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Acura RL



  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    The resale values of the post-Ghosn Infinitis--G35 and FX-- have been excellent, one of the best in their class. I expect this to continue with the new M as well. Sure, it's resale is not proven, but then Acura's resale with $50k cars is not proven either. IMO, resale values of both the RL and the M will be about equal (both pretty good).
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    "Just don't buy an Infiniti thinking you can change your mind; it's a marriage without the possiblity of a cheap divorce."

    Interesting analogy. However, for those people who doesn't mind marrying a young divorcee, it might be an excellent choice buying a slightly used Infiniti, knowing that she is capable of staying with you for many years and retaining her nice looks throughout :-)

    On that note, people do not really care about break neck performance and cutting edge gadgets can get a great deal now on an 04 RL. IMHO, I don't think the 04 RL looks bad at all (it might even look like an MB from a certain angle); perhaps just a bit bland. If Goggle's only gripe is rear seat and trunk space, he may be happy with the 04 RL, which has "value" and reliability to boot :-)
  • Picked up my Lakeshore Silver RL this morning and am thrilled!!
    Question: When backing out of my driveway, with no rear obstructions, the sensors go wild...loud, until the end of the driveway. Is there some means of lowering the sound of the beeps or modifying the sensors in any way?
    I'd appreciate some help, thanks.

    Wife and I have been spending the day learning slowly and enjoying the many refinements. I did notice that the ride is much firmer, and harsher, than my '96 RL, which I relinquished sadly to the dealer this morning.

    More of a review to follow in the next week.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Congrats Acura P. Knew you were waiting a while for that beauty.. That particular color Lakeshore Silver was in the running for me and I still have not seen one here. Have seen all of the colors in person except that one.. I did however decide on the Celestial Silver with the Taupe and my wife was thrilled over it too. Every RL coming into this dealer is either Pre-ordered or a demo and even some demo's are being sold for delivery later on. My car was pre-ordered by a man whose wife talked him into changing to the Desert Mist metallic and they are waiting now until mid January for delivery. The dealer is taking orders for delivery into early March right now. The demand is good and has been consistant from the beginning. This Acura dealer has an outstanding reputation for service. My son Drives a BMW in this market and his dealer also sells and services Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti, Porsche, and Cooper. I don't know how they keep up with all the service is massive!

    Wish I could help you with the back up sensors.. that's one option I didn't get. We have known going in that the ride was a little firmer than even our TL but love the way the car handles. A question I have about the car...(I suppose my hearing could stand a little tweaking) there is a very suttle, mellow sound that appears to come from the exhaust system. I rather enjoy it but am not totally sure if it coming from the exhaust or not. Does anyone else hear it or should I schedule a hearing exam? (Am quite sure it isn't the off setting cabin sound system)
  • jj:

    I am in my pajamas, up to my ears in manuals, or I would gladly fire up the engine and try to pin down the sound you are hearing. I will lissen up tomorrow and get back to you.
    I am astonished how much we have learned in the course of one day - and how very much further we have to go. As I said in an earlier post, I am eighty and my wife is not far behind. Our learning curves are slightly flattened - only slightly! :-) We still can't figure out how to clear the screen once we have completed a task.
    Mayday! Mayday!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Question: When backing out of my driveway, with no rear obstructions, the sensors go wild...loud, until the end of the driveway. Is there some means of lowering the sound of the beeps or modifying the sensors in any way?
    I'd appreciate some help, thanks.

    I have backup sensors on my Odyssey for 1+ year. Based on what you have described, the sensors are picking up "obstacles" from the side (bushes, short wall, etc.)or the driveway (a reversed slope? if your garage is lower than the road). Backup sensors are unreliable when they are covered with thin layer of ice (left out in cold) or water (rain). People who live in snowy or rainy weather should keep that in mind.

    If all things checked out OK, you may ask the dealer to adjust the angels of the sensors to face upward a bit to avoid it. All it takes is angled rings if such things exist from Acura.
  • sdg1sdg1 Posts: 1
    Are there any rear cupholders in the 05 RL?
  • Hello all, I just bought a new 2005 RL on Nov.30 and I had to take it back to the dealership on the Dec 4 because the audio was completely gone. I mean the voice command will work but,you can't hear the virtual guide talking you through the commands. I have a blue tooth phone and when my phone rings I can't tell because there in no volume from anywhere. When I took it back to the dealer he thought I pushed a button and didn't know. I read every manual, front to back and knew almost every bell and whistle on that car. After he realized he couldn't fix, it I had to leave it there. I did appreciate the nice 2002 RL as a rental on them. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced similar issues. Also, if Acura knows about this problem or not......
  • jjacura:

    I listened carefully several times during the day and at no time was there any hint of any sound other than the gentle purring of the engine - even THAT was barely perceptible. Has the sound appeared consistently?

    2nd Day Ownership Observation:

    I am the slightest bit crestfallen. Perhaps, having come from my '96 RL, I was expecting a "luxurious" ride, not the slightly harsh one that picks up every little bump in the road. Additionally, do you share the sensation of being jostled about a bit? Those comments aside, I love the refinement, power and electronics. The DVD has been very helpful and I'm about to tackle the Nav system and XM Traffic.
    Interestingly, because of my prior ownership of three Honda bikes, three Accords, a 1990 Legend and a '96 RL, I took no notice of the comments that were posted about the quality of the ride because I simply couldn't entertain the idea of buying anything OTHER than the '05 RL! With the exception of the Legend's brakes (1990), I simply have spent little if any time at the dealer's; that's some allure!!! But "Acuraphile" does define me and my somewhat irrational approach to Honda products; I'm in Honda's thrall.-:)

    My wife is wild about the RL! I've never seen her drive with such enthusiasm. After all, I've been involved with cars, bikes and planes all of my life (married life, as well)and she never expressed anything but a pleasant interest in any car that I've chosen. At age 72, she drives as well now as ever...and not in the right lane either!

    I hope that I grow accustomed to the ride because I honestly admire the car in all other respects.The RL was not launched to be KING of the road - just a handsome, energetic PRINCE!
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    I guess that the "firmer" ride was developed in response to those who complained that the original RL was not "sporty" enough and the ride was too soft. I also have a '96 RL and confirm that the ride is more "luxurious" and smoother than that of the Accord EX. So, I'll never understand the whining about the Accord being 1/2 the price of the RL - these two cars were not developed for the same market.
  • In order to please everyone, Acura should include "adaptive suspension" so that each can adjust it to their own preference. But I guess, even then, some people will still complain that the adaptive suspension adds to the car's weight and price! :-) LOL
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    And that someone complaining about weight and complexity might be me! :-).

    Seriously, there was an interesting article in the Friday edition of the Washington Post, discussing the new crop of AWD sedans out there, including the RL. While they did taut some AWD performance advantages (911 Turbo), they also noted that the supposed handling advantages in everyday sedans come at the significant expense of added weight, engineering complexity and potential future maintenance and repair issues. The question of the long term value of AWD, except in very specific circumstances, was left to the reader to figure out.

    Also, with the "sport" vs. "luxury" preferences expressed here in this forum, my vote would be for Acura to have a standard RL geared towards luxury, with an optional sport package. This is the highly successful formula that BMW has offered on it's 5-series. For example, the idea that one set of wheels and tires is going to please everyone is just plain wrong. The RL utilizes relatively low profile, relatively high performance tires that are neither as pothole and bump friendly as BMW's standard 5-series (or, apparantly, as the old RL), nor as performance oriented as BMW's sport package tires.

    I sincerely appreciate Acura's no-nonsense approach to limiting options, as it relates to luxury items. But, given that they have two fairly significantly different versions of the TL in the "luxury" oriented automatic and "performance" oriented 6-speed, perhaps they need to consider the same with the RL. I that way the luxury minded buyers won't be complaining about a harsh ride and I could have something other than a 5-series sport to chose from in the $50k price range.
  • larry6larry6 Posts: 26
    I tried locating online the article you referred to in the Washington Post but I was unsuccessful. If possible, could you provide the name of the author of the article or other information. Thanks.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    When we test drove the RL my wife was first to comment on the ride and I (Driven by the need to have her approval, because I wanted the car regardless) found a way to get her refocused on other things about the car. But yes, she was "right on". It is a firmer ride and we are adjusting to it. After buying the car I would change a lane or take a corner and she at first had made curious comments that ended in question marks that begged for my response. (Most intuitive wives have an uncanny ability to nudge the truth out of you without you knowing totally what hit you. She is brilliant at it and I have to admit it's a quality I like about her. (Have a few friends that unfortunately have to deal with aggressive wives... :-).... Long story short, we are both much more tuned into the car now and used to it. We like the responsiveness of this vehicle.
  • As stated earlier, my wife's response to the RL was atypical; she smiled broadly when she saw the color and her smile broadened when she took the wheel. Never before had she evinced the same interest in any of our cars. However, she hadn't commented upon the firmer ride, and looking for confirmation of my perception, I persisted in mentioning the firmness, and she continued to listen but not comment, which I understood to be
    her disinterest in any negative comments!! :-)

    I drove for an hour this morning and am slowly losing my interest in the harshness. To digress for a moment: Is there any means of making the car chirp from a distance when the remote is activated? It's so much easier to locate when that friendly chirp sounds. I miss that very much.
    jj, are you still hearing that sound from the exhaust?
  • I have had my RL for three weeks now and will tell you that it is a car that "grows" on you more every day. I have gotten used to the firmer ride, but it was never a major problem for me. This car hugs the road like a dream and is just so much fun to drive!!

    You will find your self loving your new RL even more as you drive it longer:)

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Sure AcuraPhile...just hit the lock button on your remote and it will chirp for you...comes in handy especially this time of the year in mall parking lots when you are trying to remember exactly where the car is. But I will tell you...I have been parking further away in "not so busy areas" with this beauty. Drop off the wife close to the entrance then seek a remote area away from the madness....and meet her later at Barnes and Noble where I catch up on some reading. Noticed that the latest issue of Motor Trend has the RL in the running for Car of the Year.
    Yep...still hear that suttle, mellow sound and I rather enjoy it HMMMMM. I'll try to get a more definate fix on it today.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    I finally saw and read yesterday the new C&D for January 05 that robertsmx mentioned a few days ago. The RL is named best in its class, luxury sedan I believe, and named as one of the 10 best cars for the year by C&D.

    Regarding the RL suspension, it is a subjective assessment by all of us but I would not characterize the ride as "harsh" at all but rather "more firm than average" in order to have the impressive handling and cornering capabilities it has. This was an important factor for me in buying the RL back in October. If it had an "average" suspension I would not have bought it and probably retained my BMW 530 instead.
  • Hi,

    I'm shopping both the '05 RL and the '05 A6 3.2. The Acura dealer that I've been dealing with hasn't been able to give me quotes on the scheduled maintenance costs of the RL, besides "around $30" for an oil change. Has anyone investigated this? If so, any information would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards the RL due to comfort, quality, technology, etc., but the lease numbers and free scheduled maintenance on the A6 are keeping me interested...

    Just a side note, the Acura dealer gave me an overnight extended test drive of the RL which really gave me time to get familiar with the car and find out what I like/don't like. The Audi dealers I have spoken with have been unwilling to do this so far due to their "low inventory". That excuse in itself is making me lean towards Acura :)

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