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2010 Toyota Highlander recall

toledo73toledo73 Posts: 129
edited June 2014 in Toyota
Spoke to my dealer yesterday and they have no clue as to when Toyota will find a fix for this problem. He said it was a rare occurence and they have been flooded with calls from concerned owners. I have felt no irregular sensations on my gas pedal. This is too bad because I have enjoyed my HL very much in the 2 months I have owned it. Kudos to Toyota for being upfront about this issue. It DOES increase their liabilities.


  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Toyota does not deserve any kudos. The problem first surfaced in 2007. Toyota kept the problem hidden or under the rug as long as they could.

    This issue became so big they had no choice but to go public.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 51,342
    If you are a Toyota owner and interested in sharing your reaction to the recall with reporters, send an email stating the vehicle you own, your telephone number, and the best time you can be reached.

    Send to:

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

  • I called Toyota's customer service line this afternoon and asked about the Highlander recall. Bottom line: the Japanese-made Highlanders are not included. fwiw, mine was made in 11/09 and delivered to me this month with 3 miles on it. Must have been on a slow boat from Japan to NJ.

    She was very definite about this and had me read the VIN to her. Yes ma'am, it starts with a J.

    And my coworker still wants my '06 Avalon for $16,500. :)

    Oh, and I called the salesman who sold me the Highlander because he'd been laughing at me for being so happy to get a Japanese-made car. He already knew - they have a list the media apparently has not seen.

    The sales force is not too happy as you can imagine.

  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 129
    There is NO manufacturer that I can recall that has suspended sales of thousands of autos. Toyota deserves some credit for this.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    For the first time in my life, I feel sorry for sales guys and gals. Kinda makes making a living a little tougher these days, huh?
  • "There is NO manufacturer that I can recall that has suspended sales of thousands of autos."

    Doesn't the Edsel count? I wonder how many they had to put in a landfill? :)

  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 129
    No. Not suspended because of safety issues :confuse:
  • Isn't being ugly in public a safety issue. I was a kid, but people were laughing so hard they couldn't walk down the sidewalk without hitting a phone pole or a tree trunk.

    My father is 88 and still would like to have one.

  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 129
    LOL!! Pretty funny, John. I was born in 49 and remember the Edsel well. Now they're worth a fortune!
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