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Acura RL



  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    George, I believe I did my voice prompts differently than you. Did you record any voice commands in the RL's system yet or did you just put them into the phone? After I paired my phone to the RL, I sat in the car and recorded voice name prompts to the car's system. (I know this doesn't directly answer YOUR question but you got me thinking about what I had done, months ago. Like you, I didn't write down all of those recorded prompts.) The RL manual helps you load voice prompts to the car's system.
  • "After I paired my phone to the RL, I sat in the car and recorded voice name prompts to the car's system.."


    I mailed you a few minutes ago re this. I did do the above, as well, but as I explained in my mail, my phone is reading my voice commands outside the car (on speakerphone), names that I never entered either in the car or into the new phone by voice command.Weird, but wonderful!

  • Any idea of how many 2005s are left out there in the country? Also, when are the 2006s coming to the dealers?

    Also, do the few techno updates to the 2006 make it that much better than just getting a 2005 model? Doesn't seem like much difference, really!
  • I hear '06 are coming mid-late October. I also understand the Technology Package will be an Option on the '06; so the bse '06 should be very similar to the '05 (except hopefully with all the bugs fixed).
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    My dealer in Wisconsin had about 10 left. These are late 2005 production cars with all the bugs out and I think you could get a really nice buy on one. You can check with the dealer to find out when they were built. That info might be helpful as well.
  • George -

    I confess to laziness on this point - I haven't used the voice command phone feature yet. I hit the hot button for speed dial, and tell the car to "transfer." I haven't put anything in the car's phone database, seems like duplication of effort. Like I said, lazy.

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Tony, I don't mean to answer for George.(Our buddy will be in here soon enough, I hope) but you've touched on something that got my attention. I never knew you could tell the car to "transfer" once you have the speed dial launched on your phone. Can you describe that in a little more detail please? (For example...I sometimes speed dial from my phone but then my car's sound system will not pick up the feed and I also don't hear ANYTHING on the phone either until the person I'm dialing picks up or their answering machine takes the call. It's one of the glitches that maybe your "Transfer" procedure might remedy.
  • I own a 2001 RL Navi with 54,000 miles. Just finished replacing power window regulators 2 and 3 - anyone else have this problem? Other than this, the car is a dream.

  • " I never knew you could tell the car to "transfer" once you have the speed dial launched on your phone."

    JJ: The reason why the RL's system doesn't pick up the feed, I assume, is because you've speed-dialed right from your phone itself and never activated the "Talk" button. The HFL system didn't place the call that you want to transfer. Am I being dense when I theorize that by speed-dialing you've bypassed the HFL? When you're on the HFL and want to continue the conversation when you leave the car, you simply press the "Talk" button and say "transfer." Right?
    Grrrr. Where's my dad's old crystal set! :)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    George, Never known you to be dense my man. (I on the other hand have my moments.) I will take your info forward today as I drive to the club and back and see how the Motorola V-551 works. One thing that I have noticed along the way and see if you do 2. You can set your phone's bluetooth connection to TEMPORARY under the HANDSFREE link and the phone will automatically disengage from bluetooth when you take it away from the car. can go to Bluetooth Link under SETUP and set your POWER to ON and the phone will stay in that mode and you don't have to reset anything when you come and go from the car. The only thing I've noticed is the phone battery seems to need recharging more often with the latter. That's it for today...I'm going to TRANSFER out of here. JJ LMBRL (Look for some good investment advise in my last e-mail George. :D )
  • We are looking at a slightly used 2005 RL (4,000) miles. Looking back (without going all the way to the beginning) there are several mentions of "the bugs worked out". What have been the most common? Seeing as how we are miles away from the nearest dealer I would like to know. The car was delivered originally in May of this year.

    Any cautions I should check for?

    Much thanks...loved driving this car. We have looked at new 5 series and E series...liked this car better than either!

  • "You can set your phone's bluetooth connection to TEMPORARY under the HANDSFREE link and the phone will automatically disengage from bluetooth when you take it away from the car."

    JJ: The e-815 automatically disengages when I leave the car. I do nothing - and the same when I enter. The V-551, I gather, has a different setup.
    I still don't understand how the technology permits me to call, by name, entries from my e-815 phone book (voice commands), that were never entered into the RL's HFL system. If I'm calling Jack Jones, for example and say aloud "Jack Jones." the "Ja" syllable is "read" as though it was phonated - and then gives you three choices (entries) to choose from - the first is almost always correct. Amazin'!

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    First you will be happy to hear that there are NO MANUFACTURER RECALLS for this vehicle. I have been reading all the posts in this forum since last September and have heard of only one major bug. It was regarding a power train that locked up and Acura replaced the car. (This happened about 10 months ago.) The so called bugs reported in here for the most part beyond that in my opinion are minor. A rattle here, electronic glitches that get repaired easily there, and maybe some dissatisfaction with the vision from the low beams (I've raised mine and they are fine now.) Once the buyer takes the time to read the owners manual and get comfortable with the car it is a dream car to own. I would want to know more about a car that has only 4,000 miles on it. Maybe you can locate the original owner and see if their story coincides with the dealers.
  • jjacura -

    I stumbled on this accidentally - hit the speed dial button on the E815; phone begins to dial; hit the HFL button on the wheel, the radio volume and fan speed lower and I say "transfer," and the HFL picks up the call from the phone while the dialed number is ringing. This has worked every time so far. Also, I have the Bluetooth connection on all the time so the phone pairs automatically every time I get in the car.

    To adplusone: I bought my RL in May, now have over 17,000 miles and highly recommend the car. Minor problems: (1) had weather stripping replaced along driver side door (warranty); (2) XM radio went out for about a day and a half last weekend, but worked before and since (don't know if this is the module in the car or an XM transmission problem). I have never had any of the issues mentioned herein - no squeaky brakes, rattles, etc.
  • The difference in battery life between Bluetooth permanently on or temporarily on is just remarkable. And if you can set up a shortcut to the option on your phone, it's pretty easy to use temporary mode. Huge difference.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    shs111...Thanks. You've explained it more succinctly than I. There are 2 settings. TEMPORARILY ON OR PERMANENTLY ON and when I discovered this the other day it has already made a difference in the battery life. I believe what is happening when the phone is set for PERMANENT ON it is constantly searching for the car's Bluetooth signal when away and consequently burns battery life all the time. The temporarily on is an easy find on the Motorola settings select connection, select Bluetooth link, select Handsfree, then select Temporarily Power On. (It gets easier after you do it a few times) BUT IF YOU KNOW A SHORTCUT I FOR ONE WOULD APPRECIATE HEARING ABOUT IT.

    tonyinoc...Thanks for the transfer info using the speed dialing with the in sync timing of the HFL button.

    sidebar to George (Acuraphile)... Now were clicking! LMBRL :P
  • I just walked out of the Montgomeryville, PA acura dealership with a choice of colors and the car for $42k. They are taking loss to unload the 05s. Maybe your dealership will too! - Ask em! What a deal! Time to chase down a few Ms, and change my user id to something more applicable! Oh, the Michelins? They suck. Poor choice of tire for this automobile.

    Meanwhile, someone give me an ipod solution! It's the only thing other than a minibar missing in this superior vehicle. :shades:
  • Glad you discovered this, jjacura. What I meant by shortcut: on my phone, a Motorola V551, I am able to create a "shortcut" which automates the series of commands that you're described, and place this shortcut on the welcome screen. It's one of those many features on these complicated Motorola phones that I found after nearly six months of use!
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    Not sure why a couple of people are bad mouthing the Michelin Pilot MXM4. Acura tested something like 200 different tires before choosing this one. It is one of best tires available. Look at the ratings for traction, heat, and tread-life. . .this tire got some of the highest ratings offered!

    Michelin created this tire for heavier sports sedans, with road noise and performance in mind. BTW: It's a very expensive tire too. At $279 each, they are high-end tires at a high-end price. Trust me, I know - I just had to replace one because of a nail in my sidewall. . :)
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    "Acura tested something like 200 different tires before choosing this one"

    Are you sure about that? The Pilot MXM4's are also stock tires on my Accord 6-speed coupe, in addition to the Acura TSX, and some Acura TL's. Now they are starting to show up on some Accord sedans.

    This was mostly an economic decision made by Acura/Honda based on their OEM relationship with Michelin. Since 245/50/17 is somewhat of an odd size, there aren't many options available, but the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires are clearly superior to the MXM4. The Dunlop SP Sport 5000 is also okay (had 'em on my A4 3.0), but the Pilot Sport A/S would be my choice.

    The MXM4 is not a bad tire, but this car really deserves better shoes.

    This tire is currently available for around $180 each at the Tire Rack.
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