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Acura RL



  • The wood steering wheel is built into the price of the car. So that would be a standard feature. Asking them to throw that in would be like asking a dealer to give you the tires for free.

    I don't sell RLs nor do I own one but know the car very well. They do sell at sticker. Walk away if you like. Someone else will buy it.
  • What is a good price for an RL in Houston?
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    A good price in Houston or any other city for that matter is $49,470.- At this moment, the RL is not being discounted!
  • In other words, an out the door price of $52,880.21 the going rate....
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,062
    I test drove the Celestial Silver RL this afternoon and I was underwhelmed. First off, the saleswoman was bashing the Mercedes Benz and Audi line-ups as not equal to the new RL. (Thou shall not speak evil of the competition---Strike 1)

    I drove on a twisty 2-mile country road and on Route 95. The car handled superbly on the twisty road but was quite ordinary on the highway.

    My 32-year old son-in-law then pushed the car as hard as was possible on the expressway averaging 90 to 100 mph. The car responded well but the engine was unusually loud for a luxury car. Wind noise, however, was absent.

    The sound system is awesome rivaling many homemade systems. Since this was my first experience with XM radio, I was pleasantly surprised. The sound quality was close to CD or DVD quality.

    The voice activated system was nice when it worked. For some reason it could not differentiate between rear and front defroster. The leather smelled good and was very soft and supple to the touch. And those seats fit like a glove.

    So what don't I like about the new RL? Frankly folks the exterior design is bland and too much of an Accord derivative. The colors look dull as if they had passed through the car wash too many times. Frankly, the RL does NOT look like a $50K sedan. It lokks more like a dressed up Accord.

    But, in the end I liked it enough to put a deposit on the Redondo Red Pearl with Ebony leather interior. Delivery date not until mid February 2005 however. Apparently the car is in great demand in the Boston area.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Hahahaha...Well BWIA, it appears as if you paid it the ultimate compliment! Yours is one of the coolest posts I've ever read...
  • Just located the dealer's invoice price as follows on Consumer's Guide's website:



  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >One surprise I found is the wood (or wooden) steering wheel. He is sure that that is standard.<

    It is an accessory. I saw the same thing at a Southern California dealership and the salesman told me that the wood was a dealer-add on, along with some chrome wheels they had added.

    IMO, a wooden steering wheel is a backwards idea. The leather wrapped steering wheel was a step forward, allowing a good and comfortable grip. The hard slippery wood offers neither.

    There was only one car at this dealership, and they were using it as a demo. There was a line for test drives and after a half hour of waiting I left.

    I think MSRP will be the going rate for the first few months at least. Maybe as we approach Christmas things might slow down, but only time will tell.

    I did get to sit in the car briefly, and found the seat bolsters to be too hard. Granted I weigh 220 pounds and may be bigger than the average man but for me personally this is a big negative.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >Frankly, the RL does NOT look like a $50K sedan. It looks more like a dressed up Accord.<

    I am inclined to agree somewhat, but I have to say that in its defense, the new RL looks no less prestigous than a new E class Mercedes. In fact, of the two, I would have to say that I think that the new RL looks a little classier and a bit larger.

    (My observations are based on seeing the RL in Lakeshore Silver).
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Good post. I went to look at the RL today. My last 4 cars were - 2 90's Legends, 99 528, and 03 530 currently. I was very pleased with the exterior in person. The interior was just plain excellent. Even better than some of BMW's recent showings including the 04 5 and 6-series. The engine compartment was so neatly done - typical Honda. The driving position was as good as my 530. Definitely a very good effort. I will drive one next week.
  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    Checked out the 2005 RL today at Boston Acura. All it's been built up to be, and more. Now I have to come to terms with trading in my 2004 TL (which I have really loved, although have only put 6200 miles on it). Just hoping that I'll get a decent trade. Especially liked the way the car handles, very even and smooth. Also thought that the interior setup was great -- especially the dash console, very nicely done.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    The wood steering wheel is built into the price of the car. So that would be a standard feature. Asking them to throw that in would be like asking a dealer to give you the tires for free.

    Apparently, they call the accessories "port-installed". In fact, when the dealers got the cars, those accessories are on them already. My salesman called me today to "correct" what he had said. "there are $1250 worth of accessory on that RL.... is that OK with you?"

    I just made him the final offer to hold him onto his words. I demanded the "wood steering wheel" and "floor mats + trunk tray" be included at MSRP. That is what I was promised at the test drive.

    My guess is that they would gladly return my $500 deposit. When was the last time a salesman keep his/her promise?
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >Just hoping that I'll get a decent trade.<

    Are you serious? You'll get creamed. And what the dealer offers will be even less than private party.

    What did you pay for the new TL and what does Edmunds say its worth now? Dealer and private party?
  • shawn3shawn3 Posts: 8
    Have to agree with bwia that the car looks a lot like an Accord, but so what? Just drive it.

    That said, I take delivery of my black/black on Tuesday evening :)
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    That's been the case ever since the Legend made its debut in 1986. Accords from 1990 onward have been described as "junior Legends."

    For those who complain about the lack of a V-8, just go over to M-B, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, etc. and BUY those cars. The rest of us are happy with the prospects of a 300 hp V-6 and don't need to hear your complaints anymore. It's getting OLD!

    Another thing, I don't go on the Lexus board to rag on about their ES-series being glorified Camrys. Accords and Camrys have nothing to apologize for.
  • aclcaclc Posts: 20
    I heard the 2005 RL audio system yesterday, and it is AWESOME!!!! How does the Lexus Mark Levinson system compare?
  • I also got the taupe interior which I think looks great.

    I saw several comments about dealer markups and dealer installed "options". I paid full MSRP, but no more. My dealer offers a number of add-on options, several of which I plan to get, but all were truly options. I was prepared to walk away from the car if I had to pay anything over MSRP, even if it included some options. Fortunately, my dealer played fair. I think any dealer who does other than what my dealer did is being truly short sighted.
  • Just test drove an Acura RL 2005. IMHO its not worth the money. I think the reviews are just hyped up. Though it handles well i did not think it had any much power at all. Technologically it is advanced but does not justify the mark of a Sports sedan. The shape resembles too much of Accord may be not a negative but as a Luxury car it should be different from the common. I am keeping my Acura Tl 2003 type s .
  • >>Though it handles well i did not think it had any much power at all.

    I just don't get the comments on here about not enough power. Are you planning to race it?? As I said in a previous post, I haven't maxed it out, but for entering freeways, passing, etc., it has more than enough power.

    BTW, was driving it this morning and discovered a cool feature. It was not possible for the driver to safely program an address on the navi on my 99 RL. I decided to program a couple of addresses this morning while stopped at various stoplights along the way. I quickly discovered that you can safely program an address while driving - a voice reads you all the options and reads your choices as you rotate the joy stick, which you can then select without ever looking at the screen. Really cool since I quite often drive alone.
  • I haven't had a chance to drive the RL yet, but I do have concerns about the posts indicating it has a lack of power.

    I should be picking one up this week, after I get a chance to confirm what I already feel about the car. I currently have a 2002 TL Navi and I feel that my power is adequate now, could the 2004 RL feel worse? I doubt it! But, I'm not looking to drag race, yet I've been known to have a heavy foot now and it gets me where I need to go.

    If 2005 RL owners can provide their testimony about their driving experiences (like nebraskaguy) I would love to hear your honest comments.
    For others, if you've driven the car and it really feels to slow, were you just checking the car out or are you really interested in acquiring the new RL? If it's slow (slow is relative to what other vehicles),what do you drive now?

    Thanks for any insight!
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