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Acura RL



  • . . .see our impressions of the new Infiniti M35x over on that board.


    I have NOT driven the RL, yet, I have stuck my head inside the RL -- it is, IMHO, neither up to the Audi A6 or the M's fit and finish, but it is very close. In fact all three of these cars are very fine -- the Audi may be a winner. Any of these cars are great -- I could not say one is a clear winner. The Audi is the winner in a photo finish -- IMHO.


    From what I have seen, you will not be disappointed by any of these three interiors.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Motor Trend magazine lists all tests and offers a short summary. For the 2005 RL, they say:


    "Technological tour de force in an otherwise unremarkable sedan. Where's the V-8?"


    I'll ignore the first sentence as it's the V-8 thingy that just escapes me. Many V-8s out there make pretty much the same horsepower as the RL's V-6. What can a 300 hp V-8 do that a 300 hp V-6 can't? If these educated testers were not told that it's a V-6 would they even know??


    Frankly I think it's a bunch of hooey. Acura has a darn nice engine in the RL (perhaps a little weak in the low end range but not annoyingly so). The mindset that a luxury car must have a V-8 to be considered a truly luxurious car seems like so much bull funky to me. Why are these testers so dismissive of anything less than a V-8?????? Help me understand.


  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    For $50K you have an under powered car. You have to be ok and secure enough with yourself to know that Grandpa in his $26K avalon can smoke you to 60.

    Me, I am not that secure, would be mentally flogging myself.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,683
    1) 300 HP is not under-powered


    2) Ever see a $26K Avalon? I think $35K is closer.


    3) Ever see an Avalon in a drag-race?


    4) Do you think that Grandpa in his Avalon will even notice you?


    5) Do you think that Lexus and Mercedes owners actually sit around and laugh at you behind your back?


    I think the typical Acura owner doesn't have those mental insecurities.. That is why Acura cars never seem to fit neatly into any competitive demographic.. They aren't shooting for some other standard... They are building cars for their constituency.. the typical Honda/Acura buyer, where real-world performance and value mean more than "Car and Driver" articles.




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  • What cracks me up about the V8 vs V6/I6 debate is that 80-90% of the buyers in this category opt for the 6 cylinder engine anyway. Look at BMW's sales numbers. And the MB E 500 owners I asked about their car think they baought a bigger car with the bigger engine. As for me, I'm all for more power, but balance is important relative to handling, weight, price, gas mileage and depreciation as well.

    The higher the price, the further they fall.

    Sports cars are a different thing.


    BTW, I am starting a collection of speeding tickets with my "underpowered RL"...reality is there is no need for even this much power.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    1. For $50K car is under-powered.

    2.Avalon XL

       $26,350 MSRP(from todays toyota web-site)

    3. No. But maybe this year!

    4. No. But he can whisper to Grandma, "hey I can smoke that dude in the RL next to me and he knows it, lets head to Denny's for a bite."

    5. I think there is a whole bunch laughing.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,683
    If 300 HP is underpowered for $50K, pity all those poor Boxster S owners...


    I suggest you try to find an Avalon for under $30K, then buy it..


    And, I agree... you definitely are too insecure to buy an Acura...

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  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    As you two clever fellows go back and forth I was reminded of a post from "Footie" recently in (Luxury Performance Sedans) that might be enjoyed here:


    " I believe that the market share shift that is going on between European marques and Japanese marques is permanent.


    To say that the Japanese marques "as whole still don't look, drive, feel or perform as good as European cars as a whole" is very, very personal, IMHO.


    I certainly feel that the Japanese modern, innovative styling, is far superior to the copycat, Ford Taurus, glizmobile styling in the MB lines, the ugly duck butt styling at BMW and the "we never change" except to make the grill weird styling at Audi.


    'Feeling' is too personal to broadly assign mastery to the Europeans - saying that what one group of drivers likes is the best, is baloney. That's why Cadillac sells more cars than MB in the U.S.


    'Performance' is equally irrelevant at the microscopic level that tends to get bandied about here. Sure V6's are faster and more 'responsive' in most cases than 4 bangers but not always: the same is true for V8s and sixes of all configurations.


    'Performance' is what you can use in the situations you usually encounter. If 0-60 in 4.2 seconds makes a big difference in your life, then being a junior writer at Car and Driver's road test center is great. But if you are 99% of the car driving public, it's totally irrelevant.


    Some performance could matter though - maybe 30 to 60. But is that reported? Nah, it's more fun to talk about ticket-getting, nobody cares 0 - 60 times.


    How dumb is this. Pretty dumb. It's called 'argument framing'.

    One can always read George Lakoff's "Don't think of an Elephant."


    Food for thought!
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "BTW, I am starting a collection of speeding tickets with my "underpowered RL"...reality is there is no need for even this much power."


    This car definately is quick enough. Just told my wife today as I backed off on the accelerator while doing 60 in a 35 zone..."We don't need any speeding tickets do we." (It's been 4 years now!..."Knock on genuine wood trim")
  • I heard what you and others are saying about the 2006 Infifnity M35 AWD so I decided to take a look once again. I guess the exterior looks nice, definitely not better then the Acura but nice. Then I took a look at then interior and I just dont like it. I have never have ben able to warm up to Infinity styling concepts. The exteriors are occasionally OK though usually not, but the interiors usually turn me off and the new M35 is on target for me there again. In fact I was somewhat amazed thet while the lines are quite similiar to the 2005 RL the execution of the same basic center dash area looks terrible at least to me. So I have to say I think your salesman was wrong about stealing all the Acura RL customers. Every single car, NO WAY DREAM ON!!!
  • My car is telling me, with 15% oil-life remainging, that i am due for a service soon. Of course, I assume this relates to the oil change and nothing else and, assuming this is correct, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the oil changes on these new RL's?


    Does anyone think it's 'safe' to go to a quick-change place? Is there a good reason to pay top-dollar and 'waste' a day giving it to the dealer? Is it easy to do at home in a half-hour like in the old days? Also, is it worth putting in synthetic?


    I have about 5,400 miles on it, so it looks like I might get close to 6k, which seems reasonable nowadays for regular oil.


    Any info appreciated! Thanks!
  • You have your opinion -- as do we all.


    The Acura and the M are not likely to win any styling prizes -- in my opinion. Frankly, looking at pictures of the new GS from Lexus, I find it the most attractive (IT REMINDS ME of the new 4 door coupe from Mercedes). The RL looks like -- to me -- one part Accord, one part BMW 5 and one part Acura TL (the front part). I saw my second or third RL today -- as it came upon me (head on), I thought it was a Honda. This is not exactly meant to be a criticism. I look at the new Audi A6 and pictures of the upcoming new Passat -- and ditto, the family resemblance is like Patty Duke and her "identical cousin" in that corny TV show from years back.


    The Infiniti, well it sorta reminds me of a Nissan and even sorta like an Avalon and also sorta like an Accord -- the gene puddle is pretty shallow, thus far, in the designs that seem to make it the US.


    I give Cadillac some credit for looking different. Each new BMW is uglier than the one before -- the new upcoming 3 series looks like someone finally put some restraints on Der Bangle.


    The new Infinit and Acura are not fully bland, but for all their wonderfulness (and I mean it, he said eating crow -- see my review over on the M35 board) they are not "oh wow" attractive -- they're not butt ugly like some of us think about the 5 and 7 series Bimmers, but they are doing all they can to "be safe" looking.


    Can't say the same about the Audi, BMW and Cadillac (or the Chrysler 300.)
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    "Many V-8s out there make pretty much the same horsepower as the RL's V-6. What can a 300 hp V-8 do that a 300 hp V-6 can't?"


    Torque and smoothness. The Acura 300hp V6 is a VERY nice engine. But it cannnot match the smoothness and acceleration of a GS430, M45, E500, or 545i.


    "If these educated testers were not told that it's a V-6 would they even know??"


    Yep, right away.
  • Agreed, plus it is a right of passage. The fact that there is neither a Rear Wheel Drive version nor a V8, will just stick in some journalists craw at $50K.


    Conversely, the 5 series can be cranked up beyond $56K with a 3.0L 6 and the journalists all seem to love it.


    Now, having said that, regardless of our love or disdain for Motor Trend, they did rank both the Acura and the M above the Audi A6 and the BMW -- even going so far as to call the BMW the lowest value.


    A v8 may be an underdog in sales, but it just seems to be needed on the option sheet.


    Kinda reminds one of Rodney Dangerfield -- "can't get no respect."
  • I agree, but what I am saying is BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. Infinity is not going to steal all the Acura RL customers because of price or styling either one or both combined. I for the most part dont like the whole Nisssan family of cars while I do like the Honda family. The styling of the whole Nissan family is ugly as far as I am concerned. I used to like WV & Audi and I owned a number of them. I got tired of all the little probelms I had with my VW's and Audi's and the resale value problem caused by unintended acceleration ended my love for them. I have had next to nothing go wrong with any of my many Honda or Acura cars. I love the look their designers seem tuned in to. And I will say again NISSAN-INFINITY WILL NOT GET ALL THE ACURA RL CUSTOMERS AWAY FOR PRICE OR STYLING DREAM ON!!! BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

    Fortunately we all dont like the same thing otherwise it would be a rather boring world.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 150


    Can anyone tell me the kind of real world gas mileage you are getting with the 2005 RL(highway and around town)?


  • 26-27 highway

    13-16 city driving
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Dennis, You are so right about "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder". Nissan has not been able to "Do it" for us either. We looked at Infiniti, but when you can't even bring yourself to the point where you "Make time" to test drive one, it's all over. This would apply to anyone looking at the RL as well. "We can't win em all!" I am absolutely blown away with this car though and now that we have owned it for a while and driven it in all conditions...there are no second thoughts. None! 5 years ago I retired early and told my sweetie when I bought the new TL, it would be the last car I would ever buy. Then the RL came along and when I was pitching her on it she reminded me about my comments on buying the TL and I said..."But honey, I didn't think at the time that I was going to live this long" (Actually these cars make me feel young and I hope to buy a few more before it's all over.) Now if I can pull myself away from this computer for a while I think I'll ease into the comfort of my Celestial Silver RL and drive over to the club and play some serious racquetball. Have a good day gentlemen.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "I think I'll ease into the comfort of my Celestial Silver RL and drive over to the club and play some serious racquetball."


    Hey, stop rubbing it in! Some of us still got to work for a living! :)
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Yeh...I get about the same


    24-28 Highway

    14-17 City
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