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Acura RL



  • Thanks for the input--very helpful. Let me guess about the A4--camshaft gasket, right? I've had it twice on my car (98 A4 2.8) and once on my wife's old car (99 A4 2.8). $1K each time, and no help from Audi of America for something that shouldn't EVER have failed, much less at under 50K or twice under 70K!!

    You're right that nothing is perfect, and I suppose I shouldn't be so troubled by the little, stupid things (like lack of height adjustability on a seat I'll never sit in, or lack of RDS on a radio that will probably never leave XM). The RL was, IMHO, more fun to drive than the A6 3.2, which I expected to be more like the 2.7T than it turned out to be. Hell, if I stick the deck lid spoiler on the RL, it's sporty too, right?!!
  • Verizon's implementation of BT in the V710 is severely crippled in order to keep you stuck to Get It Now! That's why you can't swap ringtones, sync address book/calendar, etc. If I recall correctly, the initial firmware in the V710 supports only headset (so you can pair it to the RL or another BT headset/speakerphone) and modem profiles.
  • I got my dealer to throw in the spoiler on my new RL. It really just looks like part of the car. It is very low and not tacky like so many spoilers. My RL is very much sportier than the 200 E320 that I traded in for the new RL.

    My new RL also has the approval of my 14 yr old daughter and 21 yr old nephew, so it must be pretty styling!!!

    My first Mercedes which was a 1997 E320 had to have a new transmission within the first 3 months!!

  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    The two cars that I was deciding between were also the Audi A6 and the RL. The 4.2 was a little faster (but will likely burn a lot more gas) and did not handle as well (feels like a bigger car) and the V6 is clearly not as fast or nice. It was very tempting as I am friends with the ex-manager of the local Audi dealer who would have arranged a spectacular deal for me.

    I just bought the RL yesterday (Blue Pearl) and am very happy with my decision.
  • about a case of thinking one thing and typing another while trying to get the hell out of the office. I meant chain tensioner gasket, not camshaft gasket.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, you shouldn't have been fooling around on Townhall while in the office in the first place. :)
  • E-mail server went down about 2pm. Nothing else to do but surf.
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    The two cars that I was deciding between were also the Audi A6 and the RL. The 4.2 was a little faster (but will likely burn a lot more gas) and did not handle as well (feels like a bigger car) and the V6 is clearly not as fast or nice. It was very tempting as I am friends with the ex-manager of the local Audi dealer who would have arranged a spectacular deal for me.

    I just bought the RL yesterday (Blue Pearl) and am very happy with my decision.
  • According to Acura Customer service the Verizon model of the Motorola V710 is fully compatible when the firmware is updated to version 8700_01.3E.S2. I've found that Verizon stores may not have the firmware yet.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Congratulations will LOVE your new RL - I know I love mine and allow me to commend you on your OBP color selection. In my opinion, it is the "sleeper" color for the rocks!!
  • somnosomno Posts: 43

    I love the OBP color. My wife had to talk me into it as I was used to black. The car looks near black when the light goes down but with sunlight it beats the pants (IMHO) off the black.

    May take a while till people realize that it is the a great choice for a dark color.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    I am also very impressed by this color, There seems to be a somewhat regal cast about it. My current RL is Pearl White, but I'm taking a hard look at OBP. Amd, just to be different, I'm also casting glances at Redondo Red - I once broke the mold and had a Merlot (lighter than Burgundy and more vibrant) Mazda Millenia.

    My daughter never cared for blues, but went off when she saw "Eternal Blue" on the 2003 RSX. So that's what she's been tooling around in for almost two years ...... and LOVING it!
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    As award-worthy as the new RL is, Motor Trend is nothing if they're not predictable. As I predicted uptopic, the award went to the Chrysler 300. Based on their approach, I don't think any other car even had a chance of winning.
  • '05 RL is priced $3-5K too high, and not selling as well as anticipated by dealers in 2nd tier cities. Acura has lost that lovin'(value) feelin'! Over other cars, materially, it offers SH-AWD(won't be appreciated by many) and real-time traffic(not offered in many markets). The interior size is "virtually" identical to the Honda Accord and the Acura TL. And, even the '05 Lexus ES330 for $38K offers: wood wheel and shifter, all mirrors dim, 10-way driver/8-way passenger, ventilated/cooled seats, rain-sensing wipers, power-adj pedals, adaptable suspension, auto recirc air mode, and 6 yr/70k powertrain warranty. In theory, allow them $6k for AWD and spruced up electronics, and they would still be at $44k. Consumers are FINALLY understanding that cars are priced by what manufacturers THINK you're willing to pay, not a reasonable markup over cost to produce; thus, it's not difficult for the competition to undercut price and give more "goods". Keep your eye on Hyundai, as I know Honda is! Honda was a Hyundai 30 years ago; and the world is moving much faster now!

    Drop the price, Acura, and I'll buy! I love a free-market economy and competition! Let the car wars begin, as the consumer will win!

    From a long-time Honda/Acura owner.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,566
    I still feel the pricing from the dealer on the RL will be more competitive when the new M35/45 Infinitis come out next Spring as'06 models.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938

    Seriously, though. Look at it objectively. What has Acura really accomplished with the new RL? They produced another also-ran in a league of heavy hitters. They took a shot straight down-market. There's really nothing "new" or revolutionary about it, other than the SH-AWD marketing campaign and the Audio Pilot; which in my experience, the end effect is negligible at best.

    Sure, there are other little technological touches, but that is the problem with the car. It seems Honda just through a ton of technology at the car instead of focusing on building a better/more desirable car. And from what I'm reading in here, some of that technology is having niggles.

    They need to shoot higher with the RL. From what they've given us with this one, it's as though they admit defeat in the upscale luxury market. Who are they going for that the TL isn't squaring against already? I'm afraid as nice as it is, this RL will also fade into oblivion like the last. One of the salesmen I was dealing with said this thing is a competitor to the 7-series and S-class!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I just thought to myself that anybody in the market for a 7-series, S-class, or even an LS430 would NEVER consider the RL. Now if they're in the market for a 5-series, E-class, ES330; absolutely.

    (Daimler)Chrysler took a leap of faith with the 300. They decided to shoot a little further up-market this time. They also wised up this time. When they introduced the 300M, it and the LHS were priced and sized similarly. The LHS was all about luxury (as with the RL) and the 300M was about luxury with a sporty flair (as with the TL). The 300M cannibalized sales of the LHS and outsold it 2:1 or 3:1. That they also had the Concorde that was also about luxury and larger didn't help. The LHS eventually had to be dropped. The same thing will probably happen to the RL at the end of this design cycle if they don't get their act together.

    The new 300 is a bold (whether you love it or hate it) design. It looks like nothing else out there, save for the Bentley; and that's not a bad thing at all. It looks, feels, and drives like a much more expensive car. One could see people trading their older S-classes and 7s for a 300C.

    More importantly, Chrysler gave millions of us what we've been wanting since they disappeared so many years ago; a big, powerful, RWD, V8 sedan to move us. Where's Acura's V8? They gave us a powerful V6 that, sadly, isn't remarkably quicker than the competitors' much less powerful V6s.
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    I guess time will tell. Yes, the 300 is a "bold" design, and it seems to be the car to be seen in right now. 4 or 5 years ago, the same could be said for the PT Cruiser. The past 2 years, it was the Hummer. And now those vehicles are languishing in the marketplace, their heyday being a thing of the past.

    Let's see how it fares 3 or 4 years down the road. Does this design have legs, or is it another "flavor of the day"? It's hard for a company to have ongoing success if the only successes they have are such designs, because you need to always be on top of what the next best thing will be, and you may not be right next time.

    Just my opinion...
  • From VerizonWireless on RL V710 compatability:
    "Due to customer feedback such as yours, Verizon Wireless is re-assessing the Bluetooth capabilities on the Motorola V710. Providing software updates for this handset is under review. We do understand that it can be frustrating if your handset does not operate to the extent that you desire. We would ask for your patience during this evaluation period."
    "Verizon Wireless currently supports the following Bluetooth functions on the Motorola V710:

    - Wireless headsets
    - Wireless car kits (voice calls only, no syncing contacts)
    - Dial-Up networking

    Contact syncing, file sharing and any other Bluetooth functions outside of the ones listed above are not currently available on the v710. File transfer abilities have not been enabled, as we are still testing the security of these connections to ensure that your data and our network are safe. We have not yet reached a decision regarding whether or not we will enable file sharing functionality."
  • The reasons that Acura may have problems selling these RLs are the price and salespeople comparing it to bigger cars like the BMW 745 and S430. Like tayl0rd said, it is more competitive to the 530i, the A6, and the GS300. If Acura had a V8 option for that car, a six speed sequential auto (with the paddle shifters), and dropped the price for the V6 a few grand to maybe $39,500, they'd be rollin.
  • I am honestly struggling to understand why people are calling the RL overpriced. All of its competitors: Audi A6 (with the V6), BMW 530i, Merc E320 and the upcoming Lexus GS300 and Infinity M35 are priced in the $50K range. Acura has a stronger engine and a more sophisticated AWD system that all of those cars. How is it overpriced?!
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