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Toyota Halts Sales of Popular Models - Accelerator Stuck Problem Recall



  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,699
    >Scott Yon met with two former colleagues (including Chris Santucci) who left the government to work for Toyota. Santucci testified back in December that the limited scope of investigations "worked out well for both the agency and Toyota."

    But it hasn't worked out well for those in accidents and those who died. :confuse: :lemon:

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  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    We Will Never Forget...


    California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor was driving a 2009 Lexus, on loan from his dealer, with his wife, daughter and brother-in-law in August 2009 along a highway outside of San Diego. (ABC News)


    Saylor's brother-in-law, Chris Lastrella, was also in the car and called 911 when the car took off on them. Chris told a 911 operator that the accelerator was stuck and the brakes were not working. (ABC News)


    All four people died after the Lexus hit a vehicle, crashed into an embankment and burst into flames. (ABC News)


    Toyota said the accident was caused by a wrong-sized, all-weather rubber floor mat in the car that was pushed down and caught the gas pedal, holding it down. (ABC News)


    The funeral procession carrying all four hearses with the caskets of Mark Saylor, his wife Cleofe LaStrella Saylor, their daughter Mahala Saylor and Cleofe's brother Chris LaStrella left the Corpus Christi Catholic Church en route to Glen Abbey Memorial Park for internment after services. (PEGGY PEATTIE/Union-Tribune/ZUMApress/Newscom)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    Better be careful. I got called derogatory names for reminding people of that horrible accident. That could have been avoided if Toyota and Lexus were a bit more proactive in their pursuit of perfection. Especially in keeping their dealers in line and informed.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    That could have been avoided if Toyota and Lexus were a bit more proactive in their pursuit of perfection. Especially in keeping their dealers in line and informed.

    Yes, exactly. Nothing wrong with stating the truth. Unfortunately, meaning times people just don't like nor can they handle it. Like Toyota, most of their life is spent in denial. ;)
  • sharonklsharonkl Posts: 660
    You are welcome. It appears this is one of the consumer watchdog agencies. The head of this agency seems to be quoted many times by newspapers. That is how I discovered site..

    The second report I finally did read, but have not completely analyzed yet. Actually found some interesting observations. Incident reports when a owner on voluntary basis only files - seems DHTSA investigations/possible investigations complaints have been restricted as to what UA incident is. And was per Toyota request so actual numbers are much less., and lots are ignored - with this site challenging. They do show some conflicts of what DHTSA states, and what the actual owner's reports show. The experts statements about the quality of DHSTA investigation appears good. But don't even claim to know who they are.

    Yes, they do appear to be after Toyota this time, and appears to be after DHTSA for not doing thorough enough investigation. If what this site claims is true and factual, I did see faulty DHTSA investigation research present. If you go to their article Sudden Acceleration it mentions many manufacturers.

    To be objective & fair to this site, I do see they will go after any manufacturer. Also see they say UA problem is not just Toyota.

    Your comment:
    "The same problem exists with the current recall of gas pedal assemblies. They haven't been connected to single accident."
    I am not sure. But have seen this claim too..Note second Report from that site has many complaints at the end.

    Just passing along for everyone to review. compare. Just me trying to look at all I can find.

    I am just listening to CNN and past head of DHSTA is on. She states DHSTA has not been investigating well. Etc. Shucks missed rest of interview. H-mmmm

    You mention "powers to be" - as in NHTSA? Have seen lots on DHTSA - seem to be in protective mode too. Guess they have to be kept honest too.
  • sharonklsharonkl Posts: 660
    I spoke with my son and he was not sure if ignition switch of my particular model was connected to a computer board. But said it sure could be. His expertise is Porsche, BMW, Bentley, VW,etc. No help unfortunately.

    Hopefully all systems would not shut down/lockup at once.

    I do agree would sure be nice to see a simple manual emergency vehicle shutdown switch.
  • sharonklsharonkl Posts: 660
    FYI only - Friendly heads up

    This link is Safety Report. Refer to UA incidents - as you go down in article reference is made as to what happened to this ex attorney for Toyota. Seems attorney in Texas asked for court order to produce Biller's files - possibly discovery - all records now under court seal. Seems 17 cases Texas attorney was hoping to pursue - dismissed in December. Seems like Toyota won. What happens to Biller now - and his case not sure.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...dealers in line.."

    Sorry, we, the US public, are at fault there. US auto dealers have managed to get state laws passed that protect them from close oversight/directives and management by/of the manufacturers.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    >>>"The same problem exists with the current recall of gas pedal assemblies. They haven't been connected to single accident."

    I base that on comments from the director of automobile testing for Consumer Reports magazine, who also thought the reaction to the recall "overblown."

    And the preliminary report on the San Diego-area Lexus crash by NHTSA found:

    "Upon removal of the pedal from the vehicle, the rotational motion of the pedal assembly was confirmed to still be operational. The return action was smooth and unencumbered."

    Of course I'm not ruling anything out, just that some evidence connecting the faulty pedal to an accident would be nice if we're going to conclude it's responsible for UA and resulting accidents.
  • Evidence? Next you'll want everybody to stop jumping to conclusions until there are some hard facts.

    People demanded "do something now" and they did.

    The Federal government has more UA than any Toyota. Have you seen the size of the deficit and the out of control budget? We're broken.
  • juxtojuxto Posts: 16
    I've been reading this toyota thing for some time here. I was in the market to replace my 2000 accord (110k miles) and the 2010 6 cyl XLE camry was the car of my choice (never another honda, but that's a different story). My father-in-law passed away and my mother-in-law wanted to trade me her very nice 2002 taurus (DOHC 6 cyl loaded SES with about 50k miles on it) for the honda. She doesn't drive much and wanted a smaller car that didn't remind her of him. So I searched the web for 2002 taurus problems and it seems ford did recalls on the taurus through 2001 for coil springs that were suddenly breaking and flattening tires. It appears the problem continues through the 2002 model, but that it was not included in the recall. My point? The thought of a potential coil spring breaking bothers me enough that I'm going to pass on it. I don't want to be wondering if/when it will happen. I don't want it in the back of my mind every time I get in the car. I believe the same will likely be true for many toyota owners. They'll be wondering if/when for them. They'll be wondering if the problem has really been resolved, if it can recur, etc. I think future car buyers will also have this in the back of their heads. Not just the problem with the car, but the way toyota has dealt with it. To me it's been a "sneaky" way of doing business - one which tells me it is not a company I want to be associated with.
  • All Toyota did was put a shim behind the pedal where the spring is located. They did nothing else. No ECU or ECM adjustments or flash. They did just the shim.
    I was told that there might be a new gas pedal assembly coming, but they don't know when. So right now, I don't know whether or not there will be any other recal repairs for the gas pedal on my Camry? Only time will tell.
    Other than that, my vehicle is running fine from what I can see. I got it to drive it and that's what I intend to do. I am not worried about the car. It's been very reliable so far. :)
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    have figured out how to putting fuel in an engine & and stopping the fuel-flow, so complicated! :P :P

    Pedals with complicated motions, pedals too close together, can't figure out how to keep a mat in place, all sorts of sensors and computers needed to put the gas in the engine, when someone was able to do it in a Model T. Whatever problem or problems drivers are having, theses are ridiculous to have.

    Congrats to all the electrical, software, and design engineers out there involved in making products like this!

    This goes out to all auto manufacturers. Make the products simpler, less costly, and without all these systems that can fail and need costly repair.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    >>This goes out to all auto manufacturers. Make the products simpler, less costly, and without all these systems that can fail and need costly repair.

    Practically speaking, the only way to do this--and meet emissions and mileage requirements--would be to reduce engine size drastically. Few Americans want to drive a car with 1.2L engine.

    The complex electronics on modern cars are necessary to reduce weight, improve mileage, clean up the exhaust, and still give Americans the size car and power they want.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,892
    gtg....that's good news. Glad things seem to be "OK" and you have this behind you.

    There may be a silver lining here. That is, I bet every other manufacturer out there is testing and retesting their accelerator and brake hardware/firmware/software to make certain they don't suffer the same fate as Toyota is suffering.

    On a side note, the annual car show is coming up towards the end of this month in Cincinnati. I always attend. Wonder what Toyota/Lexus will be showing in their booths?

    Camry? Corolla? Prius? ES350?

    I'm sure it's too late to pull out of the show. But, I would think that the product mix is up to the manufacturers.
  • I think prototypes, future vehicles, upcoming models, etc.. might be up to the manufacturers, but our local show in Cincinnati is run by the GCADA, the local car dealer's association...

    For most of the makes, the local dealers supply the staffing and the vehicles..

    I doubt the local Toyota dealers would want to be left out.... or, to not show 70% of their model line-up, which will be back on sale at their dealerships, shortly..

    just my $0.02

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    Japanese Media Slam Toyota Chief for Crisis Responsee

    TOKYO — Japanese media sharply criticized Toyota's president Saturday for what they called a delayed and unconvincing explanation for the massive car recall that has sullied the world's biggest automaker, a Japanese corporate icon.

    Akio Toyoda, the founder's grandson appointed to lead Toyota Motor Corp. last June, emerged late Friday to apologize and address criticism that the company mishandled a crisis over sticking gas pedals. But he stopped short of ordering a recall for Toyota's iconic Prius hybrid over separate braking problems.

    Toyoda's appearance before reporters at a company office in the central Japanese city of Nagoya made front pages of the country's leading newspapers — but won no praise.

    "Words are not enough," the top Nikkei business daily commented in an editorial. "The company's crisis management ability is being subjected to severe scrutiny."
  • WOW! Toyota designed a Christine! And not just one! 6.5 Million!

    (Christine is a horror novel by Stephen King, published in 1983. It tells the story of a vintage automobile apparently possessed by supernatural forces.)

    Here is an article from an engineering perspective:

    'Toyota's latest woes may be hard-wired"

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Obviously you have NEVER driven or worked on a model T.....

    So simple it needed CONSTANT, daily, maintainance
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    Model T owners carried a roll of bailing wire and channel lock pliers. I am sure a screwdriver was handy for adjusting the carb. It did put the horse and buggy out of business.
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