft Position Sensor.So I changed the sensor out and cleared the code from the computer by disconnecting the battery.The code returned and found out from my mechanic that the timing belt broke and caused 2 engine valves to be bent.Only $1600 in repairs.This could have been avoided if Dodge would have said to check or replace timing belt before 90K miles like it said in the service manual.
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