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Acura RL



  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    You have expressed my sentiments exactly. I have had at least one Acura in my garage ever since the line debuted in 1986.

    I have been asked many times by well-meaning friends and clients as to when I'll be "moving up" to an Benz, BMW, Porsche, etc. My replies have always been:

    1) I had a Porsche and BMW during my 20s and 30s, THEN I GREW UP;

    2) When I show up with a Benz, my clients may well think, "Damned that Karl! He's driving OUR money!"

    OTOH, I have heard compliments on my choices of fiscally-prudent well-built cars that allegedly demonstrate my "common sense."

    When the Legend coupe first hit the scene, one of the car mags ran a comparison of it with BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac. The Mercedes managed to tie the Legend only because the editors invented a new category, CACHET, for the article. I don't recall ever seeing this "quality" used again in their comparison tests.

    BTW, my BMW crashed and was in the body shop for 5-1/2 months - lack of parts (fender, grill, hood, bumper, etc.). My letters to the US distributor headquarters in NJ were unanswered and unacknowledged.
  • jeff88jeff88 Posts: 94
    "Well, the Legend was never a truly sporty car. That car offered respectable performance, but body roll and the lack of a V8 stopped it from being the real deal."

    Think maybe Varmint wrote that one. Have to disagree a bit with that. Thing is, at the time of the Legend, there were darned few v8's out there at all. Guess I don't think back then it was for a lack of a v8. The LS debuted at the end of the Legend's run an it along with the S-class and 7 were the only foreign v8's I can think of. There were a ton of cars with 6's, some 5's and even 4's in the swede's cars. Most US cars were 6's too. As for the Legend's handling, back in it's day, it was pretty darn taut. have to say though, in '89 I ended up getting down to 2 cars and picked the Maxima SE with 5sp over the Legend based on the price/performance metrics of the time. (there was about a $5k delta favoring the SE and in it's day, that original SE suspension was mighty fine. The engine was no slouch and having all that plus a Bose for about 16K was not at all a bad deal.) both the SE and legend beat out all comers from volvo, audi, bmw and saab that I compared them to.

    Octane for the RL: kind of late to be chiming in on this one but my old '96 rl ran better in all respects with 93 over 87 including acceleration and mileage. (Never did try '89.) Also noticed was the smoothness of the shifting. Someone mentioned about the retardation of the spark plug when using lower octane. Agreed. Further, it's actually the retardation of the plug that allows for smother shifts between gears and if one messes with the timing of the retardation, it may have an affect on the shifter smoothness. That is what I noticed and surmised with my rl.

    My 2 cents for why we buy: Simply put, would say the rl buyer is probably a better listener than talker; less concerned with perception and more concerned with distinction; reflective rather than reflexive; and sits in the back of the room to observe rather than the front to be seen.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    "The LS debuted at the end of the Legend's run"

    Actually, LS debuted sometime in the late 80s (1989?), and Q45 too. Legend continued thru 1995 before handing over the baton to 3.5RL.
  • See my comments over on the Audi TH 2005, bla bla bla. Still waiting for the Acura to make a subjective comparo.

    And, for those who have been, with good reason, dissing the Audi due to its reliability ratings, check out the latest stuff pertaining to Audi.

    Its all good.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >for those who have been, with good reason, dissing the Audi due to its reliability ratings, check out the latest stuff pertaining to Audi<

    Check it out where Mark? Did you (or others) post on this here on the RL board or the Audi board? Is there a web URL or a post number that you can share?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also: What can you tell us about the seat in the Audi? Is it tightly bolstered or can a 200 lb. man fit with reasonable comfort in it?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Hi Jeff,

    Yep, that was me earlier. It's probably true that the V8s were a bit less common than they are now, but that's because there were fewer luxury cars at the time. Cadillac had a 4.5 and a 5.0. MB had a 4.2, a 5.0, and a 5.6 on the market. Lincoln fitted a 5.0 V8 into half their cars. BMW was pretty skimpy on the big engines. Most were fitted with a V6, but they did offer a V12 around 1990.

    Anyway, I don't think that the V6 in the Legend, while competent, was enough to lay claim to being sporty.

    As for handling, the Legend held it's own. It was undoubtedly better than the current RL. But I've read several reviews of early models, which remark on problems with body roll. I was too young to have first-hand experience with the early Legends, but my readings lead me to believe that the car looked sporty (especially the coupe), but did not stand out for its performance.
  • Sorry -- here are the quotes (I am not expecting anyone's mind to be changed by these, but as an "Audi Fan," myself, I found this, encouraging at least.) Also, this in no way dampens my enthusiasm to look at the new Acura RL:

    AUBURN HILLS &#150; In the latest J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM, Audi ranked as the leading German luxury car manufacturer.

    Audi was tied for the largest index score improvement and was recognized for improved ratings for both maintenance and repair customers, particularly in the consideration of a customer&#146;s time, the amount of time waiting to speak to a service advisor and the time it took to get the vehicle after service.

    The study measures customer satisfaction among new-vehicle owners with the dealer service department during the first three years of vehicle ownership. This typically represents the majority of the vehicle warranty period. Overall satisfaction is based on six service categories: initiating service, service advisor, in-dealership experience, service delivery, service quality, and user-friendly service.

    The 2004 CSI Study is based on responses from more than 97,000 new-vehicle owners and lessees.

    AUBURN HILLS &#150; In its fourth annual ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands, Business Week and Interbrand named Audi to its prestigious list. This is Audi&#146;s first appearance on the list.

    "Clear and consistent branding have moved Audi to become a leading luxury auto brand, also in the increasingly important Chinese market. This completes their global footprint," commented Jan Lindemann, Global Managing Director of Brand Valuation for Interbrand.

    A dollar value is calculated for each brand using a mix of publicly available data, projected profits, and variables like market leadership. The article along with the Global Brand Scorecard appears in the August 2 issue of Business Week.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    1. How much will the M45 cost?

    No one knows for sure, but I expect a similarly equipped M35 AWD to MSRP for about the same as the RL. The M45 will probably be about $2000 more expensive, similarly equipped (without AWD).

    2. When will it hit the showrooms for sale?

    Expected March 2005.

    3. How's the horsepower and handling?

    340hp for the M45, 280+ for the M35 (probably more). Not many pre-production tests, but one review said that that the M is a much more solid handling car than the G35, and the G is no slouch.

    4. How is Infiniti's reliability - lately?

    Second only to Lexus, according to surveys.

    5. Resale value -- still less than Acura?

    The G and the FX have one of the best resale values in their class.

    6. Any chance that they will tone down the "Jetson's" style dashboard control panel?

    IMO, no.

    7. Is this a worthy "adversary" of the RL, handling and performance wise, or is this car a plush ride in a svelte suit?

    Remains to be seen, but IMO, it will give the RL a run for its money, especially if equipped with the active rear suspension (Sport models.)
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Just spend a good half hour looking at the new Infiniti M35 (V6 AWD). Wow! The styling, the colors, the interior -- all are superlative. Ventilated seats - yay! The leather and the wood trim are elegant indeed.

    I have to say that I love the looks, I love the features, and can't wait to test drive it. Assuming it has seats in the non-sport version that a big guy can sit in, this could be goodbye to Acura and hello to Infiniti!
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Wow, coming from someone named Legendman that's big news! Glad to hear the new M car strikes you this positively. Looking forward to hearing your review once you've test driven the vehicle.

    I've had Infiniti/Nissan cars since '88 and have always enjoyed great reliability. I have a 98 I30t with 120K miles and it's been flawless...still drives/looks new so I'm not in the immediate market for a new car. I'm looking forward to stepping up the "fun" factor some while keeping the same high level of reliability and have my eyes on the new M car as well as the new RL from Acura.

    I have to say with all the years of great service from my Nissan cars I do slant towards staying with that family...funny how that happens and that's what the companies count on. The RL does appeal as do Lexus products. Guess I'm a fan of Japanese vs. German/Euro as reliability is more important to me than fun but seems like the fun is getting more and more into the Japanese cars....

    Will look for your road test review, thanks!
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Oman (and others):

    What has been your experience as regards negotiating your actual purchase price with Infiniti cars? Did you find the dealer willing (or eager) to give discounts and if so, how much?

    Any sense of what we might expect to see (discount wise) in March 2005 when the new M hits the showroom, and, a bit later in April or May 2005?
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    I can tell you about my one Infiniti purchase back when I purchased my 1998. I had no trade in, was coming in with cash. I got my black on black which was in inventory (I wasn't as picky with this purchase in terms of equipment as I will be with the next...besides I don't think there was a whole lot to choose from once I decided I wanted a touring model and they added the CD changer in the trunk and chrome wheel plating which they did after I made the purchase, some process that has held up well).

    Basically I stopped in one late afternoon and after a few minutes of the salesman trying to be a salesman (nice guy, just trying to do his job I guess) I asked for the sales manager. I walked into his office (this sales manager still works here as the manager 7 years later although the dealership is under new ownership) and within 3 minutes we agreed upon $800 over invoice since I was getting an appealing black on black combo.

    I was pleased with the speed and forthrightness of this manager. I talk to him every so often when I'm getting my car serviced.

    This dealership has undergone several changes including the ownership change and the G35. The G35 changed the dynamics of the dealership because their customer base doubled overnite and service slipped along with not being as customer friendly as the original ownership team.

    Long reply to a question you may not have been asking re: my experience...but I think your answer comes down to 1) How popular the M car will be and 2) How friendly/straight shooting the individuals you will find at your local Infiniti dealers. Also I would hope that if I went to my guy, same sales manager I used in '97, I have a relationship with him I could leverage.

    How much would I save over the guy coming in off the street? Probably in the hundreds, not too much but I guess it all counts. My guy knows I've taken my car to his dealership for every single maintenance, very regular schedules...don't miss a maintenance. This translates into good business for them over the long haul.

    If this M car is anything like some of the reports I've read here that it handles better than the G and looks as good as you say it does Legendman, then I expect dealing might be tough initially.

    Last point re: negotiating. See, for me I set a number based on dealer invoice. I understand they also make money on the reserve and can make more depending on volume #s per month etc. So they are actually making 2 to 3 points more than just the amount over their invoice. Once I know my number there won't be any dealing from my end, that's why my Infiniti purchase took about 3 minutes. I wasn't going to play games with the salesman. The manager knew I was about to leave unless he showed up, knew I was there to buy a car and not "just looking", knew I was fair, I knew he was fair and we figured it out quickly.
  • lsim88lsim88 Posts: 1
    In addition the steering tilt toggle not working, the steering wheel does not go to the memory position like it used to when I turned on the ignition. It now only stays at the "original" position when the iginition is off.

    Does that mean more than a tilt toggle problem?
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    << How much will the M45 cost? >>

    If you dig deep enough on the Infiniti site, you'll see that a comparably equipped M45

    Base V6 AWD = $45,400.
    Journey Package = $2750
    Tech Package (requires Journey Pkg) = $4000

    (The M45 includes climate control front seats, Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning that the RL probably won't have).

    Total M45 price: $52,150
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    That is the M35 AWD.

    Also, those prices are just "feelers" to gauge public reaction.

    Won't the RL have Intellicruise and Climate seats as well?
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Not sure about Climate Control seats, but Intelligent Cruise control was part of the concept. Acura could offer more than they showcased in the production RL. I'm hoping for CMS/e-Pretensioner system, if not LKAS (Honda's version of Lane Keep Assist offered in Japanese Accord and Inspire).
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    I just read that all '05 MB S-Class models will come standard with 4-MATIC (AWD).

  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    Back at the NY Auto show, I actually liked the M far better in real life compared to the RL, looks to looks comparo... but in the video it looks kinda stupid to me. That video really turned me off completely on the M.... ugh. I hate myself now. I'm a bad nut...

  • We've got an M35/M45 discussion, so let's keep the conversation about that vehicle in the appropriate topic. Thanks!

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • gold233790gold233790 Posts: 179
    Didn't see it here (granted, didn't read through 96 pages!), but is the new RL scheduled to have bluetooth capability?
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