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Acura RL



  • I ordered my RL in Lakeshore Silver with taupe interior. It's splendid! I don't know why it's referred to as silver, however. It bears no resemblance to the other two silver choices; they are considerably lighter. I wish that I could describe it adequately but the color is elusive; not grey, not silver, but beautiful! One of the pictures in the brochure is accurate.
    Sorry I can't be of further help. To my knowledge, no one on the thread has posted a picture of the Lakeshore Silver.
  • I would describe Lakeshore Silver as kind of brownish grey with a hint of "purple" undertone! In the sun it's brighter, in the shade it's darker! I guess Acuraphile used the right word --"elusive"!
  • I test drove the car yesterday and was also disappointed. The horsepower (300HP) is lacking or in this case the torque is lacking. Floored it on the local road and on the highway and the engine did not respond the way that the Audi A6 (4.2L) did which I test drove the day before. Handling was also subpar to the Audi. It did have a more quite, sedate and floaty feel to it. It was kinda boring to drive. It was definitely not what I expected with all the hype about the car being more sporty than luxury per the threads in this forum.

    As for the interior, it is very nice but lacking in added wood trim on the middle console. In my opinion,it only looks good in the black interior because the light interior made the center console stand out and look cheap. There is no way an adult can ride comfortably in the middle back seat. I am 5' 10" and my head was up against the roof. BTW, Audi was the same. It is only a 4 passenger vehicle.

    The only selling point was the price, since it had everything on it and some dealer added accessories such as color mud guards, spoiler (must have since it looks great with it than without), wood stearing wheel and shift nob all added up to another $2000. Making the price at $52,000. This particular dealer is adding this to all their RLs unless you ordered one without.

    The dealer said MSRP, no negotiations, even though they had 3 on the lot unsold. Go figure. I think the price will drop very quickly within the next 3-6 months. I was nothing like the MDX when it debut, demand was much greater.

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Because we will not order the car until we see all of the colors in person, I have now added the Lakeshore Silver to our Must See list...the brochure doesn't seem to do it justice but there is something about it that is very interesting and worth checking out on a sunny day! Maybe then the "elusiveness" will go away. We have seen the nighthawk black, the carbon grey, the blue pearl, and the Meteor silver.
    On our test drive the RL had sufficient torque for me and I didn't come close to pushing the peddle to the floor. I also thought if it's torque a man wants then why stop at Audi A6.....but thats just my impression.
  • akuo1akuo1 Posts: 5
    Interesting to see a no-so-good testdrive comment, especially on the handling/ride where most testers & magazines have reved about it.

    Unfortunately, my local dealer doesn't have any copy for testdrive. You'll drive it only after you have put in deposit and your car has arrived.

    The demand is not at the level of MDX's rookie year according to the local dealer.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    "rllover" - ride is too harsh and not "floaty" enough;
    "low ball" - it's "floaty and sedate."

    Must be like the "sleep number bed" advertised on TV. Everyone has their own preferences.

    I'll make up my own mind, including the colors (I'm color-blind, BTW). I finally got the brochure in today's mail. Private viewing set for 11/01, with hors d'ouvers, cocktauls, and valet parking.

    Oh, when I RSVPed, the receptionist haughtily inquired: "OH, BY WHOM WERE YOU INVITED?" And I'm a current RL owner!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    My totally unscientific prediction is that at the end of the day, the RL's sales numbers will disappoint. It's nice, don't misunderstand me, but it somehow doesn't incite that "must have" reaction. It's full of computer chips and gadgets, but it doesn't have knock-out styling and power. And in Canada, the price will be a major factor. If I'm coughing up $70K+, I'll be cross-shopping a lot of Audi, MB and BMW, and even Lexus models priced up to about $80K, which will include quite a few tempting alternatives. I'm not saying the others are better values, but at this price stratosphere, value may not be top priority.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Prophet...funny, I thought the same thing after reading those successive each his own!

    Robertsmx...I don't believe anyone answered that question re: road noise and "Is there a system to be turned on..."

    I am not sure of the answer but can offer this...on Motorweek I saw a review of the Honda Odyssey. There is "white noise" emitted through the speakers on the Odyssey to reduce wind noise...perhaps same deal on RL???
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "There is "white noise" emitted through the speakers on the Odyssey to reduce wind noise...perhaps same deal on RL??"

    That's the idea, but I'm told the system counteracts noise even when the radio is turned off. That still leaves the question of which switch the salesperson toggled.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Yeah, went back and re read the original post..."turned on" some sort of system... I would be surprised one would have to take an active measure to reduce perceived road noise. I wonder if that poster misunderstood what the salesman was saying/doing?

    Hopefully rllover will come back and provide clarification...
  • kenw1kenw1 Posts: 30
    With all the computer chips and new technology in the RL, I wonder about its reliability, at least for the first 12-18 months. Does Acura provide free maintenance for the first 3/4 years like BMW and Audi? If not, there may be additional costs involved to cover the new tech's teething problems.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    should be covered under the manufacturer's basic four year/50K miles bumper-to-bumper warranty, wouldn't you think?

    Once again, I reiterate: the "free" maintenance for the first 3-4 years on some cars isn't really "free." It's factored into the price of the car.
  • Hi,
    let me preface my rebuttal to your arguments by saying I generally agree that a good dose of skepticism is very healthy.
    Thats said let me tell youo why those reasoning are partially at fault IMO.
    Just following the common sense that Honda/Acura have a reputation for reliability to uphold, and the lack of any desperate situation that would have them push something rush in the market (may be you should have some worries should a Ford or similarly struggling brand be the candidate), does genreally lead me to believe that the innovation introduced in the RL is going to be totaly unobstructive of your enjoying this car.
    Let me up the ante with a series of fact/factoids that have come to the light as the RL release went forward.

    A) many technologies represent evolutionary upgrades to technologies already available on other models previously released and not showing any sign of 'intrusion' in the vehicle reliability factor.

    B) SH-AWD falls somewhere in between a totally innovative feature and evolutionary aspects (see talk on tranny of Prelude). Moreover, the R&D phase for SH-AWD has been quoted (Honda/acura sourcecs) to have taken 15 years, more than adequate time to completely troubleshoot problems of any kind.

    So I have no doubt in my mind that this offering (namely the RL) is going to follow suit with the global Honda/Acura tradition.
    Let me also share the following:
    The stated time for the SH-AWD tranny is IMO a good meter to judge what happens in a strong automaker R&D.

    1) Innovation is calcualted on bases of imporoved performance/reliability/efficacy/safety
    2) Timing to market is based on ROI/marketability.

    Well, I hope I have evinced some obvious consideration that may help some of you to overcome such reliability fears, if not my apologies for posting another lenghty opionion and please forward your own back.


  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    It's kind of odd that you can get a 8 way power passenger seat on the MDX Touring, which is $10,000 less, but cannot on an RL.

    Also nice would have been Intellicruise and cooling seats.

    Well, I guess on a fully optioned car like the RL, they have to leave some things out to "upgrade" the car over the years.
  • Steve:

    A great, specific deconstruction!

    Why, after nine redundant model/years, would Acura toss a coin and submit an RL unfaithful to its tradition of reliability? It would not! There are no absolutes in this world and anything complex can fall prey to human error. However, based upon trailing years, the odds, and gods, are in favor of continued outstanding construction and reliability. I just glanced at my maintenance records: my '96 RL, with 105K on the Odo, is virtually intact since purchase. I replaced an oxygen sensor, upper ball joint and master brake cylinder in my nine year ownership! I still have the original exhaust system, as well, a feat in itself.

    If one considers the outrageous frequency- of- repair records of almost every other marque, save Lexus, why struggle with reliability hypotheticals when Acura has shone so brightly in this area?

    Only a pessimist/cynic would require a new litmus test.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Yes, it is the same feature (ANC) that exists in Odyssey (w/VCM) and will be offered in Accord Hybrid. The only difference is that RL is using ANC without having VCM incorporated into its engine.

    However, there is no switch to activate or deactivate ANC. It runs continuously through audio speakers, even when the audio system is off.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Acuraphile - What a brilliant and elegant post! You are indeed correct in stating that Acura has earned it's stripes when it comes to quality/reliability - its the other players in the automotive realm who have something to prove...
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Unlike Audi/BMW and MB, Honda isn’t very aggressive in showcasing its newest technologies, globally, the moment it is ready. Much of the features that RL gets have existed in some form for at least couple of years in production cars in the Japanese market. Even now, we get short changed on certain things, and they will eventually trickle down for sure as MMC upgrade.

    Among automakers, Honda and Toyota would be the last for me to worry about technological issues.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Lexus isn't the only other marque that has a good reliability reputation. Infiniti usually gets better reliability ratings than Acura.

    It's basically a Japanese versus non-Japanese divide when it comes to reliability among the luxury brands.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "It's basically a Japanese versus non-Japanese divide when it comes to reliability among the luxury brands."

    Overall, I think the Asian imports do better, but I am impressed with what Cadillac has done in recent years. Their revival has been more than sheetmetal deep. Recent products off their lines have been a close match for the imports.
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