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Acura RL



  • Sorry so many of you had a bad experience with an Acura Dealer. I was treated like s**t at Vandergriff Acura in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. The prissy sales manager told me to go somewhere else as what I wanted to pay was "not real". I then went to see Jack Pace at Mac Churchill Acura in west Ft Worth and got what I wanted!!! He has a reputation for dealing fairly on the phone or in person so if you live near north Texas you might check him out! (I have bought 6 Acura's now)
  • I have read all the posts here and no one has mentioned anything about the 2001's. I have a 94 Legend and love the car but did not want to trade for the current body style.
    Does anyone know when the 2001 will be released and what it will look like?
  • According to the Automotive News, issue from 2 - 3 weeks ago, Acura IS STILL DECIDING this year whether or not to offer the next RL with a front or rear wheel drive, and the next RL won't come up until 2003/2004 model year.

    The reason is, dealers in the snow country don't want the next RL to be RWD.

    To me, this is a long wait. Why don't they offer 4WD like Audi. This will solve the dilemma, and won't make me defect to Lexus.

    However, who knows, I am still hoping that maybe they will show the next RL at the Paris show the end of September. Honda is always full of surprises.
  • Can anyone give me some info on their experience with the RL 3.5 ? I am looking to buy a 97 RL with the Heather Mist color and want to know what is real world experience on owning a '97 RL.
    Also, anyone have a heather mist colr RL ? What color is Heather mist that normal guy would recognize? I talked to the dealer and he was not much of a help.
  • Just leased 3.5 RL in Kansas City, MO. They dropped the $1500 that the 39 month lease required. I got in with first payment and security. Could have rolled that in, but wanted lower money factor. Paying $540 per month including tax and title.

    This car drives like a dream. Just a tad less power than my 98 vette(ha ha). Lot easier on my back.
  • xcarnut:
    I used to have a 96' Heather mist 3.5RL - heather mist is a really light "champagne" color which you might have seen on the streets. It is easily to maintain due to the light color. As far as the car was concern - other than regular oil change / recommended services, I had a tranny problem with the car during the 2nd year but got fixed under warranty. I just traded in the RL for a new 00' BMW 528i a month ago - not because I have problems with the RL; it is just because I'd like to drive a bimmer after 13 years of Honda/Acura ownership. My RL was still in excellent condition when I traded it in.
  • could also be called metallic light biege. I have a '96 also and thought the color was fairly appealing at 1st and has gotten even better. Sort of grows on you. It doesn't get as hot as the darker colors and shows less dirt and grime. Really do like the shade. It will come with a parchment interior that looks very nice too.

    Have had nothing but good experiences with the car and the dealers so far.
  • Thanks for the info. I've been wondering about this whole heather mist color. Acura web page doesn't show the colors offered, this was a far better source for information.
  • Recently read in these posts where someone is using only 87 octane and the car is running fine. Is that the concensus among this group? Anyone using it and experienced poor results?

    The manual for my '96 rl states minimum of 91 octane. Since I have never seen 91, only 87, 89, 93 & 94 - I've been using 93. Totally believe it's a waste of money to put in higher octane grades than what the ownwer's manual calls for but also want to do what's best for the car in the long term.
  • for the double posts - my browser just went a little wacky...
  • the browser displayed double posts then there was only one. ?????
  • What have we told you about hallucinogens?
  • New cars will no longer "ping" when using lower octane gas. The computer detects this, and retards the timing to prevent pinging, so pinging is no longer a guide to the correct gas to use.

    The problem is that if the car is designed to use 93 and you run it on 87, the retarded timing gives you less power and worse gas mileage. My car mileage jumped from 19-21 mpg to 24-26 by switching to premium.

    By doing the math, you can see that the % of mpg increase is greater than the % of cost increase, so your cost per mile can actually be less with premium.
  • Has anyone with a 1996 RL experienced an intermittent "knock" from the engine/transmission area near the firewall/floor when the car is changes momentum (i.e, when accelerating from a stop, releasing the accelerator, or shifting at low-speeds) ?
    After 4 service visits to the dealer, they can't pinpoint the problem and want to convince me that all RLs have a "faint knock" like this. The dealer doesnt think the engine or transmission mounts could go bad on a low-mileage RL.
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    For (phil4vers4) at post 17: The chattering rattles were very frustrating. Some days they would not perform. At first I thought they might be heat related. Then they would perform on any kind of surface, but as I mentioned in a previous post ( around 334) when I took it to the dealer it would almost never perform. It wasn't until I tape recorded it and drove around with the mechanic (when one day it made a slight little chatter) that he was able to deal with it. I was surprised they were able to find it and apprently fix it. Had they not I probably would have sold the car with less then 3000 miles on it which would have made me sick and my wife an absolute raving lunatic. But as I mentioned before the dealer worked very hard to remedy the problem. I personally have never had a difficult Acura dealer problem, they all have been very responsive except for one who insists on using 10W30 oil in the winter, when Acura recommends 5W30. I just didn't continue to have him change the oil from September to April. Hope you can get your problem repaired. Again, My dealer is Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA. Best regards.
  • Did anyone else hear that Acura is supposed to reintroduce the "Legend" name badge for 2002? From what I've heard, The current outdated sluggish 3.5 RL is supposed to be replaced by a sleek european styled V8 Legend. An 8 cyl. Honda engine? That rocks! The only bad thing that I've heard is the price tag may top $70,000 fully loaded. That's a bit steep for all of those Legend owners who haven't given up their 2nd generation Legends because there's still nothing out there like them. At least Acura's flagship can finally compete with the new LS430 and the Europeans. Now all they need is a Legend coupe!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    I hope you are right, my 88 Legend was the best car I have ever owned, ever. What we all seem to hope for is that the V8 puts out 350hp, at $70,000 but the "cheaper" V6 version (are you listening, Acura?) is about the current RL price, but with only a "mere" 265-290hp. Would be nice, eh?
  • jeff88jeff88 Posts: 94
    I know, I know, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

    automophile - Thanks, that makes sense. I do a lot of high speed highway driving, averaging between 75 & 85 mph and a bit of around town driving in traffic. Lately have been getting just north of 21 mpg with 93 octane. Sounds about right to me.
  • rumorrumor Posts: 13
    Please...lets keep our comparison apples to apples. The current RL is a bonafide BARGAIN!
    This car does not even pretend to compete against
    LS400. The RL may even be "sluggish" but I would
    not call it slow. There is not one car in todays
    market that can compete against the RL for the money. According to Acura, RL stands for
    "road luxury". Anyone who has driven/owned an
    RL would agree that Acura has hit its mark with
    this car. I only wish this car got more respect.
  • You said it better than I could & I agree with you, dollar for dollar, there is nothing available that can compete with the RL, that is why I hope they leave at a v6 & FWD
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